Food & Foreplay: 11 Tips for MAXIMUM Pleasure (Plus: 3 Foods To Avoid)

best food for foreplay
Incorporating food into your foreplay routine can add a whole new meaning to the phrase “eating in bed” (keep scrolling for the absolute best ways to use food to drive women wild with pleasure)…

Discover The Best Food For Foreplay That Will Stimulate Her Senses & Make Her Beg You For More–Spicing Up Your Sex Life May Be as Simple as Opening Up Your Fridge…

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Do you like food? Do you like sex?

If you’re like most men, you probably answered “yes” to both questions… but have you ever thought about combining the two?

Though only a small part of the novels, the Fifty Shades of Grey series made the idea of “food sex” or “food foreplay” more mainstream.

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And these days, more and more women are interested in experimenting with it as well.

(Plus, one study suggests both men AND women want foreplay to last longer, so this is a fun–and easy–way to get that done.)

If you’ve ever had a fantasy about licking food off of your lover’s body or just combining another layer into your sex life, food-inspired foreplay may be what you’ve been searching for.

So today, I’ll show you everything you need to know about incorporating food into the bedroom, including:

  • What foods to try…
  • Which ones to avoid…
  • And the best “ground rules” to make sure everything goes as planned. 🙂

Let’s start with the basics:

Food & Foreplay: 3 Things To Avoid

Some of the below might seem like good options for a night out, but they’re not always the best to incorporate into the bedroom. Steer clear of these foods, especially if you’re new to food foreplay.

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1) Spicy or acidic foods.

Sure, you both might love to eat jalapenos, but the spicy residue can make for a super painful experience if anything gets *down there.* Yikes!

 2) Ice cream.

It might seem like the perfect sweet snack to bring into the bedroom, but if it’s going on anyone’s body, it’s going to melt almost instantly and cause quite a mess.

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 3) Foul-smelling food.

This may seem like a given, but even if you love that delicious cheese that doesn’t smell so pleasant, keep it out of the bedroom. It can really kill the mood and distract from the pleasure.

The Sexiest Foods to Use During Foreplay (That Won’t Make a Huge Mess)

So now you know what to avoid… which foods are best to bring into bed?

1) Sweet fruits.

Fruits like papaya, strawberries, grapefruit, pineapple, and grapes all have strong, floral smells that will help indulge your sense of smell and taste while in bed.

They’re also easy to snack on, feed to your partner, and easy to share.

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 2) Chocolate sauce or honey.

Use your favorite sauces (chocolate, caramel, raspberry) to draw all over your partner’s body before sensually licking it up.

This is different from ice cream because it won’t melt right away (although you may have to wash the sheets afterward).

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 3) Wine or champagne.

There’s something so indulgent about sipping wine in bed, and champagne (or any sparkling wine) adds an extra fizz that can be fun to play around with. 

6 Tried & True Tips to Take Your Food Foreplay to the Next Level

If you and your girl are both into the idea of bringing food into the bedroom, it might seem easy to just grab something from the fridge and go crazy.

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There are a couple rules you’ll need to know to have a truly memorable romp with food and to get the most out of this fun new adventure.

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So with that in mind, here are the 6 best ways to make sure your experience is as pleasurable as it can possibly be:

1) Indulge Your Other Senses

When you first bring food into the bedroom, you might be a little intimidated about what exactly to do with it and how to keep each other in the “mood” while eating.

One easy way around this is to indulge her other senses by blindfolding her.

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When you deprive her of sight, she’ll focus more on the taste of the food. And this makes everything seem a lot more intense for her.

Plus, when she’s blindfolded, you can have her try to find the food on you–or you can lay her down and eat her up on your own. 😉

2) Play With Temperature

Some like it hot–some like it cold.

Mix temperatures by warming up something like chocolate sauce or honey, and slowly squeeze it on your partner’s body.

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Include ice cubes to then chill her body in the same or a different spot.

Play around with temperature to find out what really turns her on.

You might just be surprised!

