5 Simple Secrets to Attract the Women YOU Like

Types Of Women

How To Easily Attract Your Favorite Types Of Women Using VERY Little Effort…

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“There’s no way to be irresistible,” most men want to tell me.

They tell me:

“Maybe for you, David… you’re a handsome, witty, sophisticated guy with great taste who’s traveled all over.”

Yeah, maybe.

But in the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t matter when it comes to instantly attracting women.

I’m talking about the kind of attraction that hits her everywhere, at once. The kind of attraction that pulls her in hypnotically.

You might be thinking, “Well, that would work if I were good-looking, maybe. Or interesting.”

Yeah, no doubt. It helps to be really interesting and it helps to have symmetrical features, smooth skin, and thick, luscious hair.

The truth, however, is that a woman doesn’t know you’re interesting unless you know how to talk to her. And as for perfect looks, it usually means you meet women who like you instead of women you like.

So today, I’m going to show you how to have that “instant attraction factor” that pulls in the exact type of woman you want.

It’s all about appealing to her senses–all 5 of them.

1) Vocal Training

Each morning, as early as possible–you can even do this during your commute–here’s a way you can amplify the resonance and depth in your voice.

Read a short passage (like a 5-line poem for example) out loud.

As you read, the goal is to exaggerate as much as possible.

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It’s also great to do this early in the morning because your voice is relaxed. And usually, this is when it’s at its deepest and most resonant.

You should aim for the rumbling baritone of the really bad guy in most movies or Western films. You’ll feel it in your chest or throat if you do this well.

By exaggerating your emotions, you will develop the habit of more expressiveness in your tonality and your voice.

This will not only engage women more when you speak to them, but it will naturally attract more women as well.

2) Appeal To Her Sense Of Touch

You might not believe me when I tell you this works, but I strongly recommend it because it has worked wonders for me personally.

It started when I met a gorgeous girl on a Friday and took her home two days later.

As I got very close and personal with her, I found myself going crazy about her skin!

“Your skin,” I said, tracing the soft smooth hazelnut surface from bloom to stem or hip to ankle, “how is it so soft?”

“I put on oil after I shower,” she replied.

Well, since that day I’ve done the same and with the same intoxicating result.

Use very little oil–this is not a greasy affair.

Drip barely a teaspoon of mineral, bath or coconut oil in the palm of your hand while the skin is still wet.

Dab first on the elbows and knees, and from there spread it all over the body.

That’s barely one teaspoon total–some fellas thought I meant one for each elbow and each knee!

A fragrant oil is even better, because it gives a head start for…

3) Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking?

Here, we’re talking about smell.

Even Axe body spray is better than nothing, but I recommend you select a fragrance carefully over a few weeks.

Try different things–go to Sephora, or a local department store.

What gets you the most looks, or compliments?

One or two girls may even open you, in which case you’ll be hooked on fragrance in general and probably this particular smell, for life.

If you’ve also been convinced to put on oil after the shower, try matching your cologne with a similarly fragrant oil.

Do NOT use an essential oil unless you mix one or two drops in a cup or more of body oil or bath oil, though.

Essential oils pure will burn or irritate even the manliest skin. It’s also costly.

Either way, be certain to put on your fragrance just after the body oil, because the oils will hold the fragrance.

I’m not going to tell you ways to awaken your flavor, but I will say that brushing your teeth or washing your mouth will make the flavor of your mouth palatable.

Your breath is an olfactory experience until you are kissing, at which time the breath and the whole mouth is sampled in flavor.

Plus, taste is really smell–since most of the flavor of things comes from their scent.

Bottom line?

The better you smell, the better you will attract women.

4) Make The Best First Impression Possible

This is the sense that is normally appealed to, so it’s both necessary and sensible.

I’m talking about what a woman sees when she looks at you.

And understand that this does not mean you have to look “perfect.” You don’t even have to be good-looking.

Instead, this is about avoiding the things that make a woman go, “Nope. Not that guy. I’m not interested in him.” It’s about avoiding her sense to automatically reject.

A woman will quickly see things that are deal breakers for her, and she will also notice the “green lights.”

Here’s how you can make the most of the latter and minimize the former:

You know your own look, and you know what looks best on you.

If you have thick, lustrous hair, keep it clean, because she will smell it.

Pay attention to opinions on your hair. That doesn’t mean do what women say–especially women you’re interested in. Remember that obedience is not attractive in a man.

The point with your hair is to find a style that maximizes the appeal to touch, smell and look.

Find role models for this–actors or celebrities, or anyone who looks similar enough to you that their wonderful hairstyle will look similar on you.

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That’s Not All…

Then there’s your skin.

For many women, this is the area they put the most effort in, because it is an indicator of youth.

For men, it is the most neglected area, because it doesn’t mean anything.

Here’s the thing, though:

In the same way that women notice men’s shoes because a) they’re looking down and b) they understand shoes…

Women notice men’s skin because a) they’re looking at you (when you talk in that commanding, resonant voice we’ve been working on) and b) they think a lot about skin.

Like hair, you want to nurture skin that invites touch. The simple word for what you’re looking for is “even.”

Unlike women, smoothness is not paramount. In fact, roughness, or stubble or fuzz can often amplify the contrast of masculine skin to its feminine counterpart.

An even skin tone is still the most visually appealing, though.

A healthy skin tone and minimal bumps and discoloration, along with a look that does not suggest “dry” is the goal.

And finally… here’s the last thing you’ll want to do to attract your ideal type of woman using very little effort:

Types Of Women

5) The Final Secret to Getting the Woman YOU Want In Bed…

When you use the tweaks I showed you above, you’re going to notice a LOT more women showing interest in you.

You’ll notice women staring at you more… smiling at you for no reason…

And many of these women will start conversations with you… act VERY flirty and touchy…

… and basically imply that they want to sleep with you.

So when that happens, you must ask yourself 2 questions:

1) “Am I interested in this woman?”

If the answer is no that’s OK, be polite, but move on to the next girl.

If you are interested the next question you need to ask yourself is:

2) “How do I sleep with this woman?”

At that point you already know she’s interested in you… so then all you have to do is turn her on.

And in my experience, the fastest and most effective way to turn a woman on, no matter where you are… (whether it’s a bar, a cozy cafe, or even in public on the street)…

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