The 5 Most Popular Places for Sex In Public (2,000 Women Reveal All)

having sex in public

Discover The Ultimate Guide to Having Sex in Public Without Getting Caught–Plus How to Make Her Eager to Hookup ANYWHERE…

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In a recent survey of 2,000 adults, can you guess how many said they had been caught having sex in public?

23%, or 1 in 5.

That’s 1 in 5 people who have not only decided to throw caution to the wind and take a major risk–but who have been caught in the act as well.

Why do we do it?

Well, like most sex-related things, there are a number of reasons. But when it comes to having sex in a place where you can potentially get caught, a lot of it has to do with the adrenaline rush that comes with taking a risk.

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On top of that, it’s a hell of a lot less boring than having sex in a bed (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course).

But where are the best places to experiment with public sex? And where are you least likely to get caught?

Thanks to the same recent survey I mentioned above, we finally have some answers–so with that in mind, here are the 5 most popular places to have sex in public today:

1) This “Adventurous” Spot

According to the results of the survey, an impressive 76% of Americans have had sex outdoors.

Now, “outdoors,” can mean a number of things… including, but not limited to:

  • A park…
  • In the backyard…
  • On the roof of a building…
  • In the woods…
  • On a moving rollercoaster (though this is not quite as likely, I imagine)…

And so on.

As far as a place to have sex goes, the possibilities are pretty limitless–so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to hear that this is the most popular spot to have sex in public.

Here’s why this matters:

Like I said, this is the most popular spot for a reason–so if you’re feeling adventurous with a woman and think she might be feeling the same, then it’s probably the spot you should suggest first.

Whether you want it to be a semi-private picnic in your backyard or something riskier, the key is to plan for it (but more on that later).

2) This “Moving Target”

The next most popular place to get busy in public?

The car!

Sure, you could argue that it’s not technically public because you’re in an enclosed space, but that doesn’t stop it from fulfilling a naughty fantasy of having sex in a place where you could potentially get caught.

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Either way you look at it, though, 68% of people in the survey reported having sex in a car at some point or another. And this means that there are a lot of single women out there right now who are probably willing to do it too.

(Pro Tip: For a lot of guys, it can be harder to stay at “full mast” when you’re having sex in a new place, like in public. So if you want to have the best sex possible, I highly recommend eating this natural bloodflow-booster beforehand. Click here to see why and how it works.)

3) The Perfect Spot for Morning Sex

This is another spot that, while risky, some might argue isn’t 100% “public”:

The kitchen.

But for those who say that the kitchen doesn’t count, let me just say this–if you have roommates, and your main concern is not getting caught, then the kitchen is probably one of the riskiest, adrenaline-inducing spots on this list (if you know someone’s home when you do it).

An incredible 48% of people surveyed have apparently done the deed in their kitchen. But that’s not even the craziest part–12% of people surveyed said that they had even gone so far to have sex in a roommate’s bed.

(There’s an excuse to do your laundry this weekend.)

The kitchen is also great because it’s legally safe–nobody is going to call the cops on you for having sex in your own kitchen. Plus, if you have windows, there’s also the thrill of knowing someone might walk by and see you.

4) This “Vacation Fantasy” Hot Spot

You knew this was coming–sex on the beach.

Yeah, it’s cliche as all hell, and probably isn’t even the most pleasurable spot on this list (All that sand? No thanks.), but it’s a classic.

And according to the survey, 46% of people have had sex on a beach.

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Beach sex is a fantasy for many women, so this only makes sense–just look at the cover of most stereotypical romance novels, and you’ll see an attractive couple kissing in the sand with the ocean waves behind them.

So if you’re ever on a secluded beach with a woman, and the romantic mood strikes you–why not check this classic off the bucket list?

(Just be careful about that sand–seriously.)

5) The Ultimate Place for Nature Lovers

Finally, this last spot is really taking “nature’s call” to a whole new level–sex on a hiking trail.

A sizeable 31% of survey respondents said they had gotten busy on a hiking trail. And why not?

Hiking can be very isolating… unless you’re with other people. So if it’s just you, nature, and a beautiful woman, then why not have some fun?

Regardless of where sex in public happens, one thing is clear:

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If you don’t want to get caught, then you’ve got to have a plan.

Whether you’re getting busy in a car… in a park… or somewhere even riskier… then it’s important to know the risks, and have a plan for how you’re going to pull it off.

So that’s what I want to show you next:

having sex in public

3 Steps to Have Hot Public Sex That She’ll BEG You for More Of…

So you’d like to experiment with sex in public? That’s hot. 😉

Of course, before you just go for it, you’re gonna want to have some kind of plan… (otherwise, the girl you’re with might get worried about getting caught, which could ruin the mood)…

So here are 3 steps to follow for the hottest public sex possible:

1) Find a place where both of you will be secluded and comfortable.

