102 Great Places to Meet Women [Updated June 2019]

102 Great Places to Meet Women [Updated June 2019]

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I always hear from friends and clients that “there aren't any good places to meet women anymore.”

Whenever I hear that, I have to shake my head and chuckle.

Because there are plenty of places to meet fun, attractive women in pretty much any city in the world.

All you have to do is know where to look… and a little bit about what to do when you get there.

So I talked to my fellow Gotham Club experts… and we put together 102 of my top places to meet women into one handy “Ultimate Guide.”

I linked each place to a fantastic resource on Gotham Club or another site that will help you find and attract the best women at each place… with specific techniques when warranted… and get the high-quality girls who are looking for a guy like you.

But first… where are women going these days to meet guys? If you know this, it makes things a lot easier on you, since you can hit the spots where single women are already going to meet a guy:

102 Great Places to Meet Women [Updated June 2019]

We surveyed over 1,400 people to find the best places to meet women right now… and the results were kinda shocking.

Turns out women aren't going out to clubs and bars to meet guys nearly as much as you might think. In fact, only 9% of women are going to these places to meet a guy.

Better options are:

1) At a cafe (7.2% of women go to cafes specifically to meet guys!)


2) Events. 8% of women go to events like street fairs specifically to meet guys.

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It makes sense: you guys can bond over local spots you both visit, and your community is a great shared topic of conversation.

There's also some cool data about what women look for in a guy. It's not looks or money… it's a good personality fit.

So when you see these 102 places to meet women below, it's in your best interests to hit one up only if you enjoy being there to begin with. That'll ensure that you find the most like-minded women… and women apparently find “like-mindedness” to be a turn-on!

And one more thing before we start…

You can get all 102 places in a handy, downloadable infographic format at the bottom of this post, so that you always have them available.

So with that, I give you the 102 best places to meet women I know of:


The “Usual Suspects”

These are places that a lot of guys go to meet women. That doesn't mean they're bad places to meet women necessarily… just that your competition might be a bit higher here than elsewhere.

Don't worry–like I said, I have venue-specific advice where you need it, and you can always check out the great resources on each page.

1) Karaoke:

Karaoke Bars (or Karaoke Nights) are meant to allow people to be social. These places are incredibly great for meeting women simply because everyone is put into an environment of open-mindedness. You know, on behalf of the terrible singing.

2) Hotel Lounges:

If you’re on the road for business, one of the few available social options is the hotel lounge or hotel bar. People flock to these places to avoid being trapped in their room all night… so most women will be ready and willing to have a conversation if they’re down in the hotel lounge, many of which who may be wives who are out on the road for work trips and are looking to cheat.

3) Open Mic:

Open Mics are nights where people are putting themselves and their creative energies out into the world. Whether you’re looking to meet creative women or just those looking for some casual fun, there are plenty of women at an open mic event.

4) Speakeasy:

These places are kind of obvious, but there’s never a better chance to meet a woman than a high-quality bar with a cool “vibe.” Speakeasies are fun and encourage socialization, so take advantage of them.

5) Nightclubs:

While clubs may or may not be your thing, they’re filled with women looking to mingle. The atmosphere can be a little much for some, but don’t give up on them without trying them. They can be a great place if you put yourself in the right mindset.

6) High-End Happy Hours:

Young professionals now look forward to a happy hour more than they do the weekend. If you know a place where professionals like to go after work, you can be sure plenty of female professionals will be there too. Nothing beats blowing off steam after a hard day at work like some fun conversation.

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7) Meetups:

If you’re looking for the quickest way to meet women, meetups are the way to go. Hell, it’s in the name! These are specific websites that exist to bring together groups of people so they can interact in real life with one another, like meetup.com. There are groups for every type of person, so you’ll definitely find a few that call to you.

8) Outside in Good Weather:

It’s simple; if it’s nice outside, people will be outside. Women are people. If it’s a beautiful day, head for the place that you know people will most likely flock to enjoy the weather.

9) Bars with Live Bands:

Nothing sets the mood like live music, especially when it’s in a smaller environment like a cozy bar. If you can still talk over the music, this is a perfect environment for meeting women.

10) In the Street:

This may seem a little obvious for a lot of people, but a lot of connections can be made in everyday life. Whether it’s someone you see enjoying a beautiful day, or someone heading from point A to B, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to a hot girl in the street.

