Hot Model Reveals How to Get a Girl to Like You (Video)

how to get a girl to like you

Discover How to Get a Girl to Like You, Straight From a Model’s Mouth–Will You Take Her Home Tonight?

We all know the type:

That girl that you just can’t take your eyes off of.

She’s at one end of the bar and you’re at the other. Your eyes are just on her like a magnet.

I’ve been there many times myself — it’s a hell of a thing how a beautiful woman can just take all of your focus away from anything else happening in the room.

While some can just sit in that moment, never acting upon it…

There are those of us who thrive off of this feeling and use it to open doors of opportunity.

I call this feeling your “sexual intent,” and today, I’m going to make sure you understand it to its fullest.

What Exactly Is “Sexual Intent”?

Anybody can notice an attractive female, but it takes a higher tier of man to see her…

Approach her…

And eventually, see where things lead.

This feeling of magnetism — that idea that your eyes can’t go anywhere else — isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it should be chased.

You should use it as a motivator for your eventual approach because it’s fuel for your “sexual intent.”

But what exactly is “sexual intent”?

It’s recognizing the fact that you want a woman — and from there, you can use your intent to act on it.

When done well, a good visual sign of your intent can be a great way to escalate things into an actual conversation (and maybe even further.)

Unfortunately, many men shudder at the thought of being rejected — and that fear convinces them not to even try…

But not you. Not today. Not with my help. 🙂

So before we begin, it’s important to be aware of a few things if you want your sexual intent to be viewed in a way that’s not unwanted. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable for the woman you’re showing your intent to.

I know this might sound a bit vague…

But don’t worry — I’ll make sure to explain just how you can effectively implement your sexual intent below.

So let’s dive in.

You sexual intent is your motive — it’s what helps you get to your goal (taking this woman home).

When you’re giving a woman a look that reveals your sexual intent, it’s apparent that your motive for giving her this look is based somewhere in sex.

It’s blatant as it can be, really. She knows it, and you definitely know it too.

So it’s pretty easy to see where things can get awkward, uncomfortable, or downright creepy for the woman if the attention you’re showing her is giving off the wrong “vibe.”

But what does it mean to be “creepy,” and how can you avoid it?

Let me define “creepy” for you as best as I know how.

Imagine yourself in a social situation, and you see a woman that’s lighting up your radar. You’ve just got to get her attention.

If you’ve started to look at her, and your mind is running wild with thoughts that are immediately sexual in nature…

Chances are your face is going to reflect that too. And this is going to come off as extremely creepy.

When you fill your brain with the visions of the instantaneous reward of sex, you’ve put yourself in a bad place to engage her in conversation.

This is especially true if this is going to be your first time ever talking to her.

Think about it:

You can imagine how hard it will be to ask what she does for a living if you’ve just been having raunchy fantasies about her in your head.

It Doesn’t End There…

Another aspect of this is that with the naughty thoughts you’re having about her comes the natural shame you’ll feel about having them in the first place.

Your body will begin to reflect that, too.

You’ll be ducking your head…

Darting your eyes…

And generally avoiding contact every time you think she may be looking back at you.

Why does this matter?

Because it’s only going to add to the “creep factor” that she may already have picked up on.

Put yourself in her shoes for a second:

You see a stranger staring you down with an odd look about them, never looking to make full eye contact with you.

Not a flattering feeling, is it? I’m guessing your answer is “No.”

When you’re in a prime situation to otherwise show your sexual intent in a positive and healthy way, on the other hand, you’ve accomplished the complete opposite.

There’s a fine line to be played here, but it’s important to put yourself in a healthy mindset when you’re admiring a woman you may not yet know very well.

Otherwise, you run the risk of her removing herself from the area, or worse, reporting you to the staff of wherever you may be.

(Note: One of the easiest ways to avoid coming off as “creepy” is to only approach the women you know are already interested in you. Here’s what to look for.)

So let’s make sure neither of these things happens to you.

To reiterate, when you do this properly, she’ll see and notice your sexual intent — but she won’t be scared off by it.

How do you make that happen?

There are 3 key steps:

1) Focus on What Attracts You to Her in That Moment

Instead of filling your head with where the sexual opportunities could eventually take you, it’s better to focus on the present moment.

But what do I mean by that?

I mean that you should focus on the things that made her so attractive to you in that very moment.

These are the things that should make you want to get out of your chair and go up to her — almost like your legs are doing the thinking for you.

This will still be motivated by your sexual intent, yes…

But now, you’re confident about what you’re thinking and doing.

Confident sexual intent is equivalent to you admiring her beauty and giving praise to her appearance, almost like a physical compliment.

