Study: Boost Your Sex Drive Naturally By Changing WHEN You Eat, Not WHAT You Eat (Here’s How)

intermittent fasting tips

Discover The Best Intermittent Fasting Tips For a Big Libido Boost–Here’s Everything You Need To Know… 

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There’s a growing number of factors that can impact your sex life–from things in your environment to things you do in your everyday life.

Especially when it comes to the food you eat and what you put in your body…

And thanks to new science, we now know that when you eat plays a role in your sex life as well.

In fact, there’s one new diet trend that can help you boost your bedroom performance, stay lean and keep your heart in check–simply by adjusting when you eat.

How does this affect your libido?

By putting more healthy foods into your body and eating during certain times of the day, you can increase your energy levels, which in turn increases bloodflow to give you a natural boost throughout the day.

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If your sex life has been a bit “blah” lately, check out this easy-to-follow diet trend that can help you get trim and rev up your sex life.

What Exactly Is “Intermittent Fasting” * How Does It Work?

Intermittent fasting is the latest diet trend that’s gaining in popularity for good reason.

To reap the benefits of this diet, you don’t have to change your eating habits. All you have to do is change when you eat.

Condensing the time when you have your meals helps you increase your metabolism, lose weight faster, and increase your energy levels.

Here’s how it works:

The general rule of intermittent fasting is to fast for 16 hours and eat normally during an 8-hour period. Stick to this schedule–that’s it!

There’s no one way to do this, but most people decide if they’d prefer to eat earlier in the day or later.

If you generally skip breakfast or do not eat lunch in the morning, have your first meal at noon and your last by 8.

Likewise, if you’re an early riser and breakfast is your largest meal, try eating around 8 or 9 and have your last meal at 4 or 5.

Do You Have to Eat Healthy Too?

Like most diets, intermittent fasting won’t work as well if you’re consuming greasy burger and fries daily. You’ll want to add a good mix of healthy foods to your diet.

You should focus on incorporating more greens through smoothies or salads, adding lean protein, and healthy fats.

But of course, that doesn’t mean you have to stop eating what you love.

Another added benefit of intermittent fasting?

If you’re currently following another diet, like keto or paleo, you can easily incorporate this into intermittent fasting by simply decreasing when you eat.

It’s also important to remember that starving yourself when trying this diet won’t get you the results you’re hoping for. Instead, it’s recommended to start off by having all three meals in your 8-hour period.

So, you might have a late breakfast at noon, lunch at 3 or 4, and dinner at 7. You can even have healthy snacks in between.

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Very quickly, your body will adjust to your new schedule and you’ll likely feel full faster and gradually begin eating less.

3 Huge Benefits of Intermittent Fasting (Plus How It Can Boost Your Sex Drive)

There are several benefits of following this type of diet–including increased metabolic function, which leads to weight loss and more energy.

Many men who already eat healthy find it hard to lose weight, so this diet is the perfect way for them to shed pounds without making major changes.

This diet has also been linked to lengthening your telomeres, which are the structures at the end of our cells. Telomeres wear down over time, during the aging process.

Fasting, however, has been linked to lengthening these telomeres, which is believed to actually increase your lifespan.

Lastly, this diet can also help boost your sex drive without any dangerous medications or complicated therapies.

This happens in a few different ways.

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1) Increases Energy

This is pretty cut and dry.

When you have more energy, you’re more likely to want to have sex.

Feeling energetic rather than groggy and tired will increase your sexual desire, as well as your stamina between the sheets.

2) Improves Self-Image

Some men find it difficult to crave sex because they’re not very happy with their own bodies.

On top of feeling sluggish or run down, they may not feel as lean or muscular as they’d like.

Since intermittent fasting leads to a higher metabolic rate and increased energy, men often find themselves feeling more sexually aroused simply because their bodies begin transforming in a positive way.

Losing those extra five pounds or having the energy to run in the morning improves our self-confidence, which for many men can be what’s holding them back in the bedroom.

3) Boosts Growth Hormone Production & Sex Drive

As we age, our growth hormone production begins to slow down, and eventually less and less of these hormones are secreted by our pituitary gland.

Once you hit your 40s, it’s inevitable that this growth hormone slows quite drastically, which can really take a toll on your sexual desire.

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In fact, some men actually pay to have risky injections of this growth hormone placed in their bloodstream, in order to enhance their sexual desire.

Intermittent fasting has been shown to increase this growth hormone, which leads to more of the hormone circulating throughout your bloodstream.

When this happens, your sex drive will increase, making you feel like you’re in your 20’s again. 😉

Of course, it’s important to remember that it will probably take time before these changes take effect, and you notice an increase in your drive and bedroom performance… possibly up to a couple months, or even longer.

But what if you want faster results?

intermittent fasting tips

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