11) Dinner Parties:

Dinner parties are much like house parties, though a bit classier. They're small-scale, intimate, and welcoming… and you can use your social circle to meet some great women.

12) Work Parties:

More than a few times a year, your workplace may host parties. Whether it’s the new girl that you’ve been waiting to talk to, or the coworker you’ve known for years, these work parties allow everyone to blow off steam. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know great new women.

13) House Parties:

Usually not too loud, house parties are generally more comfortable, and definitely cheaper, than going to a bar. House parties allow people to create a social event that is very welcoming of meeting new people. There’s not a better chance to meet a friend of a friend or a cute stranger than at a house party.

14) Block Parties:

A block party is like a big house party. There's going to be a large crowd, a welcoming atmosphere, and you all have something in common. You can build a better sense of community… and a lot of times “bump into” that cute girl you see at your neighborhood cafe too.

places to meet women 2

Group Events and Classes

Events and classes are a great way to meet women completely naturally. You have a shared experience you can bring up, and a shared activity you're engaging in.

15) Painting Classes:

A lot of girls flock to an unthreatening environment to engage in a fun activity and hopefully meet a like-minded individual.

Painting classes provide this kind of environment far away from the noise and lights of late-night social events. They’re perfect for finding the artsy type who may enjoy nights on the couch more than partying the night away.

16) College Campus:

You'll meet all different types of people on a college campus. It’s a marketplace of personalities and lifestyles, many of whom are looking to engage with others.

Take advantage of the many types of young women you could meet on a college campus by either finding those interested in discussing similar topics or debating something they differ on.

I recommend finding something that's somewhat “known about” on campus generally–a not-famous building, a class, a tree, etc.

As you walk around campus, open anyone up with “Hey, do you know where I'd find [THAT THING]?” And (this is important) walk away after you get an answer.

Do this with anyone the first 3 times to start, then post up somewhere and use it as a “go-to” with attractive women. If she follows you or says “wait up!” as you're walking away, it's a good sign you're in.

17) College Classes:

College classes themselves may be even better than campuses, especially if it’s a smaller, discussion-filled class. This’ll help you learn a lot about the woman you’d like to get to know better without ever having to ask her directly.

18) Yoga Classes:

Maybe you’re flexible and are looking to achieve inner peace. Yoga classes can not only help with that, but you’ll surely meet some lovely ladies in the process.

A couple of good ways to start a conversation (and these work for the fitness classes later too!).

“This is so much harder than I thought it would be…” Smile slowly as you say “much”…

“Obviously this isn't your first rodeo…”

(Smile at her) “You're getting special treatment…” This one is good if she talks to the instructor.

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If you get her to “help” you back (Like if she says, “I'm Samantha” or “You're doing a great job!” or laughs, or starts asking you questions), you're good-to-go. Roll with it!

19) Cultural Events:

Common ground is important, especially when finding a proper way to introduce yourself to a woman you’re interested in. Cultural events take care of that right off the bat.

20) Wine Bars:

If you’re looking for “sophisticated” women, a wine bar is a great place to start. It's lower energy than a regular bar or a club, but a wine bar offers an environment where you can have a real, intelligent conversation with a woman.

21) Wine Tastings:

Another great option, you can learn about fine wines here too. As you go to more of them, impress women with your newfound knowledge without being a “snob” about it.

22) Museum:

An easy place to create a discussion out of thin air.

“What do you think of this painting?”

“How does this piece make you feel?”

“This piece makes me feel like __________. How about you?”

It's a hotbed of intellectual-types too, if you're into that.

23) Galleries:

Same idea as museums: lots of artsy, intellectual-type girls at galleries. Feel free to use the lines above for inspiration (and results) too!

24) Book Signings / Book Readings:

There are plenty of women who are “super fans” of a particular author who show up at these. These girls tend to skew to the intellectual side too.

25) Acting Lessons / Classes:

There are a lot of attractive wanna-be actresses out there. Plus you can learn some acting skills, which are valuable in a lot of different fields. Just be careful: with drama-minded women, drama usually tends to follow…

26) Music Lessons:

Just like with acting, these classes are meant to bring people together to build a community and hone their craft. A great environment to meet women.

