How Exercising LESS Can Boost Your Sex Drive (Sorry Gym Rats!)

How Exercising LESS Can Boost Your Sex Drive (Sorry Gym Rats!)

We’ve all heard about the many benefits of exercise & working out:

It helps you stay fit…

Keeps your energy high…

Makes you feel younger…

And so on.

These days, it seems like everyone and their mother has jumped on the “exercise” bandwagon… but what if it’s not as good for you as everybody believes?

According to one recent study, a certain type of exercise has been linked to a lower libido… which, for many people, is both surprising and a little alarming.

So what’s the science behind it, and what can you do about it?

That’s what I’m going to show you today.

When It Comes to Working Out, How Much Is Too Much?

The survey in question examined 1,000 men and their workout habits… and what they found is quite shocking.

Basically, the men who said they usually workout for long periods of time, or who have really intense workouts–well, they were less likely to desire and think about sex.

It sounds so wrong, doesn’t it?

Working out at a high-intensity for a long period of time = lots of stamina, both in and out of the bedroom… right?

Not necessarily.

Some researchers believe that these kinds of long and intense workouts may cause a hormonal imbalance. Specifically, one that leads to a lower sex drive.

On top of that, people who workout a lot may end up having less energy outside of the gym.

So when it comes time to do the horizontal tango, they’d rather curl up with a good book in bed instead.

Of course, not every man who practices long & intense workouts is going to have a low sex drive. However, it is definitely something to consider before you start training for your next marathon.

And beyond that, this does not mean that no exercise is good for you. Because that’s not the case either.

The key is to find a happy medium–something that works for both you and your body.

And here are 3 tips to do just that:

1) Try Low-Intensity, High-Volume Exercises

This one will probably seem obvious, but I’ll say it anyway:

Lower the intensity of your workouts, and a dampened libido no longer becomes an issue.

But what exactly is the difference between “low-intensity” and “high-intensity” workouts?

It’s best to think about “low-intensity” workouts in terms of things that feel easy for you. And to make it a workout, the key is to increase the number of reps you do.

You can also customize this workout based on what you already like doing! For example, if you like to workout on the elliptical, just make sure you workout at a pace that feels natural for you–like you aren’t dripping in sweat after 10 minutes.

Then stay at that pace for the duration of your workout. And if you workout for long enough, you’ll get the same results as a “high-intensity” workout without any of the libido-lowering side effects.

2) Do More Cardio & Less Lifting

While low-intensity, high-volume workouts are great… you may want to stop lifting altogether if you want to boost your sex drive.


Well, lifting & body-building have an inherently “intense” vibe surrounding them. And so if you’re a regular weightlifter, you may be pressured into lifting more than you can handle…

Or overextending yourself…

Or simply doing “too much.”

So instead, stick to cardio.

Of course, cardio doesn’t have to be boring. You could do an outdoor activity like running–or if you prefer the environment of a gym, you can just workout on the cardio machines until you find one that works for you.

You could even enroll in classes like yoga or kickboxing–these are cardio activities that generally aren’t intense enough to negatively affect your bedroom desires.

But what about outside of the gym?

Is there another way to easily boost your sex drive…?

Yes! And here’s what it is:

exercise and sex drive

3) The Easiest Way to Boost Your Sex Drive

Beyond working out less, the simplest thing you can do to boost your sex drive… or simply have more sex… is this:

Make sure that the woman (or women) you bring into your bedroom want sex with you all the time.

I mean, I’ll admit I’m usually a pretty sexual person…

…though when things get a little “blah” in the bedroom, and I’m not really “into it” anymore… I have something that works quite well to make me crave the guy I’m with.

I show him this video of my 3 favorite kinds of orgasms I loooove to have.

It’s not technically porn (LOL)… though it shows you how to give me each “type” of orgasm, step-by-step…

There’s one orgasm in particular, the “Deep Spot” Orgasm… ohhhhhh wow… that one’s my favorite. 😉

(And I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but when a guy can give me a “Deep Spot” Orgasm… I’m his. Both sexually & emotionally… this orgasm gets me hooked, fast.)

What’s great is that you don’t need to be a “monster” *down there* to pull it off… in fact, the guy I’m currently seeing is a little “below-average,” but it still feels amaaaaaaazing & gives me the best orgasms when he does this:

Watch this video to discover the 3 types of orgasms that make her crave your manhood…

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