Where to Meet Women: The #1 “Goldmine” You Haven’t Heard Of…

where can i meet a girl

Have You Ever Wondered: Where Can I Meet A Girl That’s Not A Bar? This Expert Has a Very Surprising Answer…

Beautiful things are a definite attraction for humans in general.

Think about seeing a woman in a sparkly, low-cut dress…

Or a girl twisting around on the dance floor, her long, luscious hair twirling through the air…

These images are captivating because although you don’t know anything about the woman just yet, you love the beautiful things that surround her.

But did you know that women are the same way with men?

There’s a reason fraternities adopt puppies, and why the single guys in movies always have a cute dog to play fetch with. Women melt when we see dogs.

(It’s the same with babies, too.)

We tend to associate beautiful things with beautiful people, even if the two don’t necessarily correlate. We also tend to piece beautiful things with beautiful lifestyles.

So what?

So, when it comes to going out and knowing where to meet women… this information is highly useful.

You may be thinking “Well, when am I ever in a place to meet women with beautiful surroundings?”

Today, I’m going to show you.

The Literal “Goldmine” of Single Women That Most Men Never Think Of…

Enter–the jewelry store.

Let me tell you a little secret:

Women love jewelry.

We love diamonds, we love sapphires, we love pearls–we love it all.

Earrings, bracelets, necklaces… you name it, we love it.

Historically, jewelry has always been an object to show your status and role in society.

Now, though, jewelry has become a statement of how someone cares for you.

There is a positive connotation with jewelry and women–we receive jewelry like we receive love:

With open arms and smiles.

This is where you come in.

Gotham Club expert David Dupree has given his top tips on meeting women in jewelry stores, and it might just get you your next date!

So with that in mind, here are 3 steps to follow to successfully pick up women in jewelry stores:

1) Have A Goal

When you walk into the jewelry store, don’t just aimlessly wander around.

Have a goal in mind that has nothing to do with meeting women.


I know this may sound counterintuitive, but just trust me. When one of the employees there approaches you and asks what you’re looking for, think about how you’d sound if you say you’re searching for a date.

Pretty creepy, right?

Instead, act like you’re buying a necklace for your mom, or a bracelet for your grandma.

Both of these options are extremely valid and make you appear more caring and attentive.

2) Don’t Try to Impress Her

When you start talking to the woman who piques your interest, be humble.

Most of the people in there may know more about what they’re looking for than you do–so if you start the conversation off by just spewing facts about jewelry, it’s going to be over fast.

Instead, just be yourself, and talk about whatever comes to mind.

It’s OK to seem a little “helpless” in a jewelry store.

As a man, this is not your natural domain, so it’s expected.

Most people will be happy to help you, so you can even use this as an opener.

But if that’s not your style, here are a few more proven ones you can use:

3) Use These Tried & Tested Openers

Once you see the woman you want, walk up to her and start off with something like this:

“Man, I really don’t know anything about this… this or this?”

(At this point, you want to hold up or point to the jewelry you’re talking about–again, surround yourself with beautiful things.)

Once you ask this, the conversation is now open to all possibilities! As she answers your question, keep acting like you’re actually interested in the jewelry.

And while you are still not trying to impress, make sure you aren’t coming off as cheap.

For example, don’t say:

“I think my mom would like this, but it’s way overpriced!”

This makes you seem like a frugal penny-pincher and is a total turn-off. Women know jewelry is expensive, but we don’t buy jewelry for an investment. We buy it because it looks pretty.

Instead, say:

“What’s the nicest thing to get my mom, but not spend too much?”

This allows you to seem smart with your money, while also wanting the best for your family.

And once the conversation is flowing, and you think she might like you… it’s time to look for the signs she wants you back:

Where to Meet Women: The #1 "Goldmine" You Haven't Heard Of...

I Have to Confess Something Somewhat Embarrassing To You…

If I like you, I’m probably not gonna ask you out.

It’s not because I don’t want to… (deep down, I really do!!!)… but idk… sometimes I’m afraid of feeling too “forward” or “aggressive”…

So instead, when I’m with you, and I’m secretly thinking about all the naughty things I wanna do to you…. ;-)…

I’ll show you with my body, instead of my words.

Not like throwing myself at you LOL… but me personally? I twirl my hair a lot when I’m super attracted to you…

Occasionally, I’ll do this with my hands…

And I’ve even caught myself moving my feet like this if I REALLY want to sleep with you…

Which got me thinking… I’ve been hearing a lot about “interest indicators” in our community lately… and I guess these are a few of mine…

But what about other girls? Do they all show their interest in the same way I do? Or are they different?

I reached out to my girlfriends… my old sorority sisters… and other experts in our community… and, well, I got some interesting answers.

Apparently, there are 7 of these key “interest indicators” that almost all women give off when they want you… including one of the ones I mentioned.

So if you want to know the other 6… you can go here to check them out:

7 Hidden Signs She Likes You (Even if You Think She Hates Your Guts)…

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