3) Feed Each Other

If you find yourself unsure of what exactly to do, try sensually feeding one another.

This will work best with fruits like grapes and strawberries.

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You can even use sauce or whipped cream on one another’s bodies to dip the fruit in.

The more creative you get with it, the better.

4) Don’t Put That Cucumber In There

Long, penis-like food may seem like an obvious choice… however, it can easily irritate her vagina and cause bacterial imbalances that can lead to infections.

If she really begs you to use a banana or cucumber on her, be sure to put a condom on it. Seriously.

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5) Be Careful With Sugar

Similar to the above point, sugar may taste great, but you’ll want to keep it above the belt.


Well, sugar can mess with a woman’s pH, causing imbalances and yeast infections.

Though sugar doesn’t have the same effect on a man’s penis, if you plan on going inside of her, keep your penis sugar-free for now.

6) Take It Slow

Don’t feel like you have to rush into food foreplay by trying every method.

Keep it simple and learn what works best for both of you before trying anything more complicated.

The most important part of bringing food into the bedroom is to experiment and have fun!

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You’ll eventually find what foods and methods work best for you.

And because food engages more of your senses, it can make sex better for both of you. In fact, certain foods can even turn a woman on before the foreplay begins!

But which foods work best to get her juices flowing?

I’ll show you:

best food for foreplay
Because food excites more of her senses than the usual foreplay routine, you can even use certain foods to make women crave sex with you more often–I’ll show you how below…

Can A Specific Food Make Her Crave Sex With You…?

It’s a question that’s been asked for ages… and unfortunately, there have been a lot of garbage answers floating around online… until now.

Because while most of what you’ll see online is about alleged “aphrodisiacs”… with no real proof that they work… we have recently discovered 5 specific foods that can truly make a woman crave sex with you.


Well, when you combine these 5 foods together into what’s commonly called the “Sex Snack”... and you eat it together with a woman…

…not only does it increaser her blood flow… which can quickly turn her on… but it’s also used in Southeast Asia to boost guys’ “hardness” levels *down there.* 😉

Yeah man, these are foods that can literally make sex better.

This might sound kinda crazy, but the “Sex Snack” was actually invented by the World’s Oldest Pornstar… Dave Cummings. He’s in his 70’s (!!!), but he still gets to sleep with girls half his age… sometimes multiple at a time… and it’s all thanks to this recipe.

If you wanna see how this works to make sex better for you too… check it out, you’re gonna love it:

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7 Science-Backed “Superfoods” For Bigger Sex Drive, Better Erections & The Energy to Last All Night!

foods to help you last longer in bed
Many studies show adding certain foods to your diet can make a big difference for your sexual health. Keep scrolling and check out the 7 foods that can boost your boners better than anything else, right away…

1) Maca

Maca is usually sold as a powder and comes from Peru.

Men and women alike take this supplement to increase sex drive and fertility, improve mood, and increase energy levels.

The beauty of Maca is that you can just drop it into a smoothie, protein shake, pancake mix, or hot cocoa.

Maca is powerful and in some people can cause a stomach-ache, so you may want to sample a small amount before splurging on a giant container.

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Whether you have a girlfriend or casual partners, taking DHEA can make your woman very happy.

DHEA stands for dehydroepiandrosterone but it might as well stand for dangerously hard erectile action!

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Your body ALREADY produces DHEA in the brain, adrenal glands, and gonads.

The body converts DHEA into testosterone and estrogen.

You can support your sexual health by taking DHEA as a supplement, and soon you’ll find out why I reassigned words to the acronym as I did!

3) Yohimbe

Thank you African Yohimbe tree for improving hard-ons around the world!

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this plant, but the bark of this tree is used as an aphrodisiac and to enhance sexual performance.

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As a plus, it also supports weight loss and can help reduce blood pressure!

Multiple studies, including one published in the Wiley Online Library, have demonstrated the sexual and wellness benefits of this exotic substance.

4) L-Citrulline

L-citrulline is an amino acid that your body produces.

Would you have guessed it can also be found in watermelons?

