How to Make a First Impression She’ll Never Forget

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To Make Great First Impressions, You Must Impress This Person First…

When you walk up to an attractive woman, the very first thing you’re going to need to do is make a great first impression.

An awesome first impression cannot be understated — you guys don’t need me to tell you that. First impressions are crucial to your overall success and are hard, if not impossible, to counteract.

From the moment you start talking to a woman, she will be judging you and your character.

She has no idea who you are…

Where you came from…

If you’re safe or if you’re trouble…

If you’ll treat her the way that she deserves to be treated…

And, quite frankly, I don’t blame her.

Women have seen it all from men. They’ve been lied to, cheated on, and who knows what else…

Why should a woman you’re interested in trust you or believe who you say you are? You’re trying to win her trust by using your honesty and attractive qualities, but you’re starting from ground zero.

You probably don’t have mutual friends or family members who can vouch for your character. This means you don’t have anybody to tell her she should date you because you’re a really great guy who’s going to treat her well.

You have to establish and gain her trust on your own.

This can be a daunting task for many guys, especially if you’ve done little or no work on yourself in terms of self-development or self-help.

The Best Way To Make An Amazing First Impression…

You shouldn’t have to “try” to make a good first impression. If your whole life was already a great first impression, you wouldn’t need to try so hard — if at all — to make a good first impression.

Whether they’re women, co-workers, or new friends, people will be drawn to your authentic energy if you focus on making your life one great first impression.

When guys ask me how to make a great first impression, my answer to them is always the same:

“Become a great first impression!”

You should always be trying to make a great first impression. Wherever you go and whatever you’re doing, you should be doing it with the sole purpose of making a good impression.

Make a great impression on the world, and the world will reward you for your efforts.

How Do I “Become A Great First Impression”?

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Meeting women is hard work and takes a lot of determination. As men, we have to learn to satisfy ourselves, grown in positive ways, release old negative beliefs and adopt more positive ones before we can truly see success.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should stop trying to make a great first impression for the sake of becoming more attractive to women.

Instead, start trying to make a great first impression on yourself, for yourself and nobody else.

If your only reason for making a good first impression is to sleep with tons of women, then your heart is in the wrong place. You’ll never be able to sustain a healthy relationship — with yourself or with other women.

You need to be doing it for the right reasons to have long-term success.

Impress yourself, and you will naturally impress others.

How The Community Can Help You

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How far are you willing to go with this?

I’ve personally been trying to make a great first impression on the world and myself for over 10 years now.

Do I make mistakes? Of course I do. I’m only human.

But over the years, I’ve learned to take all the responsibility myself.

I no longer play the blame game. I’m always looking for the next best way to impress myself.

I study self-help gurus relentlessly, and I do my best to do the work and exercises they prescribe.

When I first entered the world of dating psychology, I had no idea that what I was really stepping into was a world of personal development.

I thought that I’d be able to say a few fancy lines to women, and whammo, I’d have a girlfriend.

How wrong I was!

At one time or another, all members of this community — including me — have been convinced that they were the ones that found it.

In reality, though, the community found us!

It found us because we were all unhappy with our current state of affairs. We thought our unhappiness was due to our horrible dating experiences or lack of women in the past, but the bigger truth is that we were unhappy with ourselves as people.

The community found us because we needed help.

Dating education, in my opinion, is the greatest expression of self-help there is. It forces you to work on every little area of your life, and it leaves no stone left unturned.

Your career…

Your confidence…

Your beliefs…

Your family issues…

Your self-worth…

The list can go on forever.

All of these things come into play when learning to become a more attractive man. Eventually, you will have to face and defeat all of your demons head-on to achieve true happiness.

Here’s What You Need To Do Now…

To become a master of making great first impressions, you’ll have to always be working on and conquering all of your negativity and limiting beliefs about yourself.

You’ll always have to challenge yourself.

Once an old issue is resolved, a new issue will surface; it’s up to you to keep dealing with them as they creep up into your life.

Does it ever end? I personally don’t think it does.

However, I’ve come to love this process, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have the same outlook.

Notice the issues that arise in your life, and focus on taking the appropriate steps to deal with them as quickly and effectively as possible.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to become part of Gotham Club’s community!

It’s easy. You can become a part of our community on Facebook or by signing up for our newsletter.

If you’re not a fan of commitment, you could start by checking out Craig’s free guide to recognizing the seven hidden signs she likes you (you’ll never guess what they are, trust me).

By helping yourself, you’re helping your chances of making a great first impression. And what’s more impressive than that?

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