This “F Word” Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You…

This "F Word" Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You...

How to Take a Girl Home the Same Night…

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Have you ever been on a date where things are going well, and you want to know how to take a girl home the same night you meet her for a hot night of passionate sex…

but she’s mentioned to you a few times that she never sleeps with a guy on the first date?

And because of what she’s previously told you about her sexual habits, you decide to wait until the 2nd or 3rd date to sleep with her?

Only to realize that there isn’t going to be another date because she just stopped responding to you?

Or maybe you’re on the date, and things aren’t going so well, but you still have the urge to take her home to have sex with her.

While you’re on this date you’re trying to figure out if you should try for sex or not and for whatever reason you convince yourself of, you don’t try…

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What about this scenario: Have you found yourself kissing a woman on a date, having the time of your life, and when you try to take her or go back to her place she says “No” or “That’s a bad idea” or “Why, so you can have sex with me?”

And later that night when you’re home alone, you’re kicking yourself for not having tried harder?

Sound Familiar?

I can’t speak for you but I certainly have been in all of these situations in the past and many more just like them.

When I think about it now, I can’t believe how many opportunities for sex I have missed.

It makes me cringe just thinking about them as I write this… All the dates I’ve been on that haven’t led to sex…it just drives me crazy.

But I don't miss those opportunities anymore, and when you're done reading this…

You'll never miss out on a chance at sex with a hot woman again:

This "F Word" Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You...

What Was the Same About All of These “Near Misses?” The “F” Word…

Why did this happen to me, and why does this happen to you?


Think about it for a moment. In any of the situations I described above, if you had absolutely zero fear about going for it, do you think you would have tried and tried harder despite what she was saying or doing to lead to believe otherwise?

You’re damn right you would have tried! Not only that, if she was giving you some resistance to going home with you, you would have tried even harder if fear weren’t a factor.

Maybe it was the fear of her thinking you just wanted sex. Maybe it was your fear that if you tried harder, she’d never speak with you again for being too aggressive.

Or possibly it was you believing she wouldn’t sleep with you because the date wasn’t going so well.

Regardless of the reasons you gave yourself for not trying, it all boils down to fear and fearing the repercussions of your actions and diligence.

Fear alone was holding you back and fear is the biggest reason why men don’t get laid!

This "F Word" Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You...

The Best Advice I've Ever Given

I have a saying that I use with many of my students:


Women expect and WANT men to try and seduce them. All women actually find it very sexy when a man goes after what he wants and doesn’t shy away from it, especially if “it” is sex.

Also, it turns women on to be desired. After all, they spend the majority of their lives trying to become more desirable. Don't believe me? Take one look in a woman’s closet or make-up bag.

With women there is typically only a small window of opportunity in which she will allow herself to be seduced by you, and it’s up to you to capitalize on it. Miss that window and it’s game-over/friend zone!

Women have a highly tuned screening mechanism backed by massive amounts of real life experience for picking suitable sexual partners. If you pass her screening mechanisms, than you’re in. The quicker you can do this the better.

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Once you're in, you need to sleep with her as fast as possible before you disqualify yourself. Before she decides to revoke your invitation, so to speak.

All of my dates these days are no longer than 2 to 3 hours long. If we are not on the way to her place or mine within that time frame, chances are I will not (my choice, not hers) go on a second date with her.

“Why? But isn’t that too quick?”

No, it’s not.

I’ve been on hundreds of dates, so I have an abnormal amount of experience with women. I only want to be with women who are comfortable with sex, and who I’m compatible with.

Not just that, since I’ve been on so many dates that lead to sex, I know how to overcome any and all objections she may give me. Plus in the back of my mind, I know that 95% of women will go home with a man after just a few hours.

This "F Word" Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You...
Take her home the same night using these simple tips below…

What to Do With Her Excuses…

Like I mentioned above, women may give you some excuses for why they shouldn't home with you. Here’s how you should handle them.

What I’m about to share with you is from my very own arsenal. It’s proven 100% effective, and tested by myself and hundreds of my students!

If you suggest going back to your place and she says, “We really shouldn’t…”

You simply say, “You’re right, we shouldn’t. We’d probably have sex, and you’re gonna fall in love with me, and that’s not what I’m looking for right now!”

Then proceed to take her home!

If she says, “Why, so you can have sex with me?”

Say, “Whoa…stop thinking about sex, pervert! I just wanna talk some more and show you (whatever it is that you can show her at your place).”

I’ve actually told a woman that I wanted to show her my toaster oven and she was like, “Oh ok, cool.” And I took her home.

What if she says, “That would be a bad idea”?

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The only reason why a woman would say this is because she knows that she’ll have sex with you if she goes home with you, 100% guaranteed! If you hear this, you’re in!

In this situation, just agree and make it funny, “Yeah…It’s probably a really, really bad idea. You’re probably going to keep me up way past my bedtime” and just proceed to take her home.

If she mentions, “I never sleep with guys on the first date,” or that she needs to go on 3 or more dates to sleep with a guy…

She's full of it! You can almost guarantee this woman will go home with you and then tell you after you’ve had sex with her that she, “never does this sort of thing.” If you hear these words, take her home that night! Remember, you never look bad for trying BUT you may look bad for not trying!

The key to all of the above is to do this fearlessly. Be unapologetic about your sexual desires. Women who go out on dates with you want you to seduce them. They’re literally rooting for you. Women need the man to lead them to the bedroom in a masculine and dominant way.

If you want a guaranteed second date, sleep with her on the first date. If you want to make sure she doesn’t start flaking on you after the first date, you better take a girl home that same night. Women usually don’t flake on men they sleep with.

Become fearless on your dates and watch the magic happen and the panties come off!

This "F Word" Will Get Her Begging to Go Home With You...
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How to Be the “Best She's Ever Had”

Once you've gotten her back to your place, congrats! You're most of the way there!

But I want to stress one thing that's really important.

If you don't want it to be an awkward one-night stand… and you want to keep a girl around for some casual fun, or even as a girlfriend…

You're gonna want to give her a sexual experience she'll NEVER forget.

“F her good and she'll stick around as long as you want”–I say it so often because it's true!

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