The Top 50 Biggest Questions Men Have in 2016

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We Want to Answer the Big Questions Men Have…

I’m setting out to make a list of the 50 biggest problems that are pissing men off in 2016.

Problems, that if eliminated, would totally change your life.

So I want to know: what is the single most frustrating and annoying problem in your sex and dating life that you absolutely want gone now?

Be blunt. Be real. Be honest.

Below, you’ll see that I’ve included a submission box for you to send your big question directly to me (plus a bonus box if you’ve got a second question that’s really driving you nuts).

I am going to use your question (along with the questions from all other Gotham Club readers) to build the biggest, most comprehensive list of questions that men need really fucking great answers to.

Then I am going out on a personal mission for the next four weeks to get those answers.

I will meet with my team of mentors, including Erik, David, Glenn, Magic, and more.

And one-by-one, I am going to create the fastest, easiest, most powerful answers to these questions with specific videos and step-by-step advice, including the newest tips, tricks and techniques known to date.

And it will all be totally free, right here on Gotham Club.

All you need to do to get started is ask yourself this question…

What is the single biggest question I need answered right now when it comes to my sex and dating life?

Then just type your answer in the box below in the form of a question (and, because I’m feeling generous, I’ll let you add a second bonus question too, if you’d like).

And you can leave your email address and I’ll have someone notify you exactly when the answer to your question is published on this website in the coming weeks.

The deadline to send in your question is Friday, March 5th, 11:59PM Eastern.

So just take 20 seconds, think about what you want to know most and write down the first thing that pops into your mind in the box below and send it to me now.

Don’t worry if it’s not good enough or if it’s a “silly” question – chances are it’s not and other guys want to know the answer to it too.

And don’t worry about coming up with the “perfect” question either, just submit your best idea right now and if you want to come back later and put in a new one, then that’s cool too.

Just take 20 seconds now, ask yourself what’s the single biggest question you want answered right now, and then write down the first thing that comes to your mind in the box below…

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