The woman who caught your eye clearly put effort into looking attractive. She got dressed up to come out, and you should show her that it worked.

So if you’re looking at her with a confident, yet affectionate, vibe about you, then you’re much more likely to rub off on her with positive sexual intent.

So focus on the things that drew you to her, and try to evoke a face of someone who is admiring — not spying.

This is only the first step to practicing this successfully, but it’s a great setup to make sure things go where you want.

And from there, it’s time for step two:

2) Avoid Looking at the “Wrong” Areas

I guess it should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway:

Don’t stare at her cleavage and use that as the reason that you want to approach her.

While her cleavage can still be a reason you want her, don’t give it away as the main one.

You’ll only doom yourself that way — think from the neck up.


When you notice a woman’s cleavage, and she notices you noticing, she’s going to feel objectified. She didn’t put any effort into making her cleavage look good — it’s something genetic about her.

Instead, pay attention to her makeup, or her jewelry — these are things she put effort into. Focus on non-genetic attributes instead.

And the last step, of course, is going to be to let her know that you want her.

For many guys, this can sound scary, even after following these first two steps.

But trust me, it’s easier than it sounds.

(In fact, did you know you can let a girl know your sexual intent without saying one word to her? It’s all about harnessing the power of touch. Try this out on the next girl you want.)

3) Let Her Know (Before It’s Too Late)

Leapfrogging off of what I just said, there comes a time when you’ve got to open your mouth and verbally promote your sexual intent.

These kinds of verbal openers don’t have to be flashy, or even that clever.

Sometimes, the simplest of phrases can get you “in the door,” so to speak — especially if the given environment is built around socialization (like a bar or a club).

Here’s one of the best examples:

“Hey, I think you’re really pretty.”

That’s it. Why does it work so well?

It’s basically like firing your starter pistol and telling her, “Let’s see if we mesh with each other.”

Most women anticipate this part of the conversation, so by introducing yourself that way, she sees your intent for exactly what it is.

This is where the confidence you wear in your face and in your tone really begins to push things along.

How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection & Show Her Your Sexual Dominance

I understand that it’s easy for me to write “be confident” and go on my merry way, when it may be something that’s a lot more difficult than that for you.

I could spend days talking about how to lasso your confidence, but let me give you some quick insight:

A lot of men can trace their lack of confidence back to vulnerability — specifically, with regards to vulnerability surrounding rejection.

This kind of fear of rejection is a powerful force… especially if it’s sexual rejection you’re afraid of.

Of course, you’re eventually looking to be honest with this woman about your sexual intent, and there’s a chance she may not vibe off of that.

You might be wondering:

  • “What if I go up to her and she tells me to get lost…?”
  • “Or what if I’m misreading her…”
  • “There’s a chance I may get shut down, and that risk is big enough for me to call off the whole thing…”

Hey, I get it. I was there once myself.

But you’ve got to get rid of this monkey on your back if you ever hope to make any progress on that front.


The #1 Reason You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Approach Her

When I wrote about the sensory feedback loop last week, I discussed those guys who just “get” women.

All the way from the approach to the close — they just get it.

Here’s the truth about those men:

They’re in full control of their sexual intent.

Even more importantly, these men don’t fear rejection (even though they know it’s a real possibility).

So if you want to be confident about your sexual intent, it’s important to embrace this idea as well — you are in control, and being rejected is not the end of the world.

To hell with it!

It’s true that being able to say the words, “I think you’re pretty,” all the way up to, “I want to have sex with you,” takes a lot of guts.

But in the infamous words of Wayne Gretzky:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

To ease the stress of rejection, you can also try to personify yourself as the suave kind of character you see in a lot of fiction — you know what I’m talking about.

Maybe you want to embody a James Bond-esque kind of figure who never shies away from an opportunity to meet a beautiful woman.

Or if you want to get really imaginative with it, think of yourself as a sexy vampire women seem to love so much these days.


A vampire can’t cross a boundary without being invited inside, but he can at least say he wants to be invited with hopes for the best.

Emulate this mindset, just with less bloodsucking of course. 🙂

Ultimately, you have to approve of yourself if you want this woman to approve of you. If you’re in approval of yourself and your sexual hunger, she’ll feel that and play off of it.

That’s Not All…

However, if you’re in total disapproval of yourself, and you’re really ashamed of what could happen — she’ll pick up on it right away.

This can lead back to her seeing you as “creepy,” and it’s a huge deal-breaker for most women.

So whichever persona you have to wear to get your head right for this, wear it with pride.

You shouldn’t rely on it the entire night — just use it as a confidence booster. Soon you won’t even need to put it on.

