My #1 Way to Meet Women at the Gym

meeting women at the gym

Meeting Women at the Gym Doesn’t Have to Be a Workout…

I’m not much in the “looks” department — I’m overweight and balding. But still, I regularly take home the fittest, most attractive women at the gym.

There’s no “silver bullet” or “magic pill” I use to do it. But there is a certain “exercise” that helps a lot.

To help teach you this “exercise,” I got together with my good friend and fitness instructor Mary to show you the nuts and bolts of attracting women at the gym.

So this week, we’re answering this question:

“How can I easily attract the hottest women at the gym?”

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In this video, I reveal the “exercise” average guys use to land attractive women at the gym, plus:

  • The #1 sign she’s dying for you to approach her (even if she’s not looking at you at all)…
  • A step-by-step method to attract hot gym bunnies using only your eyes…
  • Mary’s “time trick” to determine with 100% certainty whether or not she wants you
  • Why women at the gym only want guys who do THIS
  • The single most powerful thing you can do when a woman at the gym smiles at you…

How a Fat, Balding Man Took Home a Hot Yoga Teacher by Channeling His “Masculine Mind”…

Why are Yoga instructors always so hard to talk to?

They finish teaching class, and you’ve got like 60 seconds until they’re OUTTA THERE!

I usually spend that 60 seconds wondering what to say, while my heart races — so many wasted opportunities 🙁

Not this time… not with my “Masculine Mind” activated.

What the hell is that!?” You ask?

This is the new technique I used to practically “part the seas” of 10 yoga beginners begging for the instructor’s attention…

…and got her focused solely on me, until 20 minutes later we were drinking green smoothies at my local smoothie bar.

She gave me her number, and that weekend… well, let’s just say she gave me a “private” yoga lesson at my place (score).

Activating your “Masculine Mind” is easy, and women can’t resist it. So check it out — you’ll love it:

How to Activate Your “Masculine Mind” & Attract The Highest Caliber Women…

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