Dating Coach David Dupree: “3 Easy Steps That Allow ‘Ugly’ Guys to Bang Gorgeous Girls (Without Any Bullsh*t)”

approach women with confidence

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I am so excited about what I want to tell you today.

Not necessarily advanced stuff, because it is the stuff that you–and anyone–can use immediately.

Add to that, it’s stuff you can understand at first reading and can use in every part of your life. 

Or at least, if you can’t (or won’t) use it, at least you can understand where you need it in your life.

And hopefully you can open your mind toward that improvement in your life–in so many areas beside social, romantic or sexual!

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Unfortunately, I have to interrupt my regularly scheduled discussion to give a Public Service Announcement, because I was reading something someone wrote that I found depressing as hell, especially since it was WRONG and BULLSH*T and a great way to keep a guy’s head buried in the sand.

This guy was talking about how sad life is for him, because he’s never known a woman’s kindness.

He said he watches and envies those guys holding hands with a girl, or who are lucky enough to walk next to a female friend.

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He reminds me, as I read his discussion of ugliness, of Cyrano de Bergerac from Brian Hooker’s 1923 translation that became the film that won Jose Ferrer the Academy Award.

Cyrano, the best swordsman in Paris, and a poet, war hero, captain in the guards, whines about the loneliness he feels because of his large nose:

My old friend—look at me,
And tell me how much hope remains for me
With this protuberance! Oh I have no more
Illusions! Now and then—bah! I may grow
Tender, walking alone in the blue cool
Of evening, through some garden fresh with flowers
After the benediction of the rain;
My poor big devil of a nose inhales
April…and so I follow with my eyes
Where some boy, with a girl upon his arm,
Passes a patch of silver…and I feel
Somehow, I wish I had a woman too,
Walking with little steps under the moon,
And holding my arm so, and smiling. Then
I dream—and I forget…
And then I see
The shadow of my profile on the wall!

-Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac (I.566-583)

The difference though, with this guy and Cyrano is that supposedly he makes an effort.

“I try,” he insists, meeting–if I believe the numbers–far more women than any of the guys I vehemently throw into groups of girls or stand beside winging at bars.

He approaches everywhere and looks at them from across the room trying, as he’s heard people recommend, to catch their eye.

His life, he explains is one long stream of rejections.

When he hears about–or reads about, in the case of this column–a woman smiling at a man or a man “catching her eye,” it’s incredible to him because “he doesn’t know what it’s like to be pretty enough to women.”

Um, what?!


What do you think looks do?

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Do you think that women have either the courage, the incentive or the self-motivation to hit on me?

They do not.

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They will look, yeah–IF I AM ATTENTIVE to it.

Yesterday, for example, I don’t know why, young women were looking at me like I was free tickets to an Ariana Grande concert.

So what?

Let me tell you what actually happens.

Girls that don’t like me don’t look at me. They act cold.

Girls that don’t care at all one way or another about me don’t look at me. They are cold.

Girls that like me don’t look at me. They act cold.

All there is what YOU like, and what YOU want.

If you are waiting for women to do the work for you–unless you are 3 years old–you will be waiting a long time.

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Recognize also that little boys and puppies do get attention from women who like them, and ALL for the same reason: because they are SAFE!!!!

Trust that if you look to a woman like a man, she is hardly going to go up to you or help you attack her!

No sir.

Don’t wait for them to approach you–or even look at you. And more importantly, don’t misconstrue any lack of attention from women to mean that YOU are unattractive!

Please don’t let your opinion of yourself (or of ANYTHING) be controlled by the opinions of others.

“But David, wouldn’t you say that there’s value in other people’s opinions?”

Of course!! They are COUNCIL, however, not DECISION MAKERS.

Remember that Consiglieri is not the Don. Your lawyer is a trusted ADVISOR, but YOU make the decisions.

Treat your own thoughts the same way. Information from the outside can INFORM your decisions, but at the end of the day, YOU make them.

Do I have a three part plan for getting past these kinds of limiting beliefs?

You know I do.

My 3 “No-B.S.” Steps That Allow You to Passively Attract MUCH Hotter Women…

1) First, do the best you can with what you’ve got.

This work is the SAME for the ugly as the good-looking. Trust that.

If you are repulsive to women, that is nurture, not nature. Maximize your immediate attractiveness.

Wear clothes that fits you. Stick to two colors, max. Don’t wear white socks unless you have white sneakers on.

Do the best with your face. Get a haircut. If you have no chin, wear a goatee.

Use sunscreen, use facial scrub (once or twice a week max.)

Brush your teeth and use cologne. If you don’t care for cologne, get something inexpensive but masculine, like Old Spice or a green aftershave.

If you do, shop for something that fits you, and use a different sample every day until you get a positive reaction.

Improve your voice by making it resonant and deep.

Read poems–or ads–out loud in the morning.

Take advantage of the most forgiving trends: right now beards are in. Grow the bushiest you can grow, because it hides most of your face and looks pretty “ugly” no matter what your face looks like!

2) Second, once you’ve maximized your look, smell and voice, start making eye contact. 

Don’t smile. Just look.

This way, if they don’t respond at all, you can blame it on your scowl. Make eye contact with women, and also make eye contact with men, especially men you think would kick your a**. 

If scary men look back at you (especially menacingly) just smile and tip your head up in the classic hello movement.

(If they come up to you, say, “Sorry, I thought I recognized you.”)

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3) Third, help people.

Especially women and old people–with their bags or up stairs or opening doors or picking up things they drop or… you get the point.

You’ll find that depression is almost ALWAYS contingent upon self-obsession. Helping others keeps it at bay if it doesn’t get rid of it altogether.

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approach women with confidence

Here’s The “Without Any Bullsh*t” Part…

Now at this point… most dating gurus would tell you: “Just approach 1,000 girls if you want any real results bro!”

However, that is COMPLETE and utter bullsh*t… and if you do want to get laid and find your next girlfriend quickly, THIS is the advice I think you should follow immediately… (if not sooner) ←

First off, yes… if you end up approaching 1,000 women, you will most likely end up sleeping with one of them.

But let me put this into context for you so you can understand why it’s such bullsh*t.

If you approach one woman a day, every single day… it’ll take you TWO YEARS and nine months to talk to 1,000 women… do you really want to waste that much time?

Not only that… but when your goal is to talk to X amount of women, then you’ll come off like some sort of social robot, and get rejected A LOT

Do you really want to get rejected HUNDREDS of times, before finding any success?

This strategy is a HUGE waste of time.

But you know what’s not a waste of time?

Approaching women who are already into you… (and trust me there are a lot of these “DTF women” out there).

But like I mentioned above… these women aren’t going to go up to you…

Instead they’re going to drop nonverbal hints, that they’re h*rny and looking to hookup… so what?

SO if you can pick up on these “horniness hints,” you can basically open with something as simple as “hey”…

… hookup with her right away, often as soon as that very same day…

And regularly sleep with beautiful women… and without ANY of the standard bulls*it most guys have to put up with:

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