5 Little-Known Places to Meet Women Within a Mile of Your Home

where to meet women

Figuring Out Where to Meet Women Has Never Been Easier…

A lot of guys still think that the only places to meet women are either:

1) An expensive, pretentious, noisy bar or club, or…

2) Online or on a mobile app, like Tinder.

The reality is that there are literally hundreds of great places to meet fun, sexy, interesting, intelligent women — you just have to think outside the box.

If you’ve already read Magic’s piece about 27 great places to meet women or Glenn’s piece on where younger women go to meet older men, then you’ve got a great head start.

But I realize that you might lack the means or the motivation to go miles from your place just to meet more women.

So to help you out, I’m giving away my own private list of the five best places where I’ve met tons of great women within a mile or less of my apartment.

If you live in a small town, you might want to check out Glenn’s piece about 13 hidden places to meet women first.

But in a big city like New York, there are thousands of women just waiting to be met. Unfortunately, all it takes is an hour-long commute on the G train to ruin a potential relationship.

Here are five places within walking distance where you’ll be able to meet (and eventually take home!) the highest quality women.

where to meet women

1) Dog Parks

If youve been to a dog park, then youve undoubtedly noticed the beautiful women accompanied by their smaller, furrier companions.

Now, there are two possible scenarios that can play out here:

If you own a dog, you’ve got it made.

Just take your dog for a walk to the dog park and let your dog do all of the work for you!

Dogs are inherently social creatures, so chances are your dog will be interacting with at least one dog who belongs to a beautiful woman.

When this happens, walk up to her and strike up a conversation.

It’s that easy.

You could compliment the woman, but a more original approach would be to compliment her dog.

This woman is probably used to receiving compliments directed at her, so by complimenting her dog first, you’re standing out from the crowd.

You can also use your own dog as “bait,” if he’s particularly cute, playful, or stately. If you have a tennis ball, you can throw it close to a cute girl to get your dog over near her, and “happen” into a conversation with her.

As David has mentioned before, approaching women has a lot to do with the situation, and having a dog allows you to capitalize on your situation.

If you don’t own a dog, don’t panic — you can still work this angle.

If you have any friends with dogs, see if you can “borrow” their dog one weekend!

Not only will you be doing your friend a favor, but it makes a great story when you do actually meet women at the dog park.

And if your apartment is nowhere near a dog park, just walk your dog to the nearest regular park.

On the way, look for women who are jogging or aren’t in a rush. They might stop what they’re doing to pet your pooch — that’s your chance.

2) Grocery Stores

The grocery store is one of the most underrated places to meet women.

Food is a very personal subject for most people, so what makes meeting women at grocery stores so interesting is that you can seek out different “types” of women depending on where you are in the store.

For example, a woman shopping in the “organic” section probably has different tastes than a woman pushing a cart filled with two buck chuck.

So you’ve found a woman you want to approach…

Now what?

When it comes to approaching women, the grocery store is not always the friendliest place.

People are in there not because they want to be, but because they have to be.

They’re looking at lists, thinking about what else they have to get, and are probably annoyed by all the people they’ve had to push out of their way just to get some kale.

Knowing this information is half the battle.

When you approach someone in a grocery store, look for a woman who’s reaching for an item on a high shelf.

This is your chance to help her! Then you can start up a conversation.

Another tactic would be to take a young relative — such as a niece or nephew — grocery shopping with you.

Have your relative run over to the woman of your choice and pretend to grab something. Then you can walk over and start up a conversation.

If you live within a mile of 20 different grocery stores, it’s not practical for you to meet women in all of them.

As a general rule, you’re most likely to find women who take care of themselves and care enough to know a lot about nutrition in grocery stores that offer lots of health-conscious options.

Scout out stores like Whole Foods first, and if you don’t have any luck there, then move on to your other options.

where to meet women

3) Thrift Stores and Boutiques

I don’t have to tell you that women love shopping.

So if you walk into a thrift store or small boutique, chances are you’ll find women in an open, comfortable state of mind.

The struggle with meeting women in thrift stores and boutiques isn’t that women aren’t willing to be met — it’s that men are afraid of these places.

Well, I’m here to tell you that not only shouldn’t you be afraid, but you should take advantage of this!

Walk into a thrift store or boutique, and I’m betting you’ll be the only guy in there.

This puts you in a very favorable position.

If shopping completely turns you off, don’t worry — you don’t actually have to do any shopping.

The key is to approach a woman who’s alone.

Women in groups will not be receptive to one man’s advances.

Begin by browsing the same rack of clothing as a woman who catches your eye.

Get closer and closer to her, then “accidentally” bump into her. Explain that you’re “shopping for your sister” and ask for her opinion on a random piece of clothing.

Women love being asked their opinion when it comes to topics they’re interested in.

If you feel a spark, ask her out!

