6 Secrets of Getting Women to Approach YOU

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Evolutionary Psychology For the Modern Man: Here's How to Get Hot Girls to Approach You Using Almost Zero Effort…

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If I could magically discover a pill that would get women to approach men, I’d probably be a millionaire several times over. Life would be so much easier for all of us.

I’ve been coaching guys for almost 10 years now and I’ve yet to see anybody or anyone crack that code.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get girls to approach you wherever you went?

Imagine doing some grocery shopping and out of nowhere a sexy blonde walks over to you and asks you out on a date. Talk about good fortune!

But what if I told you that this sort of thing happens to me quite often?

Would you believe me?  What if I’d also make the bold claim that many of my students have achieved similar successes?

Does this sound too good to be true? Has the code been cracked after all?

I’m about to reveal 6 secrets to get women to approach you, so keep reading.

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Obviously there will never be a substitution for walking up to women on your own but most men are too scared to walk up to a random woman.

Fear stops them dead in their tracks. They see a cute girl and can only imagine what it'd be like if they had the courage to walk up to her confidently. They only wish they knew what to say, if only they had the courage…

Fear stops most men from achieving their dating goals.

Putting fear aside, I wanted to give you some proven methods that will increase your chances of women walking up to you. These methods are very powerful and will get you noticed.

The Secret Trigger in Women's Brains THEY Don't Even Know About…

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Before I start, this works even if you're overweight, not good looking, and not financially blessed.

The methods I’m about to reveal work on deep subconscious level with women. They tap deep into their minds, a place that they can’t control or even recognize, for one very good reason.

Lucky for us, the female mind has developed some unique strategies for deciding what makes a man attractive and desirable through evolution. Over the course of thousands of years women have developed ways to tell if a man is worth mating with. This all happened without their knowledge. It’s called evolutionary psychology.

Evolutionary psychology is a big field with many different subfields, but we’re going to primarily focus on evolutionary mating psychology.

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Women mate or have sex with certain men only when it triggers the survival mechanisms deep within their brains.

This holds true even if it’s a one-night stand or having sex with a woman after only knowing her for a few minutes.

In these scenarios (and almost any other situation you can think of), the woman on some level needs to know that the man she sleeps with is a natural pack leader.

The pack leader's the man (not “guy”) who has shown dominance over all other men in the tribe. He does whatever (and whoever) he wants, whenever he wants, because who's going to stop him?

Because the pack leader has shown himself to be superior to all the other men in the tribe, often through rough, bloody combat, women are biologically hardwired to sleep with and hunt for the pack leader at all times.

The pack leader will ensure a woman’s survival much better than lesser men. The pack leader can provide for her in ways that lesser men will never.

Even in a relationship, if a woman is dating a lesser man, she'll try her best to make him more of a pack leader.

The closer to a pack leader the guy is, the more choices he has with women. And women can smell an pack leader from miles away!

There are a million ways to convey pack leader traits consciously but this article is about getting women to approach you so we’ll be dealing with her subconscious screening processes.

How to Become a Pack Leader in 6 Easy Steps

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Now that you have an idea of how the female mind works and what women are inherently looking for, we can now discuss how to get her to approach you:

By showing her the characteristics of a pack leader.

It makes sense, right? If she's hardwired to be more attracted to pack leaders, then you should do everything you can to become more of one. Even if you're not naturally a pack leader, use these 6 tips to come across as more of one, and attract more women effortlessly.

Method #1: Adopt More Dominant Body Language

Body language is one of most overlooked aspects of becoming attractive. When you exhibit confident and positive body language, both men and women will see “something” in you that they are drawn towards.

Why? Because deep in their subconscious minds there is a screening mechanism that attracts them to this trait.

The mind will usually make a decision about a person in less than a second. Literally less than a second! When you are exhibiting great body language people notice immediately.

Stand tall, chest out, slight smile, chin level with the ground and eyes looking at the horizon line. While walking you will want to always walk with rhythm and purpose. Always move and walk like you’re the most important man on the planet!

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Method #2: Fashion/Style

Always dress to impress. Even if you’re going to the store for some bread try to look your best. This doesn't mean to put on a suit if you're going to be pumping gas, but just think that you have the potential of meeting your future girlfriend or wife at any moment.

Another way to think of it is that your whole life is one giant first impression. When making a first impression, grooming and presentation is valuable before you even approach a girl. The better you dress the more important you will be viewed!

Method #3: Make Strong Eye Contact

When you are out and about never make casual eye-contact. Use your peripheral vision to spot beautiful women, and when you do see a cute girl, look at her with deep sexual eye-contact and never be the first person to look away!

Melt her with your eyes! Undress her with your eyes. Let her know that you adore her just with her eyes.

Once she looks away, it’s game on. Just wait until you notice her looking again. When she does, look at her and invite her over just with your eyes.

To do this, just look at her and think it in your head. Think, “You should meet me,” or even, “You'd be lucky to meet me,” in true pack leader fashion. Tell her that story with your eyes–you'd be surprised how often women will find themselves gliding over toward you like you're pulling them in with a lasso.

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Method #4: Maintain Positive Energy Flow

Always have a positive energy flowing through you. Women are drawn to men with a great energy. Optimism is crucial. Even if you're having “a bad day,” that's often just because that's your interpretation of how the day's gone so far. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, reinforcing your negative beliefs.

Instead, think of a “bad day” as a series of temporary moments. Those moments will change when you want them to change. Always have a fresh perspective on what comes your way and think, “I'm having a great day starting…now!”

Try and create an amazing mood inside of your body and I promise it will be noticed outside of it by all.

Method #5: Become the Center of Attention

This can be tricky but it's a lot easier than it sounds.

Basically you always want the focus to be on you. If you’re out with friends, make sure you’re the center of attention at all times.

If you’re in a group of people always be in the center of them. The order of importance in a group of people always goes from the inside out!

If you’re by yourself, then make sure you’re always talking to a stranger or making someone laugh that you don’t know. Once you establish yourself as the center of a two-person group, people (including attractive women) will naturally flow toward you and join.

Method #6: The Fastest Way to Get Her to Hookup With You

When a woman approaches a man, chances are she’s going to be WAY more nervous than she normally is.

Which can cause her to be more reserved…

She’ll be more on edge…

And probably a lot more shy than usual…

But that’s OK, you should expect this.

Women almost NEVER do the approaching, because (generally speaking) they don’t want to be judged or seen as too “aggressive.”

So if you want to turn things sexual the solution is simple…

All you have to do is take the lead once she approaches you.

Now… like I said before, when a woman approaches you she tends to be more reserved because she doesn’t want to be judged and feel like a slut.

So you have to be real subtle when you’re taking things up a notch.

And in my experience, there’s one very “under the radar” method to get a woman dripping like a leaky faucet, in no time:

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