This “Tinder TV Star” Will Boost Your Tinder Matches With Women

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Want More, Higher Quality Tinder Matches? Watch This Video…

A lot of guys think that Tinder is pretty easy–put up some pics, try to be funny, and start swiping.

But then the problems start to pop up:

You don't match with any attractive women…

Or you get a few matches, but you don't know what to say to them…

Or you start a few conversations with women, they seem like they're going well, and then suddenly she stops responding…

Did I mention that competition on Tinder is getting to be more fierce than ever before?

That's why in the coming weeks, we're going to have a lot of helpful content on how you can become a Tinder master:

How to increase the number and quality of girls you match with…

…and how to know exactly what to say to them that will get them to agree to meet up with you.

As part of my efforts to provide the absolute best guide to Tinder for guys, I recently sat down with my buddy Race, a Tinder master in his own right, and picked his brain about what works on Tinder in 2016.

He had so much awesome info on how to boost your results on Tinder that I made a bunch of videos out of them for you. The first one is right here:

We talk about a lot of cool and useful stuff to help you get more Tinder matches, including:

  • How Race started throwing huge parties with dozens of attractive women using online messaging before Tinder had even started.
  • Race's story about how he got invited up to New York to film a national TV commercial just based on the messages he was sending girls online.
  • The single most important tip Race has for helping you get more Tinder matches.
  • The secret insight that gives you an “in” with the girls you match with.
  • Race's personal experience watching women swipe on Tinder that will have you rethinking your entire approach to the app.

This whole series of videos is going to blow your mind. Thankfully, you don't have to wait too long for the next one–part two of my epic interview with Race the Tinder Expert goes live this Sunday at 9:00 am Eastern.

You won't want to miss this one since it shows you how to improve your pics and make them the best they can be for Tinder, even if you're not a really good-looking guy. Some of the highlights are:

  • The single biggest mistake most guys are making on Tinder (when you hear why it's such a big problem, you'll smack yourself in the face).
  • The “Madison Avenue secret” to taking the best Tinder photo of your life.
  • How your pictures can actively repulse girls that would otherwise be attracted to you.
  • The exact types of pics you can use to boost your match rate with the type of attractive woman you're interested in.

So check back Sunday at 9:00 am Eastern for part 2 of my awesome Tinder interview with Race.

To your future…

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