Craig’s Challenge: Text a Hot Girl

text a hot girl
Learn the easiest way to text a hot girl below…

How to Text a Hot Girl to Get a Date TONIGHT

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Hey there… it’s Craig. And I’ve got a brand new feature for you. Every Friday, I’m going to issue a new challenge for you for the weekend. If you execute and learn from them faithfully, I guarantee you’ll soon be turning hot women away…

Alright guys, this week I have a new challenge for you. 

I want you to text a hot girl that you want to sleep with. 

Enough waiting and stressing about what-ifs. The time is now.

But you’re not in this alone, I’m here to help you send the perfect text that will make her smile and respond.

It’s time to shoot your shot. 

So here are some of the best tips from around Gotham Club to help you craft that perfect text:

Add Emotion

Jessica J. offers some great advice and explains perfectly why texts like “Hey” and “Hey what’s up?” or “What’re you doin?” don’t work.

They lack emotion

There’s no fireworks. 

If you can’t make a woman truly feel something with your words, she’s probably just going to ignore you.

Instagram makes her laugh. Tinder makes her excited (or annoyed). Why would she text you back if you just make her feel meh?

Read her post for more details.

Craig’s Challenge: Text a Hot Girl

Remind Her of Something Specific

Text guru Glenn Pearce suggests that you remind her of something specific that you two had in common when you both met.

If you met a girl and got her number, chances are that at some point during that meeting one of you said, “Oh no way, me too!”

It could be that you’re both vegetarian, do yoga, or go to the same workshop. 

Whatever it is, remind her (this will also make an emotional, personal connection with her — to Jessica’s point).

Check out his full article for a bunch more tips.

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Reference Something Specific ABOUT HER

Our last tip comes from Monika Simms, our resident sexologist. She suggests that for guys meeting girls on dating apps, you should personalize your message by mentioning something specific you saw or read on her profile.

It shows that you took the time to read up about her and do at least a little research.

You’re not just another guy sending out 500 “Hey what’s up?” messages to every girl he matches with.

Get a few more tips from Monika here.

Craig’s Challenge: Text a Hot Girl

Go From Text Message to Date In NO Time!

Last night I got a woman’s number, and landed a date over text, within 30 minutes of texting her… and it only took about 8 messages, in total… between the two of us. 

I told my buddy about it, and he immediately thought I was full of large smelly cow turds.

I was a bit confused by his reaction, because it usually doesn’t take me long to land a date once I start texting a girl…

And it’s been this way for years.

But that’s not the case for him, or for most other men either…

The last time my buddy landed a date with a girl he was texting, it took him weeks to get with her on a date. 

Now… I’m not much better of a texter than my buddy.

I’m not that funny…

I’m not that clever…

I use
the exact same text messages on every new girl I meet, so nothing I say is really that unique. 

BUT… I’m able to land dates, get a girl talking naughty and agreeing to hookup BEFORE our first date, and even get a girl sending me nudes…

How do I pull it off?

Because I have data on my side.

I use actual data about the kinds of messages that work best on women. 

Because I’m using real-world data, I’m avoiding the common mistakes most men are making without even realizing it, and laser focusing on what gets results:

Click here right now, and discover what the data is telling us about the kinds of messages that work best to get girls on dates, turn them on, and get them into bed with you, before you even hang out with them. 

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