3 Proven “Lines” That Turn Things Sexual & Get Her to Unzip YOU (AKA The “Playboy Closing Technique”)

This Playboy Closing Technique Can Get Hot Girls to Make the First Move on You Without Almost Ever Risking Rejection–Here's How…

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Hey it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

So I'm going to share a very powerful technique with you today that's really going to help you initiate sex with a woman every single time.

I love this, I use it all the time, I teach it to my clients, and it works beautifully.

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But before I show you what it is, here's the most important thing to know:

Anytime you use this, make sure you're at a place where you can initiate sex.

Because if you do this somewhere else and then you take her home, the sexual tension will die.

So it's very important that you use this right when you're ready to make the move to sex.

With that said, let me jump into the actual technique, which I'll show you below:

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Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Basically, what you do is you go to a seduction location, and then you want to steer a conversation somehow in the direction of sex.

You can talk about anything, it doesn't matter.



Conservative stuff, it doesn't matter…

But somehow, you need to bring the conversation to a topic that's sexual.

You could say something like, “I don't understand how people don't have sex, because it's the most beautiful thing.”

Or, “It's something that creates connection between people.”

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You can say you have a friend who's Catholic, and you can't believe that they couldn't have sex before marriage.

Or you coul say you have friends who haven't had sex in three or six months, and you don't know how people go that long without having sex.

So you just need to steer your conversation toward this direction.

And then what you need to do is cover three very important things:

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1) Have “Softcore Porn” Conversation

One, you need to have conversation that comes across like softcore porn.

I'm not talking about hardcore–you want to keep it very romantic and sensual.

That's what women like.

The second thing is you want her to realize that you are already having great sex with other women.

You need to communicate that there are other women who are really enjoying sex with you that this new woman is missing.

And that's the third part. 

She needs to know that she's missing this experience that other people are enjoying.

Here's how:

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2) “Show Her” You’re Good In Bed…

When I meet someone, the first thing I want to do is I'm going to test them.

I want to test them with a kiss, because I feel that's where the real connection happens.

So you can say, “You can go on 200 dates, you and I can hang out for five years, and we will be just friends.”

Then go on, “But until we both get naked, start touching each other and kissing each other, things will never change. And that's the kind of person I am when I'm with someone.”

For me personally, I want to do so many dirty, disgusting things to them that they've never experienced in their life.

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And I know it might be shameful.

It's embarrassing, sure, but that's who I am.

I like to do things that nobody else does.

It's freaky, but it's what I like. And I want to give the women I'm with permission to do these things that nobody else does.

So by this point in your conversation, the talk doesn't really matter.

The important part is that you're talking to her in softcore porn-style so she begins to get aroused.

(The next step in turning her on fast is by using this 3 step touch sequence…)

Here’s An Example…

For example, you can even start saying what you like to do.

Like, “I used to tie up my ex in bed and she loved it.”

You can mention these things to feel out what she likes.

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You can say that when you take a woman to bed you like the experience to last six or seven hours–because for me, I don't like to have it done in one hour.

That's just not who I am.

So the more you talk about what you like, and the experience you want to have, the more she can let it out too.

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3) Do THIS to “Seal The Deal”…

And then at some point, all you have to do is cross that final boundary.

Take her hand, look in her eyes and kiss her–or very often the woman will actually initiate before you even do that.

The key is to arouse her in your conversation, and let he rknow that other people are enjoying sex with you and she's missing out.

And then when you see that she starts playing with her hair…

Touching herself… 

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Or she comes and sits close to you…

When she's sharing her own experiences, that's your chance.

Look in her eyes and go for the kiss.

That's when it's going to happen.

And she'll be especially likely to make the first move on you if you do this:

3 Proven “Lines” That Turn Things Sexual & Get Her to Unzip YOU (AKA The “Playboy Closing Technique”)
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If she’s not taking the bait there’s something you can do that’s even MORE effective…

Here’s what you do, drop the lines for a few minutes, and try these casual, “innocent-seeming” touches.

Now… I’m not saying if you touch a woman in certain magical spots her panties are going to be soaking wet… and she’s going to start dry humping you until you take her panties off and have your way with her.

What I’m saying is that for sex to happen, a woman has to be mentally and physically in the mood for sex.

So just because you have her thinking about sex with you… doesn’t guarantee she’s going to be dripping wet.

The reverse is true too.

Just because a woman is dripping wet DOES NOT mean she’s automatically going to have sex with you.

(Just like you probably wouldn’t have sex with your girlfriend in front of your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, neices and nephews, at a Christmas party… just because you randomly got a boner.)

You want to get a girl in bed with you fast?

You have to get her turned on, both physically AND mentally.

Fortunately, you can get the physical part down pretty easy, if you know how and where to touch a woman:

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