New Year’s Eve Cheat Sheet: 5 Underrated Places to Meet Single Women

new years eve ideas for singles

Discover the 5 Best New Years Eve Ideas for Singles: Will You Get That Midnight Kiss?

If you’re single on New Year’s Eve, it can be tempting to just hunker down with a beer (or 6) and have a solo all-night movie marathon.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that…

But New Year’s Eve is also an incredible opportunity to meet single women!

However, New Year’s Eve also brings a lot of “fringe” party-goers out of the woodwork. People who aren’t used to going out and drinking go all-out… and that can get messy.

So with that in mind, today I’m showing you 5 places where you can go to meet a good, single woman on New Year’s Eve.

You won’t have to worry if she’s been “partying” too hard, and you won’t have to stress about being surrounded by “bros.”

Here are the 5 most underrated places where men can go to meet single women on New Year’s Eve:

1) Low-Key Bars in Your Neighborhood

You might see the word “Bars” and think, “No f’in way! Too crowded.”

I can’t blame you — but think about this:

In a big city like New York, bars are everywhere… they’re a dime a dozen.

So as long as your neighborhood isn’t around Times Square, there’s bound to be at least one bar around that won’t be packed to the gills with drunk people.

A good way to find one is to get on Yelp, find a few that are nearby, and then check out their Facebook or Instagram pages.

Avoid the bars that are posting about “New Year’s Eve drink specials” or “dance parties.” These will likely attract more people.

You might think it’ll be easier to meet a single woman in a crowded bar (where there are presumably more women) — in fact, the opposite is true.

Single women who actually want to meet or go home with a guy will also want to avoid the “drunk party-goers.”

And for that reason, in a low-key, not-so-crowded bar near your apartment…your odds of getting a single girl home with you go WAY up.

2) An Intimate Wine or Tapas Bar

Even if you don’t like wine all that much, a lot of women do.

And if a single woman is going out alone on New Year’s Eve, a wine bar is a place she’ll feel comfortable.

Tapas bars, or restaurants that serve small bites, attract a similar crowd — these are places she can relax alone for a couple hours without worrying about being hit on by drunk guys.

Notice that I said “drunk” guys — this does not mean all guys.

Women who visit wine bars on New Year’s Eve are most likely interested in meeting a fun, interesting guy… but they aren’t going to actively hunt you down.

So if you decide to check out a wine bar and see a woman you like in there, keep it casual.

Sit down a few seats away from her and ask what she’s having. Order the same wine, then start a conversation about it — chances are she’s been dying for some company all night, but has simply been too afraid to ask.

3) Ethnic Restaurants

You know how Jewish people will often go out for Chinese food on Christmas?

Well, single women will often check out hole-in-the-wall, not-too-crowded ethnic restaurants on New Year’s Eve.

And that’s for the same exact reason these women go to wine and tapas bars — she’s down to meet a guy, but she wants to avoid the big, obnoxious crowd.

How do I know this?

Every woman who goes out (whether it’s to a raging party or a Mexican grocery store with a restaurant in the back) has done one thing that shows you she’s willing to meet somebody:

She went outside.

Just the fact that she’s out at all shows you that she might be open to striking up a conversation!

Again, hop on Yelp, and search for ethnic cuisine. It could be Ethiopian…




Choose something you think you’ll enjoy, and go from there.

That way, you know you’ll have at least one thing in common with every woman you meet there.

4) The Movies

OK, stay with me for a second.

Yes, sitting through a movie for 2 hours in the dark isn’t exactly the easiest way to strike up a conversation with a new woman.


If you see a woman who’s in there alone, you can be pretty damn certain she’s single.

Now, in this specific case, she might not be interested in talking to a complete stranger.

So here’s how to tell:

Remember a funny line or plot point while you’re watching the movie. When the lights come up after the movie is over, make eye contact with her.

If she returns your eye contact, then smile. If she smiles back, then she’s probably down to talk to you!

It really is that simple.

And since you had the entire movie to think of what to say, you can just open with, “Wasn’t it funny how _____ ?”

Or even simpler: “What’d you think of the movie? Wanna discuss it over a drink?” (Coffee also works.)

More often than not, she’s going to say yes.

5) The Airport or a Major Travel Hub

You don’t actually have to be going anywhere to go hang out at the airport.

And why would you want to do that on New Year’s Eve?

Later in the evening (around 8 p.m. or so), most people who were traveling to attend a party or special event will be long gone from the airport and getting ready for the festivities.

This is when the airport should start to quiet down, and this is also when you’ll start to see the single women crawling out of the woodwork.

Check out a couple bars by the terminals or gates — if you see a woman by herself, order yourself a drink and ask how her night is going.

If she seems icy, guess what? There’s more than one bar in the airport!

You could also check out a popular bus station in your area — however, if you live in NYC then you’ll probably want to stay away from Penn Station and Port Authority.

(Since they’re so close to Times Square, they’re bound to be madhouses on New Year’s Eve.)

Either way, women who are traveling alone on New Year’s Eve are likely to be single, and may also be interested in some company.

And here’s an added bonus: If you’re looking for a one-night stand, an airport is the perfect place to find one!

She’ll be in and out of  your life, literally overnight. No mess. No stress.

And if you really want to impress a woman on New Year’s Eve — not just in person, but in the bedroom…

Then you’ve gotta check this out:

5 Underrated Places to Meet Single Women

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