I’m not saying you should ignore the possibility of rejection entirely, but put it in the back of your mind when you’re working with sexual intent.

It’s simply part of the game, and rejection is never a reason to give up entirely.

Why This Strategy Works: A Woman’s Perspective

I’m going to use something Julia, my model friend, said in the video above about sexual intent to explain why it works so well.

It not only rings true on the topic of sexual intent, but it’s also great advice for men in every sexual situation:

I feel truly respected and flattered when it feels like I’m being seen as a human being, as a person. Of course, the sexuality is a part of it. The sexual desire [is there] but a man that can see me as a whole human being and still say, ‘I have sexual desire for you,’ that’s the biggest turn-on.”

Now, I can tell you everything that I know about sexual intent, but Julia says it best by stating what should be obvious:

Treat a woman like a human being when you’re engaging with her.

Your words have a lot of power behind them, even if you can’t see it.

This puts you in a position of power — you can begin building a real connection with a woman by showing her your sexual intent.

(But it’s important to recognize that not all sexual intent is about what you say. Use your eye contact to show her too, like this.)

And remember: If you’re flighty, or you feed into the idea of rejection, then she might see you as creepy or that you lack confidence. Not good.

Once you’re actually there and talking to her, treat her no differently than you would a good friend.

This pursuit some call “the hunt” is one of life’s most enjoyable activities, but at the end of the day, remember that this woman is a human, just like you.

She’s not your “prey” or a “target,” and consent is incredibly important.

So once she sees your sexual intent, you can continue getting to know her and build a rapport with her.

But what happens if you do get rejected?

Is Rejection Just a “Mind Game” For Her?

Julia also gives awesome insight into the female perspective of rejection.

When dealing with situations in which she has to say “No” to a man who’s looking to take things further, she says:

If he can handle my rejection respectively and still stand in his power, that makes me really respect and admire him.”

This should only help back up the fact that you should be putting rejection in the back of your mind.

Because even if she does reject you, if you handle it well, then she’ll still respect and admire you.

All around, this “game” that we call dating is simply just a give-and-take from both parties — you and the woman you’re with.

It’s sometimes hard to think that way, since most men get so inside of their own heads that there’s no time to even consider what she may be thinking…

But leveling the playing field, and knowing that there’s nothing to lose, can really help ease some of the stress that you may feel in these situations.

Now Put It All Together…

By now, you should understand that sexual intent is everything.

You’ve already got it — you just have to aim it in the right direction.

For example, think of all the silly “catcallers” who walk the streets, shooting from the hip with their poorly-aimed attempts at sexual intent.

Catcallers don’t spout this nonsense with expectations that they’re going to actually get results — but rather, as an excuse for confidence. Like a facade of knowing what they’re doing.

it’s like their sexual intent is to doom themselves. Most of them even know it, too.

To come off with such aggression is like saying you don’t have to worry about rejection, since it’s already guaranteed.

While the guy who sits at the bar without ever making a move will never be misaligned as a catcaller…

Both of these men suffer from poorly aimed sexual intent.

So if you find yourself in the latter category, now you know the steps to get out of it, and be confident about your sexual intent.

Here’s the bottom line:

Women go to bars and clubs expecting for men to show them their sexual intent.

So if you show a woman your sexual intent on a night out, she probably won’t be surprised — and most women will welcome it, when done properly.

How Showing Your Sexual Intent Is the Key to Your Success in The Bedroom

Sexual intent has become the social norm of how two strangers can approach the idea of sex without resorting to less functional forms of communicating it.

Remember, it’s about confidence — not creepiness.

It’s about putting your cards on the table, but in the right order.

One after another, she’ll begin to understand your sexual intent, and she’ll react accordingly to it.

At the end of the day, the fastest route to rejection is to not even try. So if you try, you instantaneously up your odds of getting her home with you.

But what should you do if she says “Yes”?

Beyond showing her your sexual intent, how can you show her a great time in bed?

From Sexual Intent to Sexual Mastery: How to Give Her a Mindblowing Orgasm…

Showing a woman your sexual intent is enough to get her home with you…

Though if you want her to keep “coming” back for more… 😉

You have to give her a really good orgasm.

In my experience, there are 3 of these “Outstanding Orgasms”… like have you heard of the “Deep Spot Orgasm,” for example?

I used to think it was impossible for a “smaller” or “below average” guy to hit a girl’s “Deep Spot”… but there’s something almost any guy can do to reliably hit it.

Just lean her over, and penetrate her like this…

And then, well… it’s kinda hard to put into words… but this video will show you how to do it:

Discover How to Give Any Woman the 3 “Outstanding Orgasms” & Keep Her Coming Back For More…

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