27) Dance Classes:

Great place to meet women who like to move their bodies in sexy ways. And most women will appreciate that you're trying to get better. It's also a great way to lose those extra few pounds since you'll be moving too.

28) Cooking Classes:

Women love a man who can cook. Use these as a way to meet women and learn like 4-5 “go to” dishes. That way you can invite girls from class over to “practice a recipe,” or you'll have them for future dates where you invite other women over.

29) Writing Group (Hobbies):

Another way to build an in-demand skill while meeting like-minded women. Women find men who can express their thoughts and feelings to be irresistible, so why shouldn't that be you?

30) Teacher Events:

If there’s an educator night happening at a place in your area, see if you can get yourself in there. Whether you’re a teacher or not doesn’t really matter (ask a friend who's a teacher for an invite). Know that these kinds of events will be filled with women looking to meet intelligent men.

31) Opera / Ballet:

Yet another great place to gather with the more sophisticated side of your community. If you're not a fan, be honest when a woman asks: Play it off like you wanted to try it once–she'll see you as “open-minded.” If you do enjoy it though, don't be afraid to tell her why!

32) Volunteering Events:

If there's a cause you're passionate about, make a point to go to that organization's events. If you want to help fight homelessness, spend a Saturday building houses for Habitat for Humanity.

There are plenty of women who feel the same way you do… and even if you don't make a romantic connection with them, they may be able to introduce you to their single friends.

places to meet women

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Traveling doesn't have to be a huge hassle–you can use it as a way to meet flocks of attractive women. As a bonus, they probably enjoy seeing the world, so they have plenty to talk about.

One good conversation starter I use is I get on the phone with someone who speaks a language other than English really quickly, maybe quoting something to them. Then I switch to English, and I'm happy and friendly with whomever I talk to… this gives off a vibe that I'm someone she wants to connect with.

After I get off the phone, I ask something innocuous, “This is 345 to Dubai, right?” or “They didn't call boarding yet, did they?” “This train is uptown, right?” Something like that…

Based on her reaction you'll be able to tell if she wants to continue the conversation or not. If she's a “yes” or a “maybe,” keep talking to her. If she's a clear “no,” don't push things.

33) Airplanes:

If you're lucky enough to sit next to an attractive woman on a plane, by all means talk to her! Comment on what she's reading, or where you're going, or some shared inconvenience (plenty of those–like if the wifi is out).

34) Airport:

A major hub like an airport will bring together people from all across the world. In the inevitable layovers that occur, there's a great chance to strike up conversations. Airport bars are filled with bored women looking to pass the time with conversation.

35) Public Transportation (Trains, buses, ferry):

Everyone on a trip has a story to tell and it’s a great conversation starter. If you're legitimately interested in learning about her story and conveying your own, she'll see your passion and is bound to connect with you.

36) Grand Central (NY):

Yet another hub of people! Grand Central benefits from not only being a landmark and a tourist destination, but it’s also where many people wait for their next journey.

37) Penn Station (NY):

A hub of activity and transportation. Great for meeting women!

38) Port Authority (NY):

See Penn Station.

39) On a Boat at the Marina:

Marinas ooze affluence and the invitation to one for a social event is something in and of itself. But these events exist to help people meet others. If you have a chance to be on a boat in a marina, dress for the occasion and have fun!

40) The L Train/Subway:

Everyone’s gotta get to work. If you see an intriguing woman reading something you’ve enjoyed in the past, ask her how she's liking it and see where things go from there.

places to meet women parks

Around Town

While some of these may be New York-specific, there are similar parks and attractions in your town. Scope them out… or if you have questions about a specific city, ask us here.

41) Central Park:

At this point, Central Park is a must for any romantic comedy set in NYC. Why is this? Well, it’s a place of serenity within an otherwise bustling metropolis. You’ll find women looking to escape the city’s hubbub in Central Park.

42) Broadway (Theater District):

On Broadway, you’re surrounded by women looking to indulge in the arts. I'm talking more about the street and all the action that happens before and after a show. Make sure you’re in the area during these times–the standby line for a show, or right outside a theater after last curtain is a great time to meet women.

43) Times Square (Town Square):

Just like Central Park, Times Square is a big tourist destination. If you’re a native, there’s nothing better than being a helping guide for someone lost in the big city. If you're just visiting, look for a local girl to help show you around.

