90% of Women Say Their Orgasm Lasts Longer in THIS Sex Position (New Study)

longer orgasm

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It’s summer! That means vacations, alcohol, fireworks, and half-naked bodies. Everything is wet and everyone is horny. 

As the temperatures rise and bodies get sweaty, we all want to move the party inside and (hopefully) into the bedroom. 

And this week I am talking about orgasms. How to get the most bang for your blow (lol). 

Because as you may or may not already know… orgasms are crucial to keeping a woman hooked on you in bed.

And unfortunately, it often takes longer for women to reach orgasm during sex than guys.

A recent study found it takes the average woman 13 minutes and 25 seconds to reach orgasm during sex… while the average man only takes about 6 minutes.

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On top of that, brand-new research has found that how you have sex affects not just the quality of her orgasm–but the length of it too.

So today I’ll show you what that means–and how to use this information to get women completely addicted to you in bed. 😉

90% of Women Say Their Orgasm Lasts Longer in THIS Sex Position (New Study)

Did You Know Nearly HALF Of Men Can’t Tell If a Woman Climaxed During Sex?

Would you believe it if I told you that almost half of men answer wrong when asked if their wife climaxed during sex?

The same survey found one out of six women has never orgasmed during sexual intercourse.

If you are tapping out after the five or seven minute mark, you are almost definitely leaving your woman unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

Not only is this going to make her sexually frustrated, but it is going to make you look like a selfish guy. And no one wants to put up with a selfish guy in bed. 

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Also, if you physically cannot last that long, there are a ton of solutions. 

The one solution that is the most organic and the one I hear of the most is to jack off before you have sex.

If you know your girlfriend is coming over tonight and you are wanting to get down and dirty with her, masturbate about an hour before she gets there. 

90% of Women Say Their Orgasm Lasts Longer in THIS Sex Position (New Study)

It Doesn’t End There…

This will help you release all the built-up tension and let you last longer when you are with her.

Also, it will allow you to be able to focus more on what she is responding to in bed and what she wants more of. Win-win. 

Another way to last longer in bed is to use over the counter medications.

No, not like that! This is nothing serious I promise.

We live in 2019 where you can get stuff shipped right to your door and I’m not talking pills. 

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Essentially, there are special wipes you can buy that contain chemical formulas programed to make you last longer if you use the wipe on your d*ck before you have sex. 

(There is one other easier way to last a whole lot longer… it involves eating certain foods, and I’ll give you the details if you scroll all the way to the bottom.)

If you take these tips and all the ones I’ve already provided you with in previous articles, you are doing all that you can do. 

Now, what can she do?

THIS Position Gives Her Longer-Lasting O’s (And Gives You a Nice View While You’re At It)…

This survey found 90% of women reported having longer orgams while on top.

So throw her into cowgirl and let her go to town!

Picture this:

You and her are going at it. You’re in doggy-style, or whatever your favorite move is, and having the time of your life. 

All of a sudden you flip her around, grab her hips, and pull her on top of you. Now the real show begins. 

This is perfect for her because she controls everything. She controls how deep you go, the pace, the rhythm.

She can speed it up and show it down on a whim.

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She knows exactly where you need to be in order for her to orgasm, so this position is heaven. 

Now for you.

You get to enjoy the view of her breasts bouncing up and down while she rides you. You are in full reach of her butt, hips, thighs, breasts, if you want to squeeze any of them (just another tip, you should squeeze all of them). 😉

Use your grip on her hips to pull her further down onto you. 

The key is to switch positions and let her get on top around the 10 -minute mark–that way, she’s riding you when she finishes after a few minutes (hopefully)… and then YOU can explode too… maybe even at the same time!

Of course, this position is obviously great for her… but it might also be SO great for you that it’s difficult to last long enough for her to come.

So if that’s the case… I highly recommend you try this:

longer orgasm

Here’s An Easy Way to Last Long Enough For Her to Finish Every Time (And Then Some)…

I know switching it up after 10 minutes might be easier said than done… especially given that the average man only lasts 6 minutes from start to finish.

So like I said, masturbating before sex can help…

BUT the one downside is that if you do rub one out beforehand, your load might be considerably smaller… which is kind of a turn-off for a lot of girls. : /

Luckily there is something else you can do to last long enough for her to finish, and that’s eat these 5 stamina-boosting foods ←

Believe it or not, some of the top pornstars in the industry eat these foods to get and stay hard… because let’s be honest, we all know if they had to rely on Viagra or other prescriptions ALL the time… their hearts would explode!

Take 73-year-old Dave Cummings for example.

He’s a legendary pornstar who doesn’t take any drugs that could ruin his health…

As a matter of fact he ONLY uses this food-based remedy, which allows him to rail women one-third his age, 5 to 6 hours a day, every day of the week…

Pretty impressive if you ask me!! 😉

And if you click the link below, Dave and two of his starlets will show you:

  • What these foods are…
  • How much of each food he eats…
  • When he eats them, and…
  • How long he can go for after eating them.

Click here right now, and discover the 5 foods that can boost your stamina, how they can give your partner unimaginable pleasure, and where you can get them.

P.S. I’ve also heard that these 5 foods can make your orgasms more intense… and help you shoot bigger loads too… click here now to see how 🙂

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on September 6, 2020.]

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