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Hey, what's up? It’s Ruwando here on behalf of Gotham Club, and today we're going to answer some questions. 

This one is from Victor. He says:

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“Have you ever done anything that has gotten a woman to follow you around like a lost puppy–like where she'll do any whatever you want, especially in bed? What was it for?


So there's probably some deeper meaning to your question, Victor.

But I'm going to answer it on the on the front end first. 

I’ll show you the truth below:

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Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

I think what you're really asking–and what a lot of guys have asked me before–is kind of like a fantasy for most men.

And the fantasy is where a woman is addicted to being with you in bed, and will do whatever you want, right? 

I mean, most men, if they're honest with themselves, want something like that.

And there's nothing wrong with that. 

But I do want to get to the deeper thing here. 

Basically, what you're describing is a woman who really, really wants to connect with you physically and please you, right? 

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And it's using this in different language that is important for our mindset here.

Because in general, knowing and having sexual skills matters. 

There are a lot of technical skills you can learn.

I mean, I go through anatomy here on the Gotham Club YouTube channel. There are these things you can learn. 

But honestly, all of the technical skills when it comes to sex, they're pretty straightforward. 

I mean, there are techniques for lasting longer, for kissing, for touching and for paying attention.

But for what you're describing specifically–where a woman is following you around like a lost puppy or is addicted to being with you–that's a little different.

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If You Want Her to Get “Addicted” to You She Has to Feel Safe (Here's What I Mean)…

The thing that is going to make her most likely to want to do that is making her feel safe in exploring that kind of pleasure. 

We're not talking about brainwashing a woman, or even in some “red pill” situations getting high compliance from a woman

That's not a bad thing necessarily, but it's a little different.

I don't really care about getting high compliance from a woman.

I dont care about getting a woman to do the things I want.

I want her to want it so bad that's she's asking ME for it–which is what I think you're getting at with this question, right?

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You do that through safety.

Most women don't get the opportunity to experience their sexual desire, because once they display any level of sexuality they get approached or bombarded by a bunch of guys.

These guys are cat calling them and degrading them, and most hot women have experienced this.

This has been their life, possibly even before puberty started. So by that the time they're adults and dateable, these women shove their sexuality down and they're guarded, because every time they expore it, men want to take it away from them.

If you want to get women to want to put your their sexuality on you, you need to give them the opposite.

That means giving them safety, both emotionally and physically. But specifically, it means giving them safety emotionally to explore sexuality.

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How I Personally Got Women to Try Things With Me In Bed They Said They'd “NEVER Do”

So let me break down what that means, because it's very important if you want a woman to “experiment” in bed with you.

A lot of women will share with me things like, “I never thought I'd be into that”…

Or, “I've never been so open with sex, but I feel safe doing it with you”…

Or, “I never wanted to talk about this before being with you.”


It's simple.

I don't judge them.

I don't shame them, and I'm secure in my own sexuality.

And if there's anything else you can do, it's dealing with your own sexual shame and becoming super secure.

Something one of my coaches told me a long time ago–when I first started studying sexuality–was that a woman will have sex if two conditions are met:

1) She has reason to believe that the sex will be good… and:

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2) She won't have to worry about emotional consequences.

So the first thing is, if you learn a few things, then you'll nail the basic confidence.

That takes care of the first part.

If you have zero experience or if you're super nervous, then she might think, “This guy's not gonna be good in bed.”

It's not going to fulfill the first requirement. 

But that's not that hard to take care of. Go to a workshop and you'll develop that competence.

It's the second piece where a lot of guys mess up.

Because a woman will not feel the same after she orgasms with you.

When she has that oxytocin release, she needs to know that you won't shame her and that you'll be there for her emotionally.

She needs to know that you can handle her desires when they come out.

Like some women are into some freaky s*it.

And they're afraid to let it out because the guys they're with will shame them.

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The “Secret Ingredient” to Pleasuring Women I Learned From a BDSM Teacher…

For example, I used to be with a girl who liked to get tied up–which is kind of a common fantasy amongst women.

She told me, “I've shared this fantasy with other guys I've dated, and they all shamed me for it.”

So many guys are threatened by their own sexuality, and they feel like they're not good enough.

And if you're shaming a woman for her sexual desire, how can you ever expect her to willingly suck your d*ck, you know?

You just can't have both.

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You can't shame a woman for sleeping around and also want her to do freaky stuff with you.

But anyway, creating emotional safety for women means you also need to be super secure with your own sexuality.

If you are ashamed of sex, she's not going to be willing to share her fantasies, period.

(By the way, in my experience a great way to bring out a woman's kinkier side in bed naturally is by trying out these 3 easy “rough” sex moves…)

I knew this BDSM teacher once who would go on and on about how women would come to him specifically to play, because their boyfriends were unwilling to go to the depths that they wanted to experience.

And I'm just talking about dominance and things of that nature.

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That's Not All…

So you have to be willing to “go there.”

Because when a woman can feel that you're willing to handle everything–including the weird, vulnerable, scary stuff–that's great.

If you give her that space and don't try to force her, then you can get her to do pretty much whatever you want.

And you can also feel comfortable expressing your own desires.

For example, a lot of women, if given the opportunity, find out they really like sucking c*ck.

A lot of women, if they feel safe, will get aroused from going down or giving pleasure to a man.

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Most women, however, view oral as something that's taken from them, because most guys in the past forced them into it or demanded it.

And they never got the opportunity to really enjoy it for themselves.

You could just imagine what it's like when you're with a woman who really loves giving oral. This is a mutually beneficial thing, obviously.

So in terms of getting her “addicted” to you, first you need to be secure in yourself, which comes from confidence.

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If You Give Her Space to “Feel Her Desire” Then She'll Eagerly Jump Your Bones–Here's How…

But the second part is creating emotional safety for her, so that she wants to let go and explore taboo subjects with you.

Something most men don't understand is that so much of arousal, for men and women, is based on the arousal of other people.

Unfortunately, so many of us discover our sexuality in shame and isolation watching porn by ourselves.

We don't have someone to talk to about it, even though a lot of us are having the same experiences.

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And just like a lot of guys really enjoy going down on women and giving massages and stuff… a lot of women really do like to pleasure men.

There are plenty of women out there who are into what you're into too. But they need to feel safe in exploring that.

If you are secure in yourself and you're willing to “go there,” you don't have to worry about “convincing” her to do stuff.

She'll want to jump your bones regardless.

And here's the fastest way I know to pull that off:

The “Lost Puppy Method”: How To Get Her Hooked on You Like a Bad Habit in 3 Simple Steps…
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When I say you have to be “willing to go there” I mean you have to be willing to put your needs to the side and focus on her pleasure… and her pleasure alone.

This can take time (the average woman needs about 20 minutes to reach orgasm)

Or it can happen really, really fast… especially if you use this move, which in my experience makes women come hard… with intense full-body orgasms <–

This move is called the “5 Finger Tantra” and it’s become a very necessary tool in my arsenal.

Because most girls today are TERRIFIED of being “sl*t-shamed”… most women are still scared to ask for what they want in bed… in fear of only being used as sexual objects.

(I know there’s a whole “pro-sl*t” movement going on… but this still happens far too often)

It’s totally understandable…

BUT… this can make a woman scared to speak up about what turns her on, and gets her off.

On top of that, it also makes most women hesitant to give guys any direction whatsoever in bed… (frustrating, I know).

That’s why it’s important for you to know FOR SURE you're getting women off…

… and the 5 Finger Tantra has given every woman I’ve used it on INTENSE orgasms that made her excited to tell me about her fantasies, and what gets her off:

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