Old School Values: How “Loyalty” Can Help You Date Multiple Women

How "Loyalty" Can Help You Date Multiple Women

What Is Loyalty & Why Does it Matter To Women? This Man Has an Answer (& It May Surprise You)…

In this age of clicking on heart icons…

Swiping right (or left)…

And banging your head against the table trying to think of an intriguing first message…

A lot of more “traditional” values have been swept under the rug.

Take loyalty, for example.

Along with honesty and fidelity, loyalty is one of the qualities people cite as desirable in a partner.

Traditionally, loyalty is the notion that you believe your partner–spouse, girlfriend, latest date–has your back. And you have hers, too.

Sometimes people confuse loyalty with fidelity, but they are not the same thing.

Fidelity means you’re not having sex–or want to have sex–with other women.

And that is a topic for another time because here, we’re only discussing loyalty.

Loyalty, in a nutshell, means things like you won’t “ghost” her at the first sign of adversity, you’ll defend her in front of her (and your) friends, and that you’re generally “there” for her.

So today, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about this kind of “loyalty,” and how it can help you date multiple women at once (without any drama).

What Is “Loyalty” & Why Do We Want It?

Loyalty cuts both ways, and most of us find it pretty comforting.

Think about it in an employment situation:

Employers love loyal employees because they know they can count on them to do their jobs, day after day and year after year. On the flip side, employees appreciate loyal employers because they know a mistake or two won’t get them fired.

There are comfort and security in loyalty.

And comfort and security are big deals for many women. You know this–you’ve read the online dating profiles.

But why do women feel the need to emphasize loyalty?

Mostly, it’s because technology makes loyalty a lot harder for people on both sides.

Imagine this scenario:

You meet a woman and go out with her a few times. Maybe you sleep with her a time or two.

You kinda like her and stop checking your dating notifications.

Your favorite band’s in town and you need a date, so you text this girl.

And… nothing. You never hear from her again. She’s blocked you on the dating sites and social media.

How does that feel?

Pretty crappy, right? That’s disloyalty–you thought you could count on her, if not to actually go to the concert, at least to let you know why not.

But she was never loyal to you, and you were blindsided.

These things happen all the time, thanks to technology.

As easy as it is to connect with someone today, it’s just as easy to disappear–especially in a big city, where you may never cross paths again.

And this is why loyalty is a big deal.

If you’re not into the idea of loyalty, be honest about it–with yourself and with the woman (or women) you’re dating.

Then she can make an informed choice about whether to continue dating you. But it’s not necessarily a dealbreaker.

Being honest (“Sorry, I’m not a hanging with your kids, dogsitting kind of guy“) about what you’re willing to do or not do may actually help you with women.

If you’re upfront about the extent of your loyalty, she may be OK with your limits.

On the other hand, you could simply be loyal.

She needs a date for an office party?

Go with her or have a good reason why not.

She needs help moving a piece of furniture?

Remember to lift with your legs.

Simple acts like these foster loyalty. She’s comfortable, secure and appreciates you–and that gets her to stick by your side a lot faster.

How “Loyalty” Helped Me Date Multiple Women (& How It Can Help You Do The Same)…

How easy is it to meet a woman today and discover that you really like her–but keep an eye on your dating notifications in case someone else comes along?

Really easy.

I do it. Hell, it’s pretty much my dating M.O.

Does that make me disloyal? Not necessarily.

I like to date a few women at the same time. Am I loyal? For the most part, I think so, and I think they do, too.

The only way I can be truly loyal in my situation is to be honest with all the women that I’m dating.

To start, they all know that I am not in an exclusive relationship with any of them.

This doesn’t mean that I discuss the details of one relationship with the other women–they just are aware that I’m not monogamous.

And sometimes, one of them wants an exclusive relationship with me. But I remain honest, and she has the option to keep hanging out with me or to date someone else.

Fidelity is not on the table. But my loyalty is.

That’s Not All…

Where loyalty comes into play is that they all know they can count on me.

Even women who I no longer date know that they could call me up if they need something, and I’d be there.

If they need a date, or a ride, or someone to talk to, they know I’ve got their backs. And I, in turn, know the same thing about them.

So what?

So, when you have this kind of relationship with a woman, it basically prevents any chance of her “ghosting” or “flaking out” on you.

And it also increases the odds that she’ll want to stick by your side for as long as you want.

Yes, it can get complicated, but it’s my current lifestyle choice, and it works for me. And trust me–it can work for you too.

The key is to only invest your time in women who you know will be equally loyal to you… the kind of women who you know are genuinely interested in you.

But how can you spot these women? Is there an easy way?

Yes–and I’ll show you exactly how it’s done right here:

what is loyalty

How To Attract Dozens of Single Women the “Old School” Way…

Yeah, I’m talking about interacting with a woman face-to-face, in person.

Because most men today use sites like Tinder… Match… and OkCupid to meet girls… VERY few guys are out there making an effort to meet women the “traditional” way.

Of course, talking to a new woman without knowing anything about her isn’t exactly easy… and like many men, I’m not a fan of the “cold approach.” Never have been. Never will be.

That’s why I only approach women who are already attracted to me.

“But Trent, you don’t know her! How can you know if she’s attracted to you?” I know, I know…

I said the same things before joining our community.

Yet one of the first videos I watched upon joining was this one, by our Community Founder, Craig.

It shows you tons of great info about how to know when a woman is attracted to you, including:

  • The subtle signs she gives off when she secretly wants you (but is too afraid to tell you)…
  • Why 99% of women will NEVER outright say “I want you” & what they do instead…
  • How to spot with pinpoint accuracy the women who are most likely to be interested in you…

It’s practically a “rite of passage” for our newer community members… so if you haven’t seen it already, you can check it out here:

Is she interested in you? Watch this video to discover the hidden signs she wants you BAD…

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