This “Old-School Secret” Can Get You Laid Tonight (Here’s How)

old school secret

How To Tap Into a Woman's Innate Desires & Naturally Turn Her On–Will This Help You Get Her in Bed Tonight?

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You may have gotten the feeling that something’s up with the ladies.

Hold on, let me clarify. Something is always up with the ladies.

What I mean is, something’s up with the ladies in the bedroom. Maybe you or your friends have noticed, lately, that women don’t seem to be as keen to jump between the sheets.

So why is this happening?

Society has led us to believe that women today are more sexually open than ever… so why are so many women opting out of sex?

In fact, a recent survey reveals that about 30% of pre-menopausal women, and 50% of older woman, have “sexual problems.”

And on top of that, more than a third of the 5,000 women in the survey had totally lost interest in sex!


Is it stress?

Is it part of the natural aging process?

Or do we have hormones & GMOs to blame…?

We reached out to our experts to find out the truth… and you may be surprised to hear it. In fact, women these days may simply be holding out for a man who's more “traditional” or even “old school.”

So today, I'm going to show you what this means, and how you can use it to get fast sex tonight.

Are Women Today Really More Sexually Open Than They Used To Be?

So before I get into the solution to this problem, let's talk about what's turning the ladies off.

Many people think it's simply a matter of “mechanics.” They believe that if you can get a woman's physical body turned on, then her mind will turn on too, and she'll want sex.

So why can't we just invent a female-friendly Viagra?

Well, believe it or not, Viagra isn't designed to boost sex drive. Instead, it helps with a mechanical problem that affects men with age.

(Note: Many older men have recently been opting out of Viagra because of the nasty side effects. Click here to see a natural way to boost your blood flow before sex.)

Therefore, a female equivalent wouldn’t really work. What’s making the ladies a little cool to the touch might have more to do with the mind and the emotions.

Ultimately, this is not something that's your fault.

Here's what I mean:

How Society Is Killing Women’s Sex Drives (& What to Do About It)…

Have you ever tried to rescue a campfire that was about to go out? Maybe you’ve stooped down on hands and knees on the forest floor to blow on that last glowing ember.

Maybe you blew too hard, and the fire burned out completely.

Or maybe you provided the right amount of gentle, steady oxygen, and that ember burst back into flame.

That’s the idea when it comes to helping women get their desire back!

What the heck am I talking about?

How can you get a lady ready to jump in bed?

You’ve got to apply the perfect combination of masculinity and sensitivity.

These days, a lot of guys are nervous about doing something wrong. In the recent #MeToo movement, a lot of women told the world about their experiences with sexual harassment.

If you’re a guy, you might feel scared stiff. (No pun intended!)

Like most men, you probably want to come across as respectful and sensitive, while staying strong and attractive, right?

That might seem like an impossible combination.

Instead of trying to walk a difficult line, lots of guys might be playing it too safe.

Have you ever seen a cute woman at a bar, but because you didn't want to seem “creepy,” you didn't approach her?

That's what I'm talking about.

These days, even though women seem to give off the vibe that they don't want to be approached, or “courted”… the truth is that many of us need it to feel the kind of sexual desire that turns us on, and gets us in bed with you.

The “Old-School Secret” That Flips The Switch & Turns Her On FAST…

So what’s the answer?

Well, lots of women are still interested in men–and it's not like they want to say goodbye to their libidos.

However, they may need a little help from you to get that initial “spark” back.

Of course, the solution isn't to go around catcalling every woman you see. (Has that ever really worked, anyway?)

But there's no need to avoid women altogether and never make a move. The key is to find the right balance.

Politely telling a woman she looks nice, for example, or asking her how her day is going, is just fine.

If a woman reacts positively to a friendly comment–lingering and smiling instead of hurrying away–that’s a great time to strike up a conversation!

When in doubt, think about how you’d like an upstanding gentleman to approach one of your female friends, or your sister.

So the next time you want to express admiration for an attractive woman and maybe ask her out, just remember:

A respectful man is an attractive man.

I know this all might sound a little “vague” still… I mean, what does it really mean to be “respectful” yet forward?

That's what I want to show you next:

old school secret

How An Older Guy Got Me Home With Him The “Old-Fashioned” Way…

Like a lot of girls, I’ve recently gotten off of online dating… and have started trying to meet guys the “old-fashioned way”:

I’ll get dressed up real cute… go to a cocktail bar… and hopefully, meet a nice guy who isn’t too creepy or drunk…

… though in reality, what usually happens is I end up sitting there alone for 2 hours, and the only guy who talks to me is the bartender…

… but then there was Josh.

While I was sipping my margarita, Josh casually walked up to me… looked me right in the eye, and told me he “liked my style.”

He smiled a little… and I noticed him checking out my cleavage and butt… and I liked it.

And even though he was practically old enough to be my dad lol… there was just something about him… he was very polite & respectful, but also very forward.

(Which probably explains why, less than 2 hours later, we were making out like teenagers at the bar… and I was begging him to call an Uber…)

That’s the kind of masculinity that was missing from all these other guys.

And I get it…in today’s society masculinity is looked down on, and is even labeled as “toxic.”

But that’s not the reality of masculinity…

As a matter of fact, this kind of masculinity is exactly what most women, including myself, are starved of!

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