New Study: This 5-Minute “Test” Reveals If She REALLY Likes You (Even If She Says She Doesn’t)

New Study: This 5-Minute “Test” Reveals If She REALLY Likes You (Even If She Says She Doesn’t)
Discover the 5 minute Attraction Test to see if she is into you fast…

Discover The Proven Attraction Test That Reveals How She Really Feels About You (Even If She's Sending You Mixed Signals Or Is Acting “Cold”)…

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If you’ve ever gotten “mixed signals” from a woman you’re interested in dating, you know how frustrating it can be. 

Maybe when you see her around she’s acting friendly, making eye contact, laughing, even flipping her hair around…

…doing all of those girly things that are supposed to mean she’s into you.

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But maybe when you suggest hanging out, she doesn’t seem down. 

Or maybe you’re just not sure whether it’s the right time to make a move.  

No one wants to go out on a limb and ask somebody out just to get turned down. 

Of course, it would be great if you could know whether or not a lady was interested in you before you took the risk of asking her out. 

With these clues, I’m here to help you decode her behavior.  

According to new research, obvious body language, like laughter and eye contact, aren’t necessarily signs she’s attracted to you!

New Science Reveals a Surprising Sign She's Into You…

 I mean, they might be. If a lady is falling all over herself to laugh at everything you say and gazing into your eyes, go ahead, ask her out for coffee. 

But what are the other signs, the more subtle ones that you might not know to look for? 

According to 1.4606292">new research, heartbeats are really important! 

I mean, they’re important beyond just, you know, keeping you alive. 

According to a new study performed in the Netherlands, synchronized heart rates signal attraction more than any other body language. 

What are synchronized heart rates? Hearts that are beating at the same speed and more or less in time with one another, or with the same rhythm. 

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How did scientists figure this out?

Researchers recruited 140 straight (and, hopefully, single) men and women to participate in an attraction study, at three different festivals.  

Of the many hundreds of random people who gathered at these events, 140 of them, between the ages of 18 and 37, agreed to sit down across from a stranger and get their attractiveness ranked. 

That’s right. These participants got three seconds to look at each other, and then they had to rate the other person’s attractiveness on a scale of one to ten. 

Sound awful?

I’m guessing the researchers weren’t giving trophies to the 10s and paper bags to the 1s. But, still, that sounds a little nerve wracking for most of us, even on our best day. 

So what happened next, and what does it teach us about body language and attraction? 

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It Doesn't End There…

 After ranking their partners, participants got to look at each other for another two minutes.

(Does staring in silence at a stranger you’ve just judged by the numbers sound awkward? Well, anything for science!)

Then the couples got to talk to each other for two minutes more. 

In the end, they were surveyed about whether or not they found their partner attractive, and whether or not they would like to go on another date with them. 

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(“Another,” assuming five minutes of participating in a study together counts as a first date.) 

A good meet-cute story, at least!

So what did the study reveal?

Surprisingly, smiling, looking at each other, and using gestures to communicate did not indicate that couples were attracted.

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This Common Sign of “Disinterest” Isn't Quite What It Seems…

 Instead, more subtle signs, like sweat and heart rate, indicated possible love connections. 

The couples who had matching heart rates during the study were more likely to rank each other as attractive potential mates, the researchers explained. 

Meanwhile, women were a lot more likely to smile and laugh than men were..

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Men, on the other hand, spent more time looking at their partner’s head and face, researchers said. 

And here’s an important piece of info, guys: 

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Women were more likely to look around the room, whether or not they were attracted to their partner. 

At the end of the study, 53 percent of the men wanted to go on a second date with their partner, while 34 percent of the women wanted to see their dude again. 

It appears that the women might be slightly more picky, at least in this study, which will come as a surprise to exactly no one. 

But if you’re a guy on the dating scene, what can you learn from this data?

New Study: This 5-Minute “Test” Reveals If She REALLY Likes You (Even If She Says She Doesn’t)
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So How Can This Data Help You Get Laid?

Obviously, it would be a *little* weird if you reached over and took a woman’s pulse while you’re talking to her lol…

… which is why instead, if you really want to know how a woman feels about you… you have to look for some more subtle non-verbal clues.

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Because even if a woman is giving you good eye contact… and smiling, and laughing…

… this study proved that these are all fool’s gold compared to some far more subtle, and easily missed signs she’s secretly into you.

For example?

If she does THIS with her feet while she’s talking to you… it’s a surefire sign she’d at least like to spend more time with you… (if not more).

Most women don’t even realize it when they do this either… which is why if you DO catch it, there’s a pretty good chance she’s secretly REALLY into you… and may even be trying to hide it.

This is true even if she’s acted “cold” toward you in the past… and even if she’s “taken,” or she’s never spoken a single word to you…

If you see her do this… chances are she’s just waiting for the “right moment” to ask you to hang out… or is secretly wishing you’d make a move. 😉

This short, free presentation will show you exactly what to look for… and how to find out, once and for all, if a woman you’re into has been secretly pining for you all along:

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