Hot Girls Have More Orgasms When You Do THIS During Sex

Hot Girls Have More Orgasms

How To Have the Best Sex Ever & Keep Her Coming Back to You Again And Again…

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There’s no girl who wakes up in the morning thinking, “Gosh, I really am NOT in the mood to have an orgasm today.”

Chances are, you don’t wake up thinking that either.

Orgasms are a huge part of sexual pleasure, and the fact of the matter is, the more orgasms you can give a girl… the more likely she is to sleep with you again.

But unfortunately, for some girls out there, sex alone is not enough to give them an orgasm.

No matter how good you are in the sack, or how deeply you can penetrate…

… sometimes, a woman needs a little something “extra” to take her over the edge.

So today, I’m going to show you a fast, easy way to give any girl more orgasms during sex.

This will give her more pleasure even if she says she “can’t orgasm during intercourse”… and if she can, this will give her multiple “stacked” orgasms.

And even though you may have heard of this method before… the truth is, most guys are a little hesitant to try this in bed with a woman.

Which makes it all the more powerful if you do.

Think you can guess what it is? 😉

The Truth About What Women Really Want in The Bedroom (And What Stops Her From Asking For It)…

If you’re not Christian Grey, or your Halloween costume doesn’t need to be purchased at your nearest adult novelty store, you may still consider yourself new to the vast world of sex toys.

But you should get acquainted.

We’re all modern men and women these days, and sex toys are no longer taboo in topic or practice.

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And in fact, sex toys can be a great way to have better sex, and give every woman you sleep with a lot more orgasms.

If you’ve ever been curious about toys, or how you could use one with someone else, you’re not alone–using a sex toy in bed with a partner can boost the experience to a whole new level.

Not just for her, but for you as well.

The problem with sex toys is less about how to work them into sex, and more about how to work them into a conversation.

According to experts at the Sex Therapy Institute, approaching the topic can be difficult, even if you’re a sexual person–you want your partner to be into it, but you don’t want them to take it the wrong way.

Like any touchy subject, there are ways to go about bringing it up tactfully. 

Here’s what I mean:

“But Isn’t What I Have Enough For Her?”

It may seem like some sex toys were created specifically for solo play.

I mean, if a girl has a boyfriend, it probably seems like she has very few reasons to whip out a vibrator the next time she meets him in the sheets.

Technically, the role of the vibrator should be covered by the boyfriend, so the knee-jerk reaction for most men would be negative.

“Is she saying she’s unsatisfied?”

You might start to doubt your sexual abilities or fear that your partner will replace you–or that her orgasms might become contingent on the use of the toy during sex.  

While these are normal reactions, they are also not always right.

Sex toys are not a substitute for the real thing, and wanting to use a sex toy with your partner does not mean you’re unsatisfied.

On the contrary, it means she is comfortable enough with you and with your sex life, and that she wants to explore something new and open you up to more pleasurable possibilities as well.

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This Is Where You Have One Key Advantage…

A man suggesting toys doesn’t immediately imply dissatisfaction.

You have a lot more room for sexy suggestions before you have to start worrying about your partner getting offended.

It’s the nature of the man’s sexual role that makes it harder for women to suggest a toy.

Sex for a man is a masculine act, and if a man thinks he isn’t getting the job done, his masculinity as a whole is being questioned.

Even though you have less to worry about, it is still good to approach the sex toy topic with your partner’s feelings in mind.

Here are a few ways to easily bring it up so she agrees to it:

  • Compliment your sex life or something specific she does or says during sex that you like…
  • Tell her that she’s so insanely hot and it’s making you want to branch out sexually…
  • Make it about her, and explain how amazing you want to make her experience…

But when and where should you bring it up?

The breakfast table is not generally a place where one can casually bring up nipple clamps and expect a favorable reaction.

According to The Sex Therapy Institute, the best time to talk about sex is when you’re turned on, so around the time your clothes start coming off.

You’re already excited, so you are in a state of mind that is more open to new sexual experiences. It’s as if the idea comes from your anticipation.

You want to do so many things to her, and this is just one of them. 😉

The #1 Kind of Sex Toy for MAXIMUM Pleasure & Fun (For Both Of You)…

There are LOTS of sex toys out there, and some of them have a lot more bells and whistles than others.

Start with the small, simple toys—the ones that have a specific purpose for her, or for both of you.

(Sometimes it’s easier to bring up branching out after you’ve had successful first experiences with a couple-friendly sex toy.)

You could also try telling her that you’ve fantasized about using a toy with her. Validating her and making her feel sexy will get her into the vibes of the new experience.

But there’s one thing I still haven’t addressed:

How exactly can you use a sex toy to give her more orgasms?

I mean, yeah, you could follow the instruction manual that comes with the toy…

… though some toys are more powerful than others, and can actually cause her pain if you don’t use them right.

However… in my experience, there is one failsafe technique you can use to give any woman WAY more orgasms with a toy during sex.

Here’s what it is:

the best sex ever

Not All Orgasms Are Created Equal…

There’s a sad reality that affects both men and women…

It’s that women aren’t orgasming nearly as much as they should be, or could be.

Some women have NEVER had an orgasm in their entire life (it’s sad I know)… and having a toy in the bedroom can really help you make the women in your life come as much as they’d want to.

One handy toy I think every guy should have stashed in his nightstand drawer, is a bullet vibrator.

These are inexpensive, you can find them in any sex shop, or you can get a good one on Amazon for under $20.

And these little machines are perfect for when you want to give a woman a SUPER powerful orgasm.

Here’s the fastest way to do it:

1) Put the vibrator on the lowest setting (it’s fine if there’s only one), and use it to rub her clitoris.

2) While you do that, use your other hand to stimulate her G-Spot like THIS.

This will make her come very hard, very fast…

Possibly multiple times…

And if she’s a squirter… she WILL squirt, so you might want to wear a poncho just in case.

Honestly, most women have never experienced an orgasm like this before…

… which means that not only will she want you to do it to her again, but she’ll probably be very eager to “repay” you when you’re done. 😉

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