L-citrulline is your go-to for harder and longer-lasting erections.

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Part of its magic is that it opens up blood flow.

That’s going to be great for your sex life AND you’re general well-being!

Instead of eating a watermelon every day, you should probably just go ahead and purchase the supplement.

5) Fenugreek

Fenugreek is an herbal supplement–the seeds of the fenugreek plant can be ground up or made into extracts.

It is popular among men and women for enhancing sexual appetite and energy, and a study in PubMed showed that Fenugreek significantly benefits libido and also benefits muscle strength and energy.

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It’s a really safe option and has a lot of benefits including help with digestion and organ health. You pretty much can’t go wrong with this one!

6) Vitamin E

Your sperm’s best friend is Vitamin E.

This is an excellent supplement to take to improve sperm motility and quantity.

Research published in the International Journal of General Medicine has shown this supplement to benefit fertility and sex drive.

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Research also shows benefits for brain health. It is found in many different foods but the most direct way to take it is in supplement form.

Definitely a top choice for your sexual and general health!

Food & Foreplay: 11 Tips for MAXIMUM Pleasure (Plus: 3 Foods To Avoid)
Studies show ginseng can potentially allow you to get it up faster, almost “on-command” (and have a lot more spontaneous sex in unexpected places as a result)…

7) Ginseng

If you’re going to eat one superfood on this list… make it Ginseng.

Ginseng is a well-known and popular ingredient that has many known benefits for the human brain and body.

It comes from the root of a plant found in Asia and America, and has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

And there’s a LOT of evidence that shows this little plant is great at boosting your sex drive.

For example:

One study published in the Journal of Urology found men who take Ginseng every day not only get harder erections…

… but they get longer-lasting erections too (which hot girls LOVE). 😉

And this is ESPECIALLY true when you combine Ginseng with these 4 other plant-based foods.

When these five plant-based foods are combined, many men report getting erections faster… (almost “on-command”)…

Not only that… but some older guys even claim these foods make their orgasms more intense and pleasurable…

I mean… orgasming already feels amazing, who wouldn’t want it to feel even better?? *mmm*

From what I’ve read this potent combo can make you feel like you’re a teenager again, in your prime… and ready to pounce on your girl at ALL hours of the day (YUM!):

Click here to see what the other 4 foods are, which cause a massive spike in the quality of your sex life.

P.S. I never would have guessed THIS food can make your d!ck fuller… would you try it?

Here Are 5 More Plants That’ll Boost Your Blood Flow (& Boners)…

I found out about these foods after reading an article about the world’s oldest active pornstar… David Cummings.

He’s 73 years old, he gets as hard as an iron rod in seconds… and he does it without ANY dangerous prescriptions, or weird penis pumps.

Not to mention… David sleeps with multiple women a day (who are often a third his age), for hours at a time, with little break… around 4 to 5 times a week.

His secret?

He swears by Rhodiola Rosea (mentioned above), combined with these 5 other plant-based foods ← Click here for the recipe

Because here’s the thing about Rhodiola Rosea… it’s not super easy to find in its purest form.

And even though it CAN help with endurance… the reality is, adaptogenic herbs aren’t going to help with hardness.

That’s why David eats these 5 other foods too…

This potent plant-based cocktail is what he says gives him MEGA-hard boners… along with the ability to get hard “on-command.”

(Which as a woman, I have to say is a HUGE turn-on… the harder the better, baby!) 😉

And that’s because these foods are all very powerful blood flow boosters… which means when you eat them, not only can they give you fuller erections a lot faster…

… but they can keep you harder for longer too…

And in fact many older guys who eat this combo of foods call it the “C*ck Rejuvenator”! (kinda catchy isn’t it? haha)

So if you’re serious about getting the kind of full, throbbing hard-ons that make hot girls’ jaws drop…

Skip the adaptogenic herbs… and try eating at least one of these plants instead:

Click here to see 5 plants the World’s Oldest Pornstar swears by for ROCK-HARD erections, more stamina & a raging libido.

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on November 16, 2019.]

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