Pornstar Katy Kiss: “5 Tips to INSTANTLY Be Better At Sex”…

instantly be better at sex
Hi, I’m Katy Kiss, and I want to show you everything you need to drive women wild in bed… I’ve got some surprising tips for you below ;-)…

Pornstar Katy Kiss Reveals Her Hottest & Naughtiest Sex Tips–Including How to Get Every Woman You Sleep With Totally Hooked on You (And ONLY You) In Bed…

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There are a few things a guy can do during sex that will make an impression on every woman.

Hey, I’m Katy Kiss. I’m an adult actress, and I’ve been in the industry for a couple years now.

I like dabbling in BDSM and other kinks, and well… I’ve experienced just about everything there is out there. 😉

Men try all kinds of techniques to turn me on for a scene, and to be honest, I like a lot of them.

Like for instance, I really like it when I can feel a guy breathing in my ear. It’s a simple move, but it does the trick.

(As a matter of fact, according to Kate McCombs, an NYC-based sex educator, the ear is one of the most sensitive spots on a woman’s body, and can elicit a highly erotic response when touched properly.)

You’re probably thinking that everyone has different turn-ons, and that what does it for one woman might not do it for the rest of them, right?

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Well, actually, (and I’m speaking from experience)–there are a few things a guy can do that will vibe with every girl out there.

Knowing these moves will instantly make you better at sex, and you will– without a doubt–give your girl an unforgettable experience.  

I mean, just the fact that you’re reading this, and that you want to make sure sex is great for her–that alone will help you get the job done.

But since you want to be the kind of guy that she tells all her friends about… let’s get started. 🙂

Here are my 5 best tips to instantly be better at sex:

1) Selfish Isn’t Always Sexy

I would say that this is the biggest problem with men and sex, and it’s actually an easy fix.

Almost all girls have experienced that guy who rushes in… rips her clothes off… and thinks the show is over once he’s finished.

The stereotype of a man only caring about getting himself off is old. It takes two people to start sex, so it should take two people to finish it too!

This doesn’t even mean that you absolutely have to make her come–it just means that you need to give her a good experience.

And the best way to do that?  

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Take your time.

Go slowly. Make sure you warm her up.

Guys generally want to move faster than girls, so even if you think you’re going wayyyyy too slowly–you’re not. I promise!

And if you think you’ll be dying to get to the actual sex, it might surprise you to find how much you actually like taking things more slowly. It makes everything way sexier, and she will definitely be way more into it.

Speaking of warming her up…

2) Focus On Foreplay!

Foreplay shouldn’t be “optional,” it should be a must.

Taking your time automatically gives you more room to try different kinds of foreplay, and there are a few things that she’ll definitely like. For example:

Kissing her neck…

Undressing her slowly…

Making a lot of eye contact…

And giving her a compliment or two throughout the process…

All of these things will make foreplay hotter for her than she ever thought possible.

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And hey–if you don’t know her that well, ease into it. You can get more personal with someone you are really interested in, but if she’s someone you just met, it’s best to ease into it slowly.

Foreplay can also set the mood for the rest of the sexual experience. Plus, it helps to make sure she is really vibing with you–that will make the sex way better for her, even if she doesn’t have an orgasm.

3) She Comes First (Sometimes)

The best thing you can possibly do to immediately to make you better at sex is pretty straightforward–make sure you get her off first.

If a guy makes me come before we even start having sex, they’re so much sexier to me. Not just that they can do it, but that they take the time to do it.

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This can be a form of foreplay too, really, since most guys rub a woman’s clit or go down on her for at least a while during foreplay anyway.

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So instead of just making her wet enough for sex, keep going.

Even if she doesn’t actually say how good it feels, you can tell if she likes it by the way her body reacts, or by the noises she makes.

There is no time limit for foreplay, and if you take the time to get her off first, it makes her want to get you off too. She’ll want to reciprocate. 😉

4) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Every one of these tips I’ve shown you can be made even better with good communication between the two of you.

Ask her if she likes what you’re doing.

Feel it out,  and you’ll be able to get an idea of what she wants.

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Like if she wants you to move this way… or do more of this… listen to her body, and you’ll reap the rewards later on. Trust me.

Plus, she’ll know how much you want to get her off, which is also hot. And again, it will make her want to return the favor!

Which brings me to my absolute favorite tip for better sex as soon as tonight…

pornstar katy kiss
Did you know most women prefer an average-sized d!ck that’s *really* hard to a big one that’s just “kinda” hard? I’ll show you why if you keep scrolling…

5) My Personal “Secret” to Give Any Woman a Mind-Blowing Orgasm…

I’ve never told any guy this before (lol)… but my girlfriends and I all agree:

It doesn’t matter what position you use… how big or small you are… or what you’re doing to us “down there”…

As long as you do this one thing… I’ll happily come… and come back for more anytime

Seriously… if you can do this… then I’ll do crazy things for you in bed… until I’m sweating… panting… and we both go over the edge. ????

I wish more guys knew this so they could pleasure me again and again… so here it is:

My Personal “Secret” to Give Any Woman a Mind-Blowing Orgasm…

P.S. The last guy I slept with did this when he was inside me… and I came in like 2 minutes. Have you tried it?

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on November 17, 2019.]

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