44) NYC Public Library (Public Library):

Not only because it’s a landmark, but the NYC Public library is a fishnet for people going throughout their day. The steps are a perfect chance to introduce yourself. There are plenty of events and lectures held here as well!

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If you're not in New York, go to the most popular library in your city. You'll find plenty of intellectual women there.

45) Ellen's Stardust Diner (Diners):

Ellen’s Stardust Diner is an incredible experience. Know that it’s filled with awesome women who are looking to have a great time.

46) Washington Square (Smaller Parks / Squares):

Washington Square has it all. It’s touristy, but not too much, and it’s a beautiful setting to engage in a chat. Enjoy its beauty while looking for beautiful women!

47) Tourist Spots:

I’ve talked about some specific tourist hotspots and their inherent appeal as one of the best places to meet women. This is a universal concept. If there’s a local tourist spot near you, know that it’s a great place to meet women.

48) New Fast Food Joints:

These get good foot traffic, and honestly the women here will be “plugged in” to what's going on in your city.

49) Starbucks / Cafes:

A classic. Talking to women at a cafe is kind of like an airplane since most people are reading or on their phones or computers.

Especially between 2 pm and 4 pm, women have a natural need for sugar or caffeine, so this almost should be a “slam dunk.”

Make her do most of the “work.” Start with a small comment and look back to what you were doing–almost like you want to avoid a conversation. If she wants to talk more, she'll laugh, say something in response, or give you another sign she's interested.

Usually commenting on her drink is a good idea:

“Is that a coffee or a dessert?” (if it's a unhealthy-looking drink)

“That's how you order a [name of drink]!”

“No! That's too healthy! You're making me look bad…” (if it's a healthy drink)

Those 3 should get you started…

50) Cafe / Bar Near Fashion Boutique:

If there’s a popular boutique that’s all the rage lately, chances are the surrounding eateries and bars are going to be hot spots for meeting women.

51) Absolute Dives (Cheap Bars):

Everyone has their haunt, even if it’s ironic. Dive bars not only provide a laid-back social environment, they also are a popular destination for events like bachelorette parties or even just a girl’s night. If women come to your local dive bar, make sure to show them the ropes and make them feel like the night was well-spent.

52) Dog Parks:

A huge part of our lives are our furry friends. One of the less obvious perks of having a pet—specifically a dog–is that it can provide an easy way to make a conversation with other pet owners. If you’re ever at a dog park and you see a lady worth talking to, rely on your dog to break the ice.

53) Department Stores:

You’ll meet all sorts of women in a department store, but if you use specific departments to your advantage, you’ll surely find some women worth chatting up. Focus on departments like housewares, clothes, and the like to find women.

54) Cosmetic Stores:

This is a guaranteed place to meet women. Just make sure that you’ve got a good reason to be there. Buying a gift for your mom or sister, perhaps?

55) Tiffany's:

This is a trusted brand for a lot of women. Much like the cosmetic store, you could easily be at Tiffany’s buying a gift for your mother or sister and are in need of a woman’s eye.

Make sure that when you ask a woman for advice, you're near very beautiful pieces of jewelry.

You can use the “dumb guy” stereotype to your advantage:

[Roll your eyes] “Men are idiots about this sort of thing. This one? Or this one?”

Another good one:

“Is this ring too little to get for your little sister?”

Best if you have an actual sister or mom you could be shopping for. Potentially a “dear friend” or “aunt” or even long-time co-worker on a promotion. DO NOT mention a girlfriend unless you're willing to go super “bad boy” here…

56) Mall:

The mall is not only a place where people go to make purchases, but it’s also a place where people go to socialize. It’s a social activity and one you should be participating in. Use the common areas as a good qualifier of people who may be interested in having a conversation.

57) Sporting Events:

Nothing brings people together as quickly as sports do. Complete strangers will high five if they’ve got the same mascot on their shirt. The actual games are places where conversations can blossom from simply being fans of the same team.

58) Concerts:

Live music venues, like many other scenarios on this list, exist to bring people together. Interactions with the opposite sex should feel natural and even encouraged in places like this. It's a natural place to meet more women.

