How to Make Eye Contact With a Woman That Will Naturally Draw Her Into You


How to Make Strong Eye Contact With Women And Set the Tone

A lot of guys think that you need a clever opener or line to gain a woman’s interest, and start escalating with her.

While it can definitely help, like Craig’s opener here, and Glenn’s here, there’s one way to separate yourself from the pack of frustrated guys who never gain a woman’s interest:

Make strong, consistent eye contact with her.

This is something that 95% of guys don’t do, but yet something that demonstrates a lot about how the interaction is going to go before it even starts.

Today I have two videos that demonstrate the power of eye contact: one that has to do with how to make eye contact with “shy” or “reserved” girls, and the other demonstrating one of my buddy’s favorite ways of using eye contact to start talking to women walking the other way down the street.

Here they are:

The Secret Formula to Make Eye Contact With Shy Women

This video covers:

  • What to do when you look at a girl and she looks away
  • The easy formula that tells you exactly when you should look back at her, down to the second
  • The real reason that women look away from you when you make strong eye contact (it’s not because they aren’t interested!)

My Buddy’s Foolproof Method to Use Eye Contact to Start a Conversation

This is the tip that usually gets people going. My buddy (a coach I work with) uses this foolproof method to key in on eye contact to start conversations with women walking the other way.

It may seem over the top. It may seem forward. It’ll probably shock a good number of you and have you saying, “I can’t believe this guy does this!”

But if you watch the video above, I’ll show you exactly how to pull this off while staying cool and calm, and not being labeled as a “creepy” guy.

I am interested in hearing what you have to say about this method–is it too much? Too over-the-top? I’ll tell you, I’ve 100% seen it work in action with some amazingly beautiful women before, so know that going in. But definitely let me know on my Facebook page so that I can use it more often in my materials or cut it out entirely.

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