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Has this ever happened to you?

You meet a girl, and think she's really cute… and you guys totally hit it off.

You're talking, she's flirting, and you think the night might just end up back at your place… and then you see a ring on her finger.


It's a situation I've run into MANY times, and the reality is, married women are often super flirty with other men.

But does that mean a married woman who flirts with you will take the next step and sleep with you?

Well, it depends.

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So that's what I'm going to talk about today.

Hi, I’m Glenn Pearce, and as part of my new series, Ask Glenn, I’m answering your most difficult, burning questions related to sex and dating.

And today, I want to show you the truth about sleeping with married women–when it’s a good idea, and when it can get you in a lot of trouble.

Because honestly, if you follow the right steps…

… then it’s a LOT easier to get away with than you may realize.

So let’s get started!

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Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Hey, it's Glenn Pearce, and we're back again for Ask Glenn Anything Questions.

I'm really happy about all the guys who wrote in. There's so many wonderful questions. Let's get right into it.

So Jorge's writing in and he's asking:

There's this hot girl I see all the time. She's married, but she flirts with me a lot. How can I make a move on her? I do not know if she's receptive or not, but, damn, she flirts a ton.”

Jorge, I'm gonna give it to you straight:

You're a wimp. You're scared.

Man, you're asking me how you can make a move on her? If she's flirting with you, flirt back.

Touch her. Hold her hand. You'll know.

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When she's flirting with you, just say, “Hey, we should go … we should have a drink. When are you free?”

You could ask her out on a date… but here's the thing with married women:

Typically, they don't want to date.

They don't need to be wined and dined, because they have some idiot husband at home who's doing that for them (and who they're not attracted to).

The Most Important Thing a Married Woman Needs to Know Before She Sleeps With You…

The most important thing a married woman needs to know is that you will not get attached.

She needs to know that you will not get clingy…

That you will not judge her…

And that you will never jeopardize her marriage.

Because she will protect all of that.

And she will protect her reputation, because married women who cheat are shunned by their families.

They're shunned by their husband's family, they could lose their kids, their car, their finances, everything.

There's a lot to lose by getting caught.

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And that goes to say, with her reputation, married women who cheat are shunned by her family, they're shunned by the guy's family, they could lose their kids, their car, their finances, their food, their meal ticket.

They'll lose everything.

There's a lot to lose by getting caught.

Married chicks need to know that you're the guy they can f**k and you won't ruin it for them.

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How To Figure Out If She’s “Just Flirting” Or Really Wants to Sleep With You…

So Jorge, here's what I want you to do.

Next time this married woman is flirting with you, just put your hand out.

She'll look at you, and then you look at her, and if she grabs your hand, you can say:

“Let's get together. When can we hang out?”

If she doesn't grab it, she might ask, “What are you doing?”

So you can just be like, “I don't know. I wanted to hold your hand.”

See what she says.

(You can also try out one of these 3 Under The Radar Touch Tricks to gauge her interest…)

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If she's like, “OK. That was really weird–I need to go”… then guess what?

You took her flirting for actual sexual interest in you.

You say she's flirting–nah, I'm not there.

She might be flirting with you. You might be absolutely right–but she also just might be being nice to you, or maybe she just enjoys other male attention because she doesn't get it at home.

But either way, you've got to find out, so it's s*it or get off the pot, dude.

And in fact, you can even kill two birds with one stone when you do this.

Because there is a way to both figure out if she's into you… AND get her to make the first move if she is…

And I'll show you what it is below:

sleeping with married women
Keep reading to find out how to use this technique to sleep with her fast…

Here’s A Real-Life Example of How This Gets Her to Sleep With You…

When I first met “Ashley” about a decade ago, I knew I had to have her.

Though I had my work cut out for me:

Not only was this chick my co-worker in a stuffy office… but when I shook her hand for the first time, I saw the one thing no guy wants to see:

A giant ring on her finger.

And yet… as time went on, Ashley would do these “things,” that made me think she wasn’t so “attached” to her husband after all:

Things like stopping by my desk out of nowhere to chat, and emailing me funny pictures she found online…

Hitting my arm anytime I said something remotely entertaining…

And one time she even bent so low in front of my desk I could see all the way down her shirt! (I had a hunch she was wearing that lacy red bra for me)

It was driving me freaking INSANE!!

So one Friday afternoon at 4:55 PM, when Ashley stopped by my desk to ask what I was doing for the weekend…

… I did the one thing I knew could get her to sleep with me, without risking ANY “trouble”:

I touched her right here while I was talking to her.

If you had been watching us, it would have looked like we were just 2 friends…

… though what you wouldn’t have known, is that when I touched her in this seemingly “innocent” spot… it made her feel all tingly *down there.*

(That's because this spot is chock-full of sexual nerve-endings, that few men know about.)

And so when I touched her there a couple more times… and she leaned closer to me, put her lips to my ear, and whispered, “Glenn, do you want to get a drink with me?”…

I knew my trick had worked its magic (hell yeah):

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What To Do if She Drops the “Boyfriend Bomb” (Video)…

It's one of the most frustrating feelings in the world:

You meet a woman…

Things seem to be going well…

And then she says the thing that feels like a punch to the stomach (and your ego)–“You're really sweet, but I actually have a boyfriend.”

Does she really have a boyfriend?

Where is he, anyway…?

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And why did she wait so long to drop the pesky “boyfriend bomb”???

In my experience, when a girl does this–and most experts won't tell you this–you may still have a huge shot with her.

So today, I'm going to show you how to handle the “boyfriend bomb” and the ways you can get around it.

Hi, I'm David Dupree, and every week I'll be answering the most difficult & burning questions you have when it comes to sex and dating.

I get asked questions like this all the time, and today I’m answering this one:

“What do I do if the woman I want has a boyfriend?”

if she has a boyfriend
Keep scrolling for the #1 mistake men make when talking to a girl with a boyfriend…

In this video, I explain what to do if the woman you want has a boyfriend, plus:

  • What I personally do to get around the “boyfriend bomb“…
  • step-by-step guide to finding high-quality single women wherever you go…
  • The #1 mistake guys make when a woman says “I have a boyfriend”
  • How to read her sexual body language when she's talking about her relationship (so you know if she wants you)…
  • The bizarre reason why she'll say THIS about her boyfriend if she's into you…

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The Fastest Way to Make Her Choose YOU…

There are two parts to getting a mega-hot girl into bed…

If you set your standards high, you’re going to give off this naturally confident, valuable vibe… and hot girls will notice.

That’s part one.

Next… if you want to sleep with her, you’re going to have to turn her on.

And in my experience, by far the most effective way to turn a woman on, is to touch her.

That’s right, good old-fashioned touching. No clever lines or rehearsed stories.

However… it has to be done right.

Touch her too much, and you could come off a little bit creepy.

Don’t touch her enough, and it’s either going to take forever to get anywhere with her… or she’s going to lose interest.

Luckily, there is an innocent-seeming way to touch a girl, to quickly turn her on, and make her want to go home with you:

Click here now to discover 3 “innocent” touches that turn hot girls on and get them naked and on top of you in bed.

You’ll know it’s working if you see her start fidgeting more…

Or looking down, and then looking back up at you all cute…

And she will definitely be a lot touchier too.

From there… you can make just about any excuse to invite her over, and she’ll happily follow you home and into your bed. ????

Here’s how to do it:

Discover How to Touch Hot Girls to Get Them to Hookup With You Using These 3 Under-The-Radar Touches…

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on January 8, 2020.]

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