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Monika Simms isn’t your average New Yorker. Having graduated with a degree in neuroscience, she understands the behaviors of both men and women all too well. Monika is the Managing Editor at Gotham Club now, but she first became interested in human behavior after observing countless men say all the wrong things at all the wrong times–not to mention making more than a few dating mistakes herself. She realized that simply understanding why people behave the way they do isn’t enough to learn and live good dating practices. It was then that she started taking her observations and turning them into her own reality.

Monika has published her own research in a scientific journal, written a quiz about what your late night McDonald’s purchase says about you, and drunk texted innocent men more times than she can count. She walks the line between masculine and feminine and is capable of shotgunning a beer and talking about the latest issue of Vogue without missing a beat. In her spare time, Monika pretends she can cook, listens to nerdy podcasts and probably drinks more wine than you. To challenge Monika to a drinking contest or to offer any ideas or tips, you can email her at [email protected].


B.A. University of Pennsylvania (Cum Laude)

Other Publications:

Synapse Magazine

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Fit Trim Happy

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Monika Simms
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