59) Movie Theaters:

If you arrive early to your screening, movie theatres can be a perfect place to chat up some ladies. Even if they’re not going to see the same thing you are, you can use the movie as a great opener. Who knows, maybe afterwards you can meet up again and discuss how the movie was.

Some good icebreakers:

“If he's ten minutes later, you're on a date with me!” If she responds with ANYTHING but something positive, continue with, “I'm joking: I don't bring women to action movies.” (while looking at your ticket).

(I have a great way to meet women at the movies that I'm writing a whole new article about in the next few weeks!)

60) Self-Help Events:

Only go to these if you're interested in getting help for yourself in a specific area. If you are, you'll have a natural jumping-off point to talk with like-minded women with similar goals.

61) Williams-Sonoma / Housewares Stores:

Women love places like Williams Sonoma–they fantasize about all the things they can have in their home. This is telling–if a woman's interested in the same kitchen gadget you are, it's a natural conversation starter.

62) Real Estate Office:

If you need to move (or are looking to invest), there are plenty of attractive, available agents at your local real estate office. Beef up on some fundamentals and ask them for their opinion on some properties to help break the ice.

63) Flower Shops:

There was always a cute woman at the flower shop when I was a teenager (don't ask me why I was there lol). Start the conversation by asking for her opinion on something… watch for signs that she likes you… and go from there.

64) The Laundromat:

Can either be a public one or one in your building. Women love to read books or listen to music while their clothes are being washed. Bring your own book and do the same. Then if you spot a woman with a book, ask her about it. If she asks you about your book, even better…

Another good way to start a conversation with a girl at the laundromat is to play the “men are clueless” angle:

(Hold up a pale yellow or blue next to your whites)

“Men are idiots about this type of thing–can this go with whites?”

(Hold up something yellow or orange next to your colors)
“Men are idiots. Can this go with colors?”

65) Flea Markets/Indoor Markets:

You’ll find a unique kind of woman at flea markets, and they’re looking for a special kind of man. If you enjoy antiques or items with character, then you’ll find women with similar tastes at these kinds of markets.

66) In Front Of Restaurants:

At a busy restaurant, you may have to wait a while out front. That means groups of women may have to too. If you spot a seemingly available woman, or a group of women, start a conversation with Craig's favorite icebreaker, “Hey, I like your style, it's really unique…”

If she's waiting for a friend, you can even be bold and direct:

“She's taking too long. Come with us–she can join us inside.”

(This works best if she's smiling, laughing, or otherwise showing you she's interested in you).

67) The Line in Front of a Club:

Same idea as in front of a restaurant: she's bored, you've got time, so strike up a conversation with her.

68) Cafeterias:

Whether it's school… a work campus… or even places you might not think (like a hospital), cafeteria-style seating makes it easy to sit near a woman you have your eye on. Look for signs that she's interested… then start a conversation with her.

69) Show Tours:

Tours that take you behind the scenes of your favorite shows exist for superfans. If you find yourself on one of these tours, there’s no doubt that the women also taking part are interested in the show too. What a great topic of conversation!

70) Whole Foods:

Healthy…vibrant… maybe a little bit “hippie”… but the women who shop at whole foods all take pride in being healthy, and most are active too.

If this is your “type” of woman, ask why some vegetables have “conventional” on them, get her to explain, and then make a joke about “Okay, you're legit–I was worried you were one of those people who just shopped here because it's trendy…”

71) Farmer's Market:

Farmer’s markets are an incredible place to not only meet women who participate in a healthy lifestyle but also who consider their community a priority. If these are values that you share, head on over to your local farmer's market.

72) Warehouse Parties:

These are pretty specialized, and definitely attract a certain kind of girl. Check out a couple of top warehouse party sites to see if they're for you: Bang On NYC and Daybreakers. If you're into the scene, you'll have some amazing chances to meet great women with a lot in common.

73) The Apple Store:

Yes, it's possible to bond with a woman over shared tech problems. Especially if the solution is kinda ridiculous for either of you. Not to mention if you spot a hot “Genius,” she'd be happy to talk to you about their newest product as an icebreaker.

74) Casinos:

Some people go to casinos for the thrill or to win big, but a lot of people go for the atmosphere and for a chance to meet people. Take some spending money, play a few hands, and try to flirt up one of the women at the bar. It may be one of the best places to meet women on the list, especially if you're looking for something casual.

