How to Text a Girl You Like: 3 Steps Most Guys Miss

how to text a girl you like

How to Text a Girl You Like–Do You Know How to Get a Text Back?

Discover How to Unlock Her Secret Playbook…

Should you send her funny pictures? Should every text come with an emoji? What kind of texts do women really respond to?

Texting a woman you’re interested in doesn’t have to be rocket science, guys! 😉

It’s easier than you think… as long as you know what to send.

Hi, I’m Jessica J.! I was a host for Playboy Radio, and last year I was named OkCupid’s most popular female user.

It’s safe to say I know a lot about sex and online dating.

So every week, I’ll be answering your most burning questions about sex and online dating…

And this week, I’m answering this:

“What's the best text to send a girl you like?”

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

When it comes to texting, your messages need to carry emotion.

Us girls can't see what you're saying or hear any emotion through a text, so it's important to communicate it as well as possible.

Now, I know that a lot of guys really f**king hate emojis…

But women respond mostly to emotions!

So if you can't convey your emotions in texts, we're not going to feel any emotions for you when we read them.

It really makes us more inclined to ignore them.

How to Turn a Text Convo Into a Hookup… Or More…

Whether you’re looking for a date or a naughty hookup… I’ve got something that’s gonna make getting either a LOT easier… 

I call it the “Dating Diary”… and I have to admit, I’m a little reluctant to give it to you since it works so darn well on women… but here goes:

It’s basically a giant compilation of what women really want… years of documented conversations (and some of the most intimate, juicy female confessions and details…) about what really turns women on.

I mean, even when I skimmed it… some of the stuff they talk about kinda turned me on a little (lol)…

And honestly? It was so dead-on with what it said… it was almost like I wrote it myself:

This “Dating Diary” Turns Text Convos Into a Hookup… Or More…

P.S. When I read THIS… I almost couldn’t believe it… how about you?

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