How To Shoot Bigger Loads: 8 Scientifically-Proven Secrets That Really Work

how to shoot bigger loads

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Let's talk about it:

Even though the size of your d**k might not be all that important to women…

… the truth is, load size (or “semen volume” if we're getting technical) is.

One study found 50.43% of women say it's “very important” for their partner to ejaculate during intercourse.

If a guy can really “perform” like that–not only is it impressive, but it's a huge turn-on as well.

And if he can't?

To be honest, it's pretty disappointing to most women (even if they won't admit it to your face).

The average man ejaculates between 3-5 milliliters, which amounts to about a teaspoon, according to a study by WHO.

So we asked our top experts, and researched online for some of the best ways to increase load size… and we narrowed it down to these 8 scientifically-proven tricks:

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1) Avoid THIS Common Electronic Device…

Do you use a laptop?

Have you ever kept it on top of your lap? (It is called a laptop, after all.)

Well, you may want to stop.

Several studies have shown that when you keep warm, weighted objects–like a laptop–near or close to your testicles, then it's bad news for your sperm.

Not only will some of your sperm get killed off by the heat and radiation, but your sperm volume will decrease as a result.

And lower sperm volume = lower load size.

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What's the solution?

Well, it's pretty simple–just use a desk for your laptop, or place a pillow between your lap and your laptop when you use it.

(Although experts do say that even sitting for too long can kill off sperm as well, so make sure to get up and move every 10 minutes or so.)

Even if you're used to keeping your laptop on your lap all the time, after a few times placing it somewhere else will start to feel like second nature.

2) What Not to Keep in Your Pockets…

Speaking of electronic devices, you may want to keep your phone out of your pockets as well.

Just like laptops, phone emit heat and radiation. And both of these things can decrease your sperm quality and size.

As an alternative, you can simply carry your phone or keep it in a breast pocket of your shirt.

And if you have to keep it in your pants, then a back pocket will do as well.

3) Eat These “Sperm Superfoods”

Did you know that certain foods can affect the quality and quantity of your load size?

Well, it's true.

A recent study found that men who eat less meat have higher-quality sperm–especially less processed meat.

Does that mean you have to stop eating meat altogether?

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Definitely not–another study discovered that folic acid helps keep sperm healthy and strong, dubbing it a “sperm superfood.”

So you can keep your load size large by adding foods like citrus fruits, whole grains, leafy greans and beans to your diet.

And in fact, there are even certain foods that can increase the strength of your erections as well (but more on that in a bit).

4) Masturbate More Often (Seriously)

Yes, jerking off is good for you.

And that's because when you ejaculate, you're getting old sperm out–and making room for new sperm.

And the newer your sperm, the higher quality they'll be. That's including their quantity.

Now, you might have heard that not jerking off can actually increase your load size. The theory goes that when you hold it in, it just builds and builds inside of you.

While this is partially true, it's still healthiest for your sperm to masturbate regularly.

5) Get Into This Healthy Habit…

Another healthy habit that increases your load size?

Keeping your weight in check.

Studies have shown that men who are overweight or obsese have much lower quality sperm, and a lower volume of sperm as well.

According to urologist and infertility specialist Jamin Brahmbhatt, losing weight will increase your loads:

Thirty-three percent of obese men have a low sperm count, and seven percent have no sperm count. As you lose weight, your count will naturally improve.”

So even if you're far from buff, it helps to do something:

Go to the gym once a week…

Take a walk in the morning…

Even do a quick workout at home (there are lots of options if you Google it)…

Just make an effort to stay in shape, and that can make a big difference. Both for your health, and your load size. 😉

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6) If You’re A Smoker…

… then you may want to consider quitting, or at least cutting down.

Many studies have found that smoking can decrease sperm count and motility. This means that not only will smoking make your loads smaller, but they won't shoot as far either.

Plus, quitting smoking today is easier than it ever has been!

You can use a vape pen (although there is limited information about the adverse effects it may have on your health) or a patch–and there are also lots of support groups available online that can make it easier.

7) Everything In Moderation

Chances are, if you have a bad habit that you suspect might be bad for your sperm quality & quantity… then it probably is (at least a little bit).

The key is to practice moderation in everything you do.

A healthy diet, lifestyle, and environment will ensure peak sperm quality and load size.

And even though masturbating more will help keep your sperm healthy… not masturbating can also help too.

Out of 24 studies, all but one found a connection between abstaining from ejaculating and an increase in semen volume (so the longer you wait between ejaculations, the more you're going to ejaculate).

And that means lots of satisfied women in bed. 😉

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Of course, all of these steps will take time to make a difference–and the waiting can be frustrating.

So what if you want even faster results?

That's what I want to show you next:

how to shoot bigger loads

8) Boost Your Bloodflow *Down There*

You know how when you sit on your butt for too long, it starts to feel numb?

Well, the reason this happens is because the pressure stops blood from flowing there…

… and so when you stand up, you may feel a little bit weaker, or you might not be able to walk as fast as normal.

Your d**k works like that, too.

Basically, when you’re having sex, your heart works hard to pump blood all throughout your body…

… and if not enough blood flows *down there,* then your loads are gonna be weak, no matter what.


If you can find a way to boost the bloodflow to your penis... then your loads will be MUCH larger, MUCH more impressive, and MUCH more likely to turn girls on.

Thankfully, you don’t have to take any crazy heart medications or get a “prescription” to boost your bloodflow in this way…

… because we discovered this exotic combination of 5 foods, which boosts bloodflow to your penis in a safe, natural, and very powerful way. 😉

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