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I guess most of you reading this knows what I mean, when I talk about how boring a relationship might become when the first crush has died out. 

In the average relationship there is a lot of sex in the beginning! 

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Then a steady decline sets in, while TV or the smartphone slowly becomes more interesting than the partner…..

… that is, unless you work really hard to keep the fire going or choose to do something completely different. 

In my relationship we chose to do something completely different, before everyday life and boredom began to kick in.

And today I’m going to share my secret recipe with you: 

Male Chastity: The Secret to a Scorching Sex Life?

I locked my husband’s c**k in a chastity device and I only allow him to have an orgasm on very rare occasions! 

There are usually months between his orgasms…

Yes, some might consider this to be rather extreme. 

But please read on and hear me out, because I know from experience that it really works.

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We have been together for almost 8 years, but our sex life is on fire and we are still having sex every day, just like we did in the beginning!

When I started telling my girlfriends about the little secret made of steel between my husbands legs, and that my husband gave me a lot of orgasms, they always asked how many orgasms ”a lot” meant. 

I didn’t know, so I started counting, and now I have the stats to back up my assertion. 

In The Past Year Alone My Husband Has Made Me Come 382 Times…

In the past year my husband has made me cum 382 times.

That is more than an orgasm a day.

And this number doesn’t include the orgasms I give myself.

How about that?!

And now to the next important question:

Why does locking your husband in chastity work so well?!

It’s actually very simple. 

When a man has had an orgasm, his focus changes from his partner to … well to anything else really. 

He falls asleep or wants to watch football og go to the pub. 

The contrast from when he was aroused and only had eyes for his partner is amazing. 

No more compliments or sweet kisses at the back of the neck. 

No more taking out the trash, doing the dishes or rubbing her feet to make her happy.  

Why this sudden change?

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Research has shown that part of the explanation is to be found in the level of the ”love hormone” oxytocin in the man’s bloodstream. 

Oxytocin is believed to have positive relationship-enhancing effects, since a high level of oxytocin is associated with trust, empathy and bonding. 

Oxytocin is released during sexual activity and any other form of intimate activity, but just feeling close and connected to another person releases oxytocin as well.

When a man has had an orgasm, the level of oxytocin in his bloodstream becomes significantly lower compared to the level before–whereas the oxytocin level in the woman’s bloodstream tends to remain high after orgasm.  

In short:

When the male is aroused, the level of oxytocin in his bloodstream is high, and he acts as if he has just fallen in love with you. 

The woman gets exactly the same effect from having an orgasm. 

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So when I am not allowing my husband to have orgasms, and when I tease him to make sure he is aroused 24/7, his behavior changes in a very good way. 

He becomes extremely eager to please me, and he does a lot of things to make me happy. 

Since I have all the orgasms I want, this way of living has the same effect on me. 

What’s not to like?!

But wait! I am not done.

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There are other advantages to locking up his c**k in a cock cage! 

First of all, it puts a very efficient stop to masturbation. 

Another wonderful thing about this little game is that it also works when you both grow older, and erections are not as frequent and as hard as before. 

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This will actually work for the rest of your life together!

Is This Somewhat “Extreme” Method For You?

My husband and I live in a Female-Led Relationship, so in my case it was not a problem to lock up his c**k in a chastity cage. 

I just announced that this was the way things were going to be from now on. 

For couples living in more traditional relationships, it might be rather tricky though.

The first step is telling your partner about the advantages he or she will experience, if the man is kept in chastity. 

Are there really any advantages about being locked in chastity?

Are there any advantages in giving up control of your c**k and being denied orgasms? 

Fortunately the answer is YES! 

My husband has been locked for years now, and when I asked him about it a few days ago, he said that he wouldn’t go back.  

He loves what it does to our relationship. He loves how it makes him worship me. And he loves how it makes him feel aroused 24/7.

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After telling your partner about all the benefits he or she will experience–and maybe even looking at websites about the subject together, it’s time to decide.

Suggest trying it … just for a few days. 

That period of time is long enough to experience the wonderful benefits from male chastity, and yet it’s short enough to not seem impossible to manage.  

We started out with three days, and like many others we haven’t looked back since. 

My husbands c**k is locked. I hold the key. And we both want it to stay that way! 

I get more and more emails from couples in ordinary relationships with questions about male chastity and chastity cages.

A lot of them decide to move on and give it a shot…. and most of them enjoy the game. 

However, I know this method is not for everybody…

So if you’d like an easier way to enhance your sex life (and erections)… I highly recommend you try this:

“It Makes My Husband Feel Aroused 24/7,” Woman Says About THIS Controversial Kinky Technique (Is It Worth It?)...
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While I can’t deny that this system works INCREDIBLY well for my husband and myself…

It’s true that we are in a bit of a “unique” relationship, and if you don’t have a dominant-submissive thing going on… then yeah, asking your woman to lock your d!ck up like it’s a poisonous snake might be a bit… “extreme.”

Fortunately, there are MANY things you can do to give your libido–and your boners–a nice “boost”…

… even if things have “dropped off” for you in the bedroom, or things aren’t working *down there* as well as you think they should.

For example?

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