27 Places to Meet Women: Magic’s Guide

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27 Places to Meet Women Right Now

You can only date women you have access to. You cannot date a woman you have never met or cannot meet. Your “access” in this instance depends on finding some places to meet women.

I find many men are reluctant to approach women because most of the women they run into are not the kind of woman they seek.

In this guide, I will show you different places to meet women, but more importantly I will try to cause a shift in your thinking that will transform you from an average man to a lover.

I find that men who are good with women usually think and behave differently than men who struggle with women.

And this is the direction I hope you take after reading this guide.

I am not going to teach you how to become a man women want, or how to flirt with women and make them like you – in this guide. That is a whole different topic.

In this guide I am only going to give you ideas where to meet women and some information on the dynamics that will help you in those settings.

My idea with this guide is not only to hand you some great venues to meet women, but also to give you insight as to what works in those venues.

Should You Approach Women?

Most men are confused if it is ok to approach women. After sleeping with over 400 women, I can tell you with certainty that women love to be approached and seduced, but they want it from the man they like and in a manner that appeals to them.

Women are biological beings. Emotions and chemicals govern them just like they govern you.

Women crave love, intimacy, and sex, just like you.

They like to be in the arms of a man, they like to be loved and pleasured by a man.

The reason I am successful with women is because approaching women and establishing relationship with them is a “Natural Phenomenon” to me.

Every woman has a strong sexual side to her, but she rarely exposes it to men. You only get to see this side once she is sexually aroused in your presence. It is at this point that she will stop acting proper and let go of her sexual inhibitions.

When I approach women I do not interact with the front they put up. I talk to the real person they are – the one with the deep desire to be taken by a man and ravished all night.

Women love losing control and be taken by men. Any man who can make women feel this way will never struggle with women.

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If you have already experienced this then you know what I am talking about if not then you really must spend some time learning about deep female desires. It will help you see women for who they are and you will be able to speak the language that will work on them.

What I am saying works not only for me but also for every other man who discovers this and learns to talk to women using this knowledge. There is a reason why so many of my clients get success with women within weeks of starting their training.

My clients succeed fast because when they come to my workshop I clear all the garbage in their mind and show them who women really are, as well as the best way to interact with them.

Once they see this side of women, they understand that approaching women and seducing them is the only NATURAL thing to do. Once this transformation happens they become good at communicating with women using SECRET SEXUAL CODES and everything changes.

Bottom line women want to be approached and seduced by men so learn the right way of doing this and join the club of limited men who are true lovers that every woman desires.

Where To Meet Women

When we think of places to go to meet women, bars and nightclubs are the first places that come to mind.

But when you go to bars to meet women you have a very limited choice. You have no control over who shows up the night you go out. The only women who show up are the only choices you have.

Bars are definitely one place to meet women but if that is the only place you go then you deprive yourself the opportunity to meet great women outside of bars.

Ever wonder why people go to Ivy League Schools? They don’t go there for special knowledge but for networking.

Dating is similar to networking. You need to go to venues where you can meet the type of woman you are looking for.

Like I said you cannot date a woman you have never met or even know she exists.

The idea with this book is to exponentially expand your options with women, so you can meet lots of women with ease until you find that special woman who means everything to you – the one you cannot stand to be without!

Yes it happens I am living proof of that!

In this guide I will give you a list of places and best approach to meet women in those places.

You will still need to learn how to flirt with women, how to win them with your interaction and how to make relationships work.

I will share a little bit of that here but for organization’s sake I will limit this guide to places to meet women and strategies that work best in those places.

So lets get started with our first place to meet women…

Download the Rest of the Guide HERE

Now That You Know Where to Go…

One thing that can really make things easier on you is pretty simple:

If you can tell whether a girl’s into you in a few seconds… you can focus on the girls who are already attracted to you… avoid rejection… and ditch the “time wasters.”

So how can you tell if a girl’s into you or not?

Use this quick little cheat sheet of “attraction signals.”

These are the signs that women give off that they’re interested… that are screamingly obvious to other women… but that very few men can pick up on.

So once you know these… you’ll be way ahead of the game. And getting hot, interesting women will be easier than you ever thought possible.

Just click the link below to check out my “attraction signal” cheat sheet… and start using it as soon as tonight:

My “Attraction Signal” Cheat Sheet to Get Hotter Women Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

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