Can 40 Minutes of Daily Exercise Really DOUBLE Your Lasting Power In Bed? New Study Reveals Shocking Truth…

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As a college athlete, I am a regular in our fitness center.

I’m usually the first one on the treadmill and the last one off. I’m extremely competitive, so it’s always my goal to outlast anyone who gets on next to me. And that’s on my “off” days.

Although our gym is small, one of the best parts is getting to watch the baseball team train at the same time. Specifically, my boyfriend, the right-field stud.

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Trust me, it isn’t a coincidence that the longer I run, the longer I get to watch him do pull-ups and bench press. The sweatier he gets, the more energy I suddenly have to run. 😉

Making me all hot and bothered isn’t the only benefit he gets out of working out.

If you’re not a frequent runner or weightlifter, you might want to reconsider your stance on exercise.

How Long Does the Average Man REALLY Last In Bed? (Hint: It's Shorter Than You Think)

A recent study found that men who exercise at least 40 minutes a day last twice as long in bed.

The average man who exercised finished in five minutes and 30 seconds, where men who didn’t exercise lasted anywhere from 20 seconds, to three minutes.

Nearly one-third of the “lazy” participants suffered from premature ejaculation.

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I know you might be thinking right now that 40 minutes of exercise every day is a bit much. In fact, how are you able to fit that in between work, relationship, family, friends, and nightlife?

Well fear not, because here’s the catch: it doesn’t have to be 40 minutes of intense training.

I’m not asking you to lift five times your body weight or go run a marathon.

You don’t even have to go to the gym! (But more on that in a bit.)

First, let's talk about the study's logistics.

The Study That Discovered a Bizarre Link Between Exercise & Your Bedroom Performance…

To arrive at these findings, 250 participants were divided into two groups based on how much each one of them exercised.

Participants were monitored during sex for at least six months, timing how long it took for them to ejaculate from the moment of vaginal penetration, to the moment of ejaculation.

They were also asked how satisfied they thought their partners were after.

Seventy-six percent of the group who exercised felt that their partners were completely satisfied. However, only 56% of the non-active group felt they completely satisfied their partners.

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Of the men that regularly exercised, none had instances of premature ejaculation. In contrast, 27% of the men who did not exercise reported ejaculating prematurely.

(Premature ejaculation is defined as ejaculating within one minute of penetration.)

On top of that, the non-active males lasted from 20 seconds to 50 seconds, while the active men lasted anywhere from two minutes to 25 minutes.

I’m not exactly a math wizard, but spending 40 minutes a day walking in order to possibly last 25 minutes in bed? Sounds pretty worth it to me.

Regular exercise has also been linked to lowering the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Right now, there’s literally no reason not to exercise, and if you think you need a gym membership to get you there, think again.

How To Get in 40 Minutes of Exercise Without Hitting The Gym…

All exercise is strenuous, that’s kinda in its nature, but this exercise doesn’t have to kill you.

It also doesn’t have to be an “only you” thing.

If you’re into working out with a partner, call up your buddy or–better yet–bring your girlfriend along. Working out together builds trust in a relationship, allows for meaningful memories, and works up a sweat that gives you a reason to shower together. 😉

Get out of the house and take a run (or walk). Take a lap around your neighborhood, or down the street. Get out your dusty bike and find a path through the woods.

Find a regimen that includes some cardio, some weights, and some abs to hit everything in one go.

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Get into it with jumping jacks, crunches, bicep curls–really anything you want that doesn’t make you bored.

Even when you’re watching television, get active! Hold a plank during the commercials, or do a 30 -second wall sit for every time someone dies in Game of Thrones.

I’m also just letting you know that sex is exercise, so you can count that into your daily time.

But I get it…

At the end of the day, exercise is exercise, and sometimes you just don't wanna do it.

The good news is, if you want to last longer in bed, you do have another option:

Can 40 Minutes of Daily Exercise Really DOUBLE Your Lasting Power In Bed? New Study Reveals Shocking Truth…

There’s An Even Easier Way to Last Longer In Bed…

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But it’s not the only solution.

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Not everyone wants to put in the time and energy for regular exercise…

On top of that it’s not easy to make exercising everyday part of your natural routine…

But if you’re not trying to change your lifestyle, then you don’t have anything to worry about… because you can eat these 5 foods for similar (or better) results.

These five foods are the ingredients to an ancient Vietnamese dish, that men have been using for thousands of years to greatly boost their sex lives.

When you eat them, you may notice you get random hard-ons more often…

Some men have reported the ability to get an erection almost “on-command”… and if you eat them often enough, you’ll likely last a lot longer in bed too.

(Which of course…your woman is going to LOVE.) 😉

Plus, you’ll see faster results if you eat these foods than through exercise alone:

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