How to Choose the Best Pictures For Your Tinder Profile

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The “Madison Avenue Secret” to Perfect Tinder Profile Pics, Revealed…

Few things are more important in your Tinder profile than your pictures. First impressions are incredibly important, especially when the time you have to make an impression is shortened from about three seconds to less than a fraction of a second, like it is on most dating apps.

Of course, there's a lot of conventional wisdom out there about what kinds of pictures guys should use in their Tinder profiles:

“Use a group pic!”

“Use a pic with some girls in it!”

“No shirtless pics!”

“You have to use a shirtless pic!”

As you can tell, a lot of this “advice” is just a bunch of contradicting guesses by guys who are equally as clueless as you are.

That's why I turned to my buddy Race to clear the air and give you the definitive answer on what works and what doesn't when it comes to Tinder profile pics.

This is the second video in my huge interview series with Race on all things Tinder (you can catch up on the first one here if you missed it). And this time around, Race is going to go through and tell you some of the “Do”s and “Don't”s for pictures on your Tinder profile:

Here are some of the things we talk about that'll make your Tinder profile pics awesome:

  • One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of guys make in their Tinder profiles–when you hear the reasoning for this one, it will make a lot of sense why it turns off so many women…
  • The “Madison Avenue Secret” to the best Tinder pictures you'll ever take.
  • Should you post a picture of you with a girl on Tinder? Race has a really strong opinion on this backed up with solid logic.
  • Is it okay to go with a shirtless pic? It depends on this key factor Race has isolated.
  • How to put yourself in the woman's shoes and show her what kind of a guy you are with your pics.
  • The exact types of pictures and situations that will boost your match rate by a lot…and why you should always feature your best picture first…

After finishing this video, you'll be ahead of 95% of the guys on Tinder as far as your profile pics go. And as Race notes, that's probably the single most important factor on the app–get her attention!

More with Race on Tuesday about how

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