New Study: Have Sex at THIS Time of Day For Harder Erections, More Intense Orgasms & A D*ck That Won’t Quit!

time of day to have sex
Maximize your sexual pleasure by having sex at this precise time…

What's The Best Time Of Day to Have Sex? New Research Reveals a Surprising Answer Below…

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Everyone’s got that friend who’s just unreasonably chipper at 7 in the morning. 

Meanwhile, we all know somebody who gets their work done in the wee hours past midnight, while the rest of the world is asleep. 

Whether you’re a night owl or a morning person, I’m guessing you’ve noticed you have a favorite time of day for getting down and dirty. 

Some folks love morning sex, while others can’t even think about getting naked with a sweetie before that first cup of coffee.

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Maybe bedtime is sexy time in your household, or maybe you’re so tired by the time your head hits the pillow that you can’t imagine firing up all those parts again. 

Why does it matter at what time of day you have sex, anyways? 

It matters a lot, according to new research!

New Research Reveals Having Sex at THIS Time Comes With Some Surprising Benefits…

 Not all sex is created equal. So what do those early birds having going for them? 

Fertility, for one thing! 

If you’re trying to have a baby, it’s best to have sex early in the morning—as early as 6 AM, if you can get it going on before dawn.

Why? Well, according to experts, sperm are healthiest first thing in the morning—especially very early. 

As the day progresses, sperm get a little weaker and tuckered out.

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They have a big job to do and need rest, too! 

So if you’re trying to start a family, 6 AM is your golden hour. 

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But What About Folks Who Need to Sleep In a Little Longer?

If 6 AM is too early for you, 7:30 AM is great, too! 

According to research, having sex at 7:30 AM is especially good for men’s health. 

As a man, your testosterone levels peak before 8 AM, so you’re extra likely to experience a good erection before this time. 

If you wake up with your engine raring to go, take advantage of it! 

If you have sex while your testosterone levels are high, you’re more likely to have longer-lasting, more satisfying sex, with more intense orgasms for both of you. 

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This is great news.

According to experts, men who have sex more often while they are young are less likely to develop erectile problems when they get older.

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For example, young men who have sex at least once a week are half as likely to have problems with their erections when they’re over 50. 

So 7:30 AM may be your time to shine!

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If You're Really Not an Early Riser, There Are Perks to Having Sex Later On…

If you’re I not an early riser, getting busy anytime before noon will help you keep the doctor away. 

That’s right—having sex (with a partner, or solo!) before noon boosts immunoglobulin A. 

This is not a comic book character—it’s an antibody that helps you avoid getting sick. 

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Having sex before noon not only lets you take advantage of feeling energetic and well-rested, it may also keep a pesky cold from ruining your week. 

Missed your morning window?

Never fear—lunch break sex is great too!

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Have Sex at THIS Surprising Time For More Stress Relief…

 Sex in the middle of the day is a great stress-reliever.

According to research, having afternoon sex reduces blood pressure and decreases anxiety.

Have an important presentation after lunch?

If you can sneak off for a quick rendezvous, you’re less likely to experience health issues because of stress!

If lunch time isn’t going to work, however, the late afternoon is an excellent option. 

The phrase “afternoon delight” exists for a reason. In the late afternoon, men and women’s bodies release the same amount of oxytocin.

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That’s the post-sex hormone that makes cuddling seem so great.

Oxytocin is associated with all sorts of health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.

So take advantage of a late afternoon romp to get it pumping. 😉

However, sex in the evening has its perks, too. 

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Are There Benefits of Having Sex At Night?

Instead of turning on the TV after your workout, grab your lady and head to bed. 

According to research, a 20-minute workout increases blood flow to women’s lady parts by 169%.

That means you can give her longer-lasting and more intense orgasms more easily! 

Frequent sex is good for women, too—orgasms can help her avoid becoming incontinent by keeping that pelvic floor nice and strong.

They can also help her keep lubricated *down there* as she gets older. 

So take advantage of the early evening to hit her sweet spot! 

If you're a bit of a “nerd,” however, or if you like using that brain of yours—8 PM sex is your magic hour. 

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According to research, having sex around 8 PM regularly causes the hippocampus to gain more cells. This is the part of the brain that helps you retain information. 

In fact, research shows people who had a lot of sex at this time even gained several IQ points! 

But if even later is your game, never fear. 

Sex at 10 PM, right before you get some shut eye, is also wonderful for your health. 

Experts point out that orgasming right before sleep helps you sleep more soundly. 

Flood your body with endorphins and oxytocin right before dream time, and enjoy some really high quality REM. 😉

But obviously, if you're planning on having more sex at a certain time of day…

Or just want to have more sex in general…

It's important to get your woman on-board, of course!

And here's a really easy way to do that:

New Study: Have Sex at THIS Time of Day For Harder Erections, More Intense Orgasms & A D*ck That Won’t Quit!
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What If She’s Not “A Morning Person”?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always “in the mood” at 6 in the freaking morning…

I wake up with dragon breath, messy hair, and even if my partner tells me I’m sexy… usually I have a REALLY hard time believing it (especially if I haven’t had any coffee yet haha!).

So if your girl isn’t much of a “morning person” either… or you almost always have sex at night…

Here’s something that can work REALLY well to turn her on:

5 “Get Her Horny Touches” That Take Her From “Cold Fish” to “Hot n’ Ready” SUPER Fast

The key here is to do the right touches in the right order.

Like have you ever noticed you’re with a woman… you touch her… she REALLY likes it… she’s getting worked up a little bit… and then you try touching her somewhere else…

…AAAAND nothing. “Don’t have time,” “Gotta go to work,” etc.

Well, when you do these 5 “Get Her Horny Touches” in the right places and in the right order…

There’s none of that “we don’t have time” nonsense.

Just touch her here… and she shivers a little bit…

…then here and she moans softly into your ear…

…follow it with here and she reaches down your pants…

(If I’m being honest… the last two touches really just are more FUN, both for you AND her… but they REALLY turn a girl on too ;-))

You can see the whole sequence in action here… where one of our top coaches, named Magic, uses these 5 “Get Her Horny Touches” to take home a hot girl he meets within about an hour(!):

5 “Get Her Horny Touches” That Take Her From “Cold Fish” to “Hot n’ Ready” SUPER Fast

P.S. Remember the order of these touches is VERY important–if you miss one, then it’s probably “off to work, no fun for you…” here is the proper order shown on a REAL woman!

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