75) Church:

Many people consider faith to be a big part of their lives, especially when it comes to people that they’re looking to build relationships with. If this is something important to you, then your church may be the perfect spot to find women who have similar faith as your own.

76) Photography Shoots:

Regardless of whether they’re the models, the photographer, or just someone who enjoys photography, there will be great women to meet at photography shoots.

77) Pseudo-Psychology Events:

Everyone should be looking to expand their mind and explore parts of psychology that you otherwise wouldn’t know about. At events targeted towards these principles, you should be able to find some like-minded women.

You can even break the ice with this easy palm-reading trick

78) Healthy Restaurants:

Much like Whole Foods, healthy restaurants appeal to a certain group. These health nuts are ready to talk shop with you if you happen to be indulging in a healthy lifestyle yourself.

79) Charity Functions:

Charity functions, while not only a great way to give back to your community, are also great way to introduce yourself to women who are looking for a caring kind of person, and thus one of the best places to meet women.

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80) Boutique Cafes:

If a cafe has a certain look about it, something that’s vibrant and pulls your eye from the street, there’s a good chance that it’s a magnet for women who were pulled by its charm. Step in for a drink and a quick bite and see if there are any women who you’d like to get to know better.

81) Pastry/ Dessert Shops:

Everyone is a sucker for sweets. High-end bakeries may be just the place where you can find someone with a similar sweet tooth. It’s a great ice breaker!

82) Chocolatier:

Just like with high-end bakeries, chocolatiers speak to people with sweet personalities. If you’re a chocoholic, the chocolatier may be the place for you.

83) Political Rallies / Protests:

It doesn't get any more “like-minded” than this. If you meet a woman at a political rally you're into, you can talk about common goals, and even bash the other side. Plus she'll see that you're interested in and passionate about something.

84) Gay Areas Of Town (Chelsea in New York, for example):

Gay men know how to get women, even if it’s just from a social perspective. Girls feel comfortable around them. If you can get to the areas that gay men are known to be, chances are you’ll find some lovely ladies to talk to.

85) Late Night Dining Near Strip Clubs:

This one may catch you out of left field, but restaurants near strip clubs are filled with beautiful women around 2 AM. As a shift comes to a close these women are looking for some late night grub. Be there and ready to entertain her with your conversation after a long day at work.

places to meet women at the beach

Meet Women While Traveling

I think we've all imagined finding a local lady or fellow female traveler while jet-setting around the world. It's one of the great “guy fantasies” of this century. But where are some places to meet women abroad where the girls are hot and available? Read on to find out…

86) Island Destinations (Like Fire Island):

These kinds of island getaways are the perfect places to meet women. Island environments have a sense of escape and adventure about them, which means that women there will share that same adventurousness. Make her escape truly memorable.

87) Hostels:

You'll meet plenty of women from around the world at a hostel. Most are friendly and outgoing, and happy to discuss their travels with a fellow traveler. They also tend to be more free-spirited and not care what others think as much, so it's a great chance to meet women you really connect with as an older guy.

88) Beach:

Could we give you more of a gimmie? A beach is a social goldmine. People are trying to look their best with the intention of catching some eyes. Don’t be a creep, but know that there are plenty of opportunities to exchange some words with a lovely lady at the beach.

89) AirBNB:

This new home sharing phenomenon is a great way to get in contact with cool locals in a city you’re unfamiliar with. Who knows, maybe the host is someone who could introduce you to their cute friends!

90) Couch Surfing:

Couchsurfing is a new way to experience new places and, at the same time meet new people. People invite you into their home, much like AirBnB so that you can stay in a new city for cheap. These people may often bring you out to events around the city and show you the sights. You can see how easy it would be to run into women while couch surfing!

91) Resorts (tourists):

Resorts are often associated with paradise, and it’s no doubt that lovely ladies are waiting at your next getaway. Whether she’s a local or also there to enjoy paradise, find a way to enjoy it together.

92) Cruise Ships:

Not a lot of places to meet women on this list are water-bound, but open waters is also another great place to meet women. If you find yourself aboard a cruise ship, make sure to mingle as much as you can!

places to meet women at the gym

Meet Women… and Get Fit!

