Does She Think You’re Too Needy? Playboy Radio Host Reveals How to Find Out…

Discover the Ultimate Foreplay Secrets to Really Drive her Wild…

How to Not Be Needy–Are You Accidentally Pushing Her Away?

Women definitely tend to steer away from guys they consider “needy.”

The confusing part for many guys is:  

What exactly do women consider needy-type behaviors?

Once you actually know what these behaviors are, you’ll be able to successfully avoid them from now on ;).

So that's what I want to show you today!

Hi, I’m Jessica J. I was a host for Playboy Radio, and last year I was named OkCupid’s most popular female user.

It’s safe to say I know a lot about sex and online dating.

So every week, I’ll be answering your most burning questions about sex and online dating…

And this week, I’m answering this:

What’s the difference between confident guys and needy guys?”


how to not be needy

In this video, I reveal exactly how to not be needy, plus:

  • The bizarre reason why giving her space will bring you closer together…
  • A step-by-step method to never come off as “needy” or “creepy”…
  • Why you should never be overly concerned with her whereabouts or phone…
  • The #1 trait that women find super desirable…
  • The simple mind game that will make her chase you

How to Get Practically ANY Girl You Want…

Now, after watching the video, some guys in our community have asked me:

“That’s great Jess… but I really like this one girl! And I think that naturally makes me seem ‘needy’ no matter what… so what can I do when I have a crush on a girl like that?”

Good question!

And as tough as it may seem… you have to resist the impulse to treat her like a queen… and you cannot just spill your guts to her like some kind of 90s rom-com movie lol.

Instead… try this fast 5-step plan fellow Gotham Club expert Magic Leone developed exclusively for our community members who have a crush on one particular girl.

Magic’s one of the top guys in our community for a reason–he takes you through, step-by-step, and shows you:

  • The exact body language you should use around her…
  • Simple “touch tricks” you can use that seem totally innocent… but that quickly ramp up her desire for you… and
  • How to finally seal-the-deal and go in for the kiss (even if she’s “taken”)

It’s become one of our top community resources, with tens of thousands of pageviews for a reason… so check it out now:

5 Fast Steps to Get Practically ANY Girl You Want

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