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Hey man, this is another episode of Ask Ruwando.

I’m Ruwando on behalf of Gotham club.

And today’s question comes from Nicholas.

Nicholas asks:

“How can I get invited to sex parties?”

Well, Nick, this is kind of like asking, “How do I make friends?”

But you know, I will say there are a couple guidelines.

I’ve been to sex parties on several different occasions, and if you want to get invited to one, you first have to know what you want to get out of it.

I’ll show you what I mean below:

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If you live in a big city, there are sex parties in your city, I’m almost sure.

They’re not necessarily a mainstream thing, of course, but there are different types of sex parties.

So I’ll say if you want to go for the more commercial route, like the kind of more of the party feel, or the more of a swingers elements, if you just Google sex parties in your city, you’ll probably find something.

They usually tend to be kind of expensive, because they’re more of an experience people pay for, right?

It’s not necessarily a communal thing.

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A lot of the people who go to these kinds of things like to sample all the different high-end sex parties.

Personally, I’ve been to some of them, they’re not really my jam.

But you will see beautiful people in porn-like scenarios doing their thing.

And if you end up jumping in, and that’s your thing, great. It’s not really my thing.

Beyond “The Lifestyle”: Did You Know There Are Different Kinds of Sex Parties?

The other kind of sex parties are more of like the Burning Man, like more conscious community type sex parties.

These tend to be more exclusive, they tend to be a lower price, but you kind of have to know someone in that scene.

So if that is your thing, I would say hang out with burners. There are burner type events all over the place.

But I mean… you have to make friends with these people.

If you’re part of this community, it’s likely you can come to one of these parties.

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The thing is, with these kinds of parties, they really emphasize consent and making sure everyone’s in a safe space.

So if you’re not in this community, you’re not cool with the people.

Basically, they don’t want random dudes there. A lot of these parties also want to balance the ratio of men to women.

(Because that way the women feel safer, and the men feel like they’re having more fun.)

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Often, you can’t just buy a ticket to these parties and just show up. You need to know someone to be invited.

And you do this by making friends with the people who run these kinds of things.

They’re typically visible in those communities.

And the final kind of sex party that’s out there is called, well, a “play party.”

But it’s more about “Neo-Tantra” and sex education. A lot of Tantra communities will put on sex parties or “play parties.”

And they’re often called things like temple nights or sacred sexuality things.

If that’s your jam, it’s a little similar to the Burning Man community.

These groups tend to be more communal. They’re not something you can just search for online and be invited to.

But if you get in touch with these people, you can often meet them at Tantra workshops or sex ed workshops–and from there you just have to get to know them.

In my experience though, getting invited to these parties is the easy part…

The important part is making sure you get invited back to them once you’re there.

And here’s how:

what is a sex party

How To Be the Man Every Woman Wants to Bang Once You’re There (And Get Invited Back Again & Again)…

After attending dozens of sex parties, the ONE big thing I’ve learned… is that you need to walk in with something to offer.

Otherwise you’re going to end up awkwardly standing in the corner with your drink to your chest… watching people have all kinds of awesome kinky group sex…

I’ve been there, it sucks, and I don’t want that to happen to you.

So what can you bring to the table?

Well there are 3 things in particular that the women in these circles go bonkers over…

1) A man who can get it up fast, and stay hard (like REALLY hard)

Women, especially women who are kinky enough to go to a sex party… want to feel desired and sexy.

So if you can easily get hard, and stay hard… not only are you going to make your partner(s) feel really good…

But you’re also obviously going to bring her more pleasure the longer you last:

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2) A man who can make them cum like no one else can.

Hands down, by far, the most powerful orgasm you can give a woman is by stimulating her “Deep Spot.”

Most women aren’t aware of the existence of this spot… and so one of my favorite party tricks is to tease a woman by telling her I can “show” her where her Deep Spot is!

(If you take this approach, you can also VERY easily transition it into some kinky professor-student roleplay haha…)

The trouble is, most guys assume you need a “monster dong” to hit a woman’s Deep Spot…

… though if you know the right technique, I promise it’s a lot easier than you think:

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3) A man who can get them off in different ways.

Like I mentioned above, the Deep Spot is a VERY sensitive area that gives women immense pleasure… but there are many ways to make a woman cum.

And in my experience this is a particularly crucial skill to have at sex parties…

Because when you can make a woman cum in different ways, you basically unlock her vagina.

Rumors of your capabilities will spread, other women will want to “play” with you, and you’ll get invited to more and more sex parties.

And one of my favorite ways to do this is a fingering move you can use before sex… (women will always come back to a man who gets them off before the deed)…

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