Craig Miller

Craig Miller

Craig Miller couldn't even score a single date until his mid-twenties. After the first girl he ever went out with ditched him on their second date, Craig promised himself he'd finally gain control of his life and never let anything like this happen again. 

His life finally turned around when he began to discover simple words and actions that attractive women seemed to respond to. Craig developed a system he called the “Decoder System,” which allows a man to know if a woman is secretly interested in him and know how to act on it. 

After releasing his work, Craig was interviewed by the New York Times, TimeOut New York and his seminar ended up on the cover of AM New York. Craig was also invited by Anderson Cooper to be interviewed live on his TV show. Anderson infamously used hidden cameras to prove the effectiveness of Craig's techniques, although the segment was considered somewhat controversial.

Since then, the Decoder System has exploded in popularity and Craig has shared his system with literally thousands of men. 

Craig has taken a break from one-on-one coaching and has diverted his energy into growing Gotham Club. The club was started back in 2008 as a group that could help provide men the support, guidance and community to reach their goals. He now spends most of his time sharing his new ideas on, as well as the ideas of his mentors and past clients.

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