You can pick one of the 5 places I listed above… like a hiking trail, or the beach… or you could simply find a place that’s closer to you, like a park. Just make sure it’s somewhere where not very many people will be.

2) Eat this “sex snack” about an hour before you plan on having sex.

A lot of the time, guys can get “stage fright” when they have sex in new places (like in public)… so to make sure you’re rock hard & ready to go, eat this snack beforehand. This short video will show you the recipe and how it works.

3) Don’t be surprised if she wants to try it again right away.

I remember the first time I had sex in public, on the roof of my ex-boyfriend’s old apartment building…

…I don’t know if it was the adrenaline rush, or the fact that he ate this snack beforehand, that made his boner feel like a freaking steel rod… but I just HAD to have him again… (we ended up going to the public park across the street lol)…

…so don’t be surprised if it happens to you too. 😉

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6 Car Sex Positions That Feel Amazing & Won’t Get You Caught (Including The Legendary “Dashboard Doggy”)

car sex positions

1) Back Seat 69

She lies down on the back seat, face up. You climb on top of her with a knee on either side of her head. 

If your heights line up, you can both go down on each other at once. If not, you can take turns sliding up and down and pleasuring each other.

And because you’re right on top of each other, you’ll fit well in the car—even if it’s a little sedan!

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2) Front Seat Straddle

You sit in the passenger seat, and she sits on your lap, facing you, and slides you inside. While you won’t have much room between your bodies and the dash, that’s ideal.

You won’t be able to do a lot of wild thrusting, but you’re sure to feel super close, for a different experience. Since your range of motion will be limited, you’ll need to get creative with how you move.

Plus, this position is great for lots of eye contact.

3) Dashboard Doggy

Put the driver’s seat as far back as possible. She gets on hands and knees, facing the back of the car. 

You squeeze between her and the steering wheel and go for it.

She can hold on to the seat to push and grind back into you.

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4) Road Head

Thought this was just something people joked about in high school? 

Nope. You can achieve this position easily. Put the car in park, sit back, and relax. She gives you oral by leaning over from the passenger seat.

But seriously, don’t do this with the car rolling—if you get a little distracted, it’s not worth a crash.

5) Reverse Cowgirl 

Ok, for this one you need a special car: a convertible. Or at least a sunroof. 

If you’ve got the right vehicle, how does it work?

You lie down in the driver’s seat, putting it as far back as you can. She gets on top, facing away from you. A sunroof or a convertible top makes room for her head while she rocks up and down.

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Definitely make sure you’re in a very private place before trying this one, as it can be a little more conspicuous.

As in, maybe avoid mall parking garages on Black Friday.

If she’s short, maybe you can pull this off in a regular car. If so, my hat off to you, sir.

6) Spooning Low 

You’re the big spoon. She’s the little spoon. Simple enough, right? 

Well, not so much in the car. But the challenge is part of the fun!

You can make this work by lying down together in the back seat.

This one can be a tricky position to pull off if one or both of you are tall. But give it a try!

It’s a great one for privacy, since you’re both below the level of your windows.

Still, all of these positions are best tried far from prying eyes—you can actually get arrested if you get caught!

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But that’s also part of the excitement, right? Just be careful, and you should have a great time.

And don’t be too shy about suggesting some automotive fun to your lady.

According to one study, 60% of men and women have done it in a car, and plenty of ladies are eager to try…

car sex positions

The #1 Way to Get Her Naked in the Backseat on Your Next Date Night…

While you COULD ask a woman, “Hey, I know some great positions to get it on in the backseat… wanna try?”

That’s probably not going to go over terribly well… (and may get you slapped in the face).

But you know what WILL get her to peel off her sundress… and straddle you in the driver’s seat?

When she knows the experience is actually going to be GOOD for her… I mean she has to know you can get her off.

And I don’t mean in a “let’s make love for hours until we both have so many orgasms we fall over” kind of way…

I mean in a quick, dirty, give her an orgasm under the dinner table kind of way.

Enter–this “5 Finger Tantra” move, which was designed EXPLICITLY to get women off fast… often in a matter of minutes.

It’s perfect for car sex, because you only need one hand to do it…

It hits all her pleasure centers *down there* at the same time…

(Unlike most moves, which focus on the clitoris alone… and that can actually hurt!!)

And I’m telling you right now, if you start using this move in your regular rotation of bedroom go-to’s…

Your woman will come more often…

She will come harder…

And she WILL be down for sex in the car… or at dinner… or in the movie theater…

Because when a woman finds a man who can give her that much pleasure…

She’ll be eager to return the favor, under just about any circumstances (trust me):

Click here right now to discover “5 Finger Tantra” and start giving your woman INSANE orgasms that will make her DTF anywhere.

P.S. Just a heads up… this move makes about 15% of women squirt.. you’ve been warned! 😉

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on October 23, 2019.]

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