You have to finish the conversation by making plans with her, or else you might be put in the awkward position of actually buying that expensive shirt for your “sister.”

And just like grocery stores, thrift stores and boutiques offer you different “types” of women.

So before you go “shopping,” ask yourself:

“Am I the kind of guy who’s interested in dating women who shop in thrift stores, or do I like women who shop in higher-end boutiques?”

The answer to this question will direct you where to go.

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4) Museums and Art Galleries

If youre looking for beautiful, intelligent women who have style and taste, then look no further than museums and art galleries.

You’re probably not too surprised by this, but it’s one thing to say, “I can meet women at a museum.”

It’s another thing entirely to go out and actually do it.

Women who frequent museums and art galleries are notoriously difficult to approach.

If they’re alone, they might just want to think and take in the sights and sounds…

Or they could be wishing you’d walk up to them!

It’s hard to tell, but it’s not impossible.

Here are three questions you should ask yourself before approaching a woman at a museum or gallery:

1) Is she looking at a specific piece?

If you catch her standing and staring at the same piece of art for longer than 30 seconds, chances are she has some thoughts on it that she just might want to share.

Try walking up to the same piece and mirror her actions.

After another 30 seconds or so, make a vague comment, such as “This piece is really emotional, isn’t it?” or “Hmm, this is interesting, don’t you think?”

Just make sure it’s a question, and leave it open-ended for her to respond however she wants.

No matter how she responds, you can always follow up with Craig’s single best way to start a conversation with a woman he’s ever discovered.

2) Is she staring at her phone?

This is a dead giveaway that this woman is not where she wants to be.

If you see a woman in a museum or art gallery with her eyes glued to her phone, I’m betting she wants to get out of there ASAP.

This is your chance to be direct.

Walk up to her and say something like “This is pretty boring, want to grab a drink around the corner?”

It might seem too direct, but in reality, this woman is probably not in the mood for a conversation.

Don’t waste your time trying to talk her into it — just ask her.

If she wants to go with you, you’ll know it.

3) Is she with anybody?

I saved this question for last because it’s the most important.

If the answer to this question is “yes,” getting her to agree to go somewhere with you will be nearly impossible.

What isn’t impossible to get if she’s with a friend?

Her phone number!

If she’s with a friend, observe how they interact.

If they’re huddled together in a gallery, forget it — she’s not interested in the gallery, let alone you.

If, on the other hand, they’re wandering around as individuals, then she’s most likely open to meeting new people.

Try approaching her when her friend is too far away to notice what’s going on — this will give you a buffer if her friend tries to “save” her from you.

Mention a specific piece of art or how terrible the food was, but make it short. The grace period before her friend notices you won’t be long.

Once you get her number, give her some space. You’ll be spared any potential interference from her friend or friends.

If there are no museums or galleries within a mile of your apartment, there are many similar options you can try.

Lots of bars and restaurants have a “paint night” where like-minded people — and many single women — come to drink, eat, and paint together.

Some galleries even have a “late night” once a week or host parties for new exhibits.

These parties usually serve alcohol and are great places to meet women, so be sure to check out your local museums’ and galleries’ social media outlets.

The key is to evaluate your own resources and go from there.

where to meet women

5) Wine and Beer Tastings

Special events like wine tastings will always have an atmosphere that’s more conducive to meeting women than a sports bar.

“But I don’t live near a winery!”

Most high-end liquor stores do special tastings every week, so if you don’t live close to a winery, you’re not completely out of luck.

On top of that, more and more women are becoming interested in beer, so look for beer tasting events as well!

These events are filled with people who are at least a little bit curious, or interested to learn about new things.

People who want to learn are generally open-minded, which means the women at these events will be more open to meeting and talking to you.

At a regular bar, people are glued to their phones or focused on getting drunk.

At specialty tastings, on the other hand, people are consciously tasting what’s being poured for them and are usually seeking feedback from the people around them.

This is your chance to step in.

If you’re at a wine tasting, strike up a conversation with the woman of your choice after a wine you particularly enjoyed.

Starting with something as simple as “What did you think of that?” absolutely works.

You could also play the complete novice and ask for her feedback because you “have no idea what you’re doing.”

This puts her in a position of expertise and will make her feel more comfortable around you.

And if you think you won’t be able to meet women at these events because you have no interest in wine, think again.

All sorts of people go to these tastings, but at the end of the day, most people there are just looking for a new, exciting experience.

You could be some new girl’s exciting experience — all you have to do is show up and use these tips and tricks to get ahead.

Here Are Your Next Steps

In a big city like New York, there’s no shortage of available women.

The trick with going to these five places is knowing exactly how to evaluate the women there so you approach the ones who are most into you.

But how can you tell if she’s interested in you?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Craig’s here to help.

He’s decoded seven signals that women send men when they’re interested — and most men never pick up on them!

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