We live in a mutlitasking culture, and what better way to multitask than combining meeting women and fitness? Get in shape and meet like-minded women at the same time!

93) Gym:

While it’s tough to approach a woman while she’s in the middle of her set, if your gym has a cafe or juice bar, always keep an eye out for women who may be looking for a post workout breather. This could be one of the best places to meet women and introduce yourself.

94) Hikes/ Walks – organized or not:

Mother Nature provides a great atmosphere for meeting the opposite sex. If you’re an outdoorsman and run into an outdoorswoman exploring the trails, why not take the time to revel in the beauty of nature together?

95) Co-Ed Sports Leagues:

It can be softball, kickball, volleyball, basketball, or any other kind of “ball” you can think of. Most teams go out for drinks later, and you have an immediate in with your female teammates (the game you just played!).

If the women are all married, don't hit on them! Become friends with the couple and after a while, mention you're single. As long as you're friendly, odds are the married women will help set you up with their single friends.

96) Bike Paths:

There's usually a big bike path in a park in pretty much any area. You'll find women who like to cycle as much as men do. Comment about something on her bike, or “I like how you ride,” or something like that, and take it from there.

97) Boxing / Kickboxing Classes:

In my area, these are a honeypot of college-aged girls. Again, don't hit on them outright–start by making small talk, improve your technique, show them your dedication to getting fit by showing up for a while.

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And then if you see that she likes you, you can ask her out. Or ask her and her friends to meet up with you and your friends.

98) Martial Arts:

Same idea as boxing or kickboxing. Plus you can spar with the ladies there, which creates an instant physical connection.

99) Rock Climbing Walls/Clubs:

Rock climbing is a great way to build arms and core strength. A lot of “high-energy” women enjoy it as well. So if you think you can keep up with them, start going to a local wall or club and ask around for pointers.

100) Paddleboarding at the Local Lake:

Stand-Up Paddleboarding is great exercise, and a lot of women love to do it because it tones the core without turning them into muscle-bound freaks. If a local lake has enough of these, you can easily ask a woman for tips on best places to go, and best technique, and maybe even ask to tag along on her usual route.

101) Skiing:

If you're within driving distance of a mountain, the slopes are an awesome place to meet fun, active women. There's a great culture around the sport too, so if you immerse yourself in it, you can get a whole new social circle out of it too.

If you see a girl out on the slopes, odds are she doesn't want to be bothered too much–she wants to focus on her skiiing. So a nice smile, or thumbs up on her technique sets things up for later.

You'll put in most of your work back at the restaurant or lodge. Get a round of tequila shots for her and her group. Bad skiiers are scared to be on the mountain (so they'll welcome the shots). Good skiiers expect to have a good time, so it similarly plays into that.

They've worked out all day, and they're cozy by the fire–they are thinking of “cuddling” (by which I mean “sex” lol).

Just don't go beyond one shot of tequila–other alcohol is fine, but one shot of tequila is the limit for most people!

102) Spin Class:

There's a Soul Cycle in my neighborhood… and it's filled with attractive (ahem) “women of means” who take great pride staying in shape. The crowd may skew a little older, but not as much as you'd think… and it's easy enough to strike up a conversation after a hard workout.

How To Find Available, Interested Women Once You Get There…

When you walk into a venue, how do you know which women are available and interested in you?

Well, I can tell you that it has nothing to do with who she’s with, what she’s wearing, or how her hair looks…

… though there are a few more hidden signs you can look for, that reveal if she’s secretly interested in you and wants to hookup.

(Note: I say “secretly” because most women don’t like to be obvious when they like a guy. Usually, they’re waaaaay more subtle about it.)

So that’s why I want to show you this short, free video.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • The secret “sex signs” a woman shows you when she likes you (but doesn’t want anyone else around you to know)…
  • How to easily spot women who want you wherever you go…
  • And how to use these signs to get hot girls in your bed a LOT quicker than you may be used to.

So just click the link below to check it out–I think you’re gonna like this a lot:

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102 Great Places to Meet Women [Updated June 2019]

“Now that you know the places, what are the best tips & tricks to meet more women once you get there?”

I’ve been asked this question so many times that I’ve become pretty good at answering over the years and just the other day, with 2018 already here, it hit me that I should probably share this information with you.

