My Easy Trick to Get a Waitress’s Number in Less Than 5 Minutes

how to ask a waitress out

How to Ask a Waitress Out With Confidence Every Time

Time and time again, guys ask me:

“How do I ask out the waitress at my favorite restaurant?”…

“If only I could get that bartender to pay attention to me!”…

“How do I get my hot server’s number?”…

Now, I’m going to show you exactly what to do to get a waitress’s number in less than five minutes, but let me make one thing clear:

You should not be focusing on getting only your waitress’s number.

There are thousands of attractive women all over the place — just read my piece on the 13 hidden spots to meet women in your town!

But if there’s just something about that waitress at your favorite spot…

Her dimples…

The way she walks over when she brings you your drink…

Her laugh…

I get it, and you should go for it.

Here’s how.

This Is the Problem

Even I find myself walking into a restaurant or bar, and who are the first women I check out?

The waitresses and bartenders.

Why is this happening?

Is it because they’re the center of attention?

The whole room has their eyes on them…

Or is it something deeper?

The truth is that the women who work in these positions appeal to you because they’re a classic “Sexy Stereotype.”

A “Sexy Stereotype” is any person who looks a certain way or has a certain job that society — through advertising and subliminal messaging — tells you that you should be attracted to.

Basically, you’ve been trained to be naturally attracted to waitresses and bartenders because they’re always depicted as “sexy” in the media and through advertising.

This is fine!

But you have to recognize that it’s happening if you want to move forward.

Why Is This So?

Even after becoming aware of this phenomenon, I still find myself being drawn to women in the service industry…

And this is something that can prevent you from meeting tons of amazing women who are potentially interested in you.

If you’re only after women in the service industry, you’re eliminating a huge portion of your dating pool.

But I can show you how to kill two birds with one stone!

Before I show you my trick to get a waitress’s phone number in less than five minutes, I’m going to tell you three things you can do in a restaurant to attract any woman — not just that hot waitress.

1) Make yourself stand out.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get women to notice you is to make yourself look noticeable.

Think about the sort of people who’ll be at the restaurant you’re going to, and do something to make yourself different from them.

Whether it’s an accessory (like a long, beaded necklace or a tasteful watch)…

Or an interesting pair of socks (women notice these things, trust me)…

The way you dress can trigger women to think that you’re one of these “Sexy Stereotypes” just like she is!

2) Make eye contact — lots of it.

Eye contact is one of the most effortless ways to get the women you never expected.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you actively make eye contact with women.

In fact, I’d argue that you should try and make eye contact with every woman you see!

Last week, I showed you how you can use eye contact to get over your fear of approaching hot women, but you can also use it to attract women in restaurants.

So next time you’re out, just glance over at the other women around you. If you find a woman who looks interesting and is returning your gaze, it means she wants you to approach her!

3) Go out by yourself!

It can be intimidating to walk into a restaurant and say “Table for one, please…”

But it will open so many new doors for you when it comes to women.

Women who see a man out alone instantly wonder what his story is.

They want to know where he’s from…

Why he’s there alone…

If he wants any company…

You get the point.

A woman’s gaze is naturally drawn to a confident-looking man sitting alone.

A huge group of “frat bros?” Not so much.

So if you want to attract the most women possible when you’re out — not just the waitresses — stand out, make eye contact, and go it alone.

how to ask a waitress out

The Key Point

OK, I promised you my trick, so I better deliver, right?

Here’s how you can ask a waitress out in less than five minutes (more like 30 seconds, actually!).

The other night, I went out to a pretty fancy, trendy restaurant in NYC, and of course the waitress was a knock-out — and not just because of the stereotype.

I started flirting right away, and she was hooked.

She asked me, “How’s your night going?”

I said, “It’ll go a lot better if I knew for sure who’s going to be lucky enough to get into my pants.”

She lit up like a Christmas tree! We bantered a bit and she left to take care of some other tables.

When she came back, I told her that I was really mad at her.

She asked why…

I said, “First…Because you haven’t come back to flirt with me in about 10 minutes. You think it’s been easy sitting over here not getting any attention?”

She flirted back…

Then I said, “And secondly, how do you think I felt when I saw you flirting with those other guys sitting over there? You know how I can get jealous and really insecure. I’m just disappointed in your behavior this evening!”

We bantered some more, then I told her to hold my hand, and when she did I said, “Don’t ever make me feel this way again or I’m breaking up with you!”

She was obviously at work and it was busy, so I had to make my little interactions with her solid and quick — this is the key.

Now for the real trick…

When she dropped the check and walked away, I acted completely normal.

But when she came back around to pick it up a few minutes later, I sat there with a quizzical look on my face and said, “I think there’s something wrong with the bill!”

Of course, she leaned in to look at it. That’s when I said, “Look. You didn’t draw me any little hearts or smiley faces…and there’s no phone number.”

This trick works like magic, and I’ve used it time and time again to get all kinds of waitress’s numbers.

What’s great is that I can guarantee you’ll be the first guy to use this trick on her if you do go for it.

There are a lot of ways to ask a waitress out, but this one is simple, easy, and original.

So next time you’re out, and your cute waitress who’s been flirting with you all night asks if you want dessert…

Skip dessert, and just get the check (and her number)!

Here Are Your Next Steps

Now you know exactly what to do to get a waitress to give you her number in no time…

But this trick will only get you so far.

You might be totally into that waitress, but what if you aren’t sure she’s into you?

Well, stay tuned, because in the coming weeks GC will be putting out some interviews with waitresses that will reveal what they really think about you.

In the meantime, I’ve got something else to help you out…

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