Why would you not want to know what I think the most important things are to get you close-to-immediate results?

So what I’ve done is written my three best tips that I’ve given to my personal coaching clients over the years (and used for myself) that will make the biggest, fastest difference in your life right now.

These tips will work no matter if you are looking for a serious girlfriend or just casual fun.

Here’s the list…

where to meet women 2017

1) Use An Effective Conversation Starter

This is one of the most important factors to finding more high-quality women in 2018.

Chances are, you’ve seen a woman you found attractive and you wanted to talk to her, but you just didn’t know what to say.

If you had a proven and highly effective way to start a conversation with every beautiful woman you saw, then that could really be a game-changer.

With my one-on-one clients, this is the first thing we dive in and spend a lot of time on. I want to make sure they really nail this, because it’s such a big deal.

As a rule of thumb, I typically use compliments, and it’s perfect timing because it just so happens that I just revealed my Single Best Way To Start A Conversation With Any Woman.

This guide breaks down everything you need to know in a very simple, step-by-step process so you’ll know exactly what to do.

I will once again remind you about how different life would be, if every time you saw a girl you liked, you could turn it into a great conversation.

Then really it’s just about setting a time to see each other again and bam, you’ve got a date and a lot more control over your dating life.

2) Find A Wingman

Bringing more guys with you to a bar or club might sound like a terrible idea, but having a wingman or even a group of guys you go out with is extremely effective.

Do groups work? Over the years I know a lot of guys who have gone out in a group with great results. If you really work together, your team can become quite efficient. You can make rules, strategies and use your combined resources to help yourselves as a collective.

A group of guys is also efficient because many single girls go out in groups too. So it's easy to match up with a similarly-sized group of girls.

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The best part is, it only takes one man to be recruited to a group to find an “in,” so each of you could be recruiting separate groups of girls at once, increasing every guy in the group's chances.

The final benefit of going out in groups is that your group will probably get some chemistry going, so the amount of fun provided by inviting your group somewhere becomes greater than if you were flying solo everywhere.

Do wing women work? Your wingman can also be a female friend, and if she’s single too, then you can make a pact to help her too. If she sees a guy she likes, you should find a way to help her meet him.

I think the biggest benefit of a wingman/woman, though, is that it’s hard (and not very fun) to go to a bar or party by yourself. If you don’t have a friend(s) to bring with you, then there’s a much higher chance you just won’t leave the house at all.

And in an ideal situation, your wingman/woman is going to get you out, even when you’re feeling tired or not in the mood and you’ll do the same for them.

Finding the right wingman in 2018. The hardest part is usually recruiting the right guys or girls to join your team. I’d pick your best prospects based on:

-If they’re single

-How charismatic you think they are, and

-How willing you’d think they’d be to go along with your plan.

Then I’d lay your cards out on the table: what you want and, most importantly, what they have to gain from the partnership.

Spell out specific details of exactly what you want this group or partnership to be. (For example: go to a bar every Friday or attend X event every month.)

It would probably even be good to ask them a few questions about their dating life to make sure you put together a compelling pitch.

For example: Are they single? What is their overall goal? (e.g. hookup, get a girlfriend, start a family, etc.) What are they doing to achieve that goal right now? Are they facing any difficulty?

Feel free to rephrase these however you want, but the answers will help you craft your pitch to them.

3) Find Places With Available & Interested Women

The biggest mistake by far that men make in 2018 is they live a lifestyle where there just aren’t any opportunities to meet women.

They drive to work, grab a quick lunch or order delivery, maybe hit the gym after work and then watch a few hours of TV before bed.

For most men, the number of women they actually come across and have an opportunity to talk to in a day is horribly low. It doesn’t matter how good your skills are, if there are not women, things are going to be hard.

So again, I can't stress how important it is that when you DO go to a place where women are… you have the ability to spot the signs a woman is interested in you.

This short, free video will show you exactly how to spot the secret signs a woman wants you.

Because even if you can spot just one woman who's interested in you per week… that would be 52 women a year who you could potentially take home, and have sex with.

(Which is pretty damn good if you ask me.)

So click the link below, and discover how to spot hot girls who want you wherever you go (most men miss these signs):

How To Spot the Secret Signs Hot Girls Give Off When They Like you & Want To Hookup…

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