Study: THIS Is the Key to a Truly Satisfying Sex Life

how to have better sex

How to Have Better Sex, No Matter What Your Situation Is Right Now–Do You Know This Scientifically Proven Solution?

Are you completely satisfied with your sex life?

Be honest–most people can pinpoint at least one or two areas where there’s room for improvement.

Maybe you wish you had sex more often…

Or perhaps you wish the sex you are having was more passionate…

Whatever the case, a few studies have apparently found the key to achieving the sex life of your dreams.

What is it?

It’s all about practicing what researchers have been calling “harmonious sexual passion.”

Harmonious Sexual Passion Vs. Obsessive Sexual Passion: What’s the Difference?

A number of studies have found a strong association between sexual satisfaction and what researchers like to call “harmonious sexual passion.”

Scientific American currently defines harmonious sexual passion as:

Passion for sex that is well integrated and in harmony with other aspects with other aspects of the self, creating minimal conflict with other areas of life.”

People who practice this harmonious sexual passion not only experience greater sexual satisfaction, but they’re also happier in their relationships and have more control over their sex drives.

This is in stark contrast to what scientists like to call “obsessive sexual passion.”

People who practice obsessive sexual passion often feel as though they have a bad sex life and are not satisfied with their relationships.

There are a few reasons why this is–so with that in mind, here’s how to know if you’re more “harmonious” or “obsessive,” and what to do about it if you fall on the more “obsessive” side.

3 Signs You Practice “Obsessive” Sexual Passion (& What to Do About It)

There are a few “red flags” to look for in people who practice “obsessive” sexual passion.

Here are 3 of the biggest (and how to fix them):

1) You See Sex as A Goal

People who are more obsessive than harmonious tend to see sex as a goal–an item on a list that should be “checked off” when appropriate, and consequently forgotten about.

That may be stating it a bit harshly, but it’s the sort of mindset that can create a very unhealthy relationship with sex and can ultimately sabotage your own sexual chances.


Well, when you see sex as a goal, it’s easy to feel badly about yourself if you aren’t “achieving” it as often as you’d like (or how you’d like, or whatever). And when you begin to have these negative feelings surrounding sex, you may want to stop thinking about it altogether.

As a result, you can’t put any effort into pursuing it, because it just reminds you of these bad feelings.

The Fix:

At the end of the day, you should see sex as something pleasurable that you can pursue, yes, but it shouldn’t be an end-all, be-all goal.

Instead, sex is like a reward–it’s something fun that you get to do from time to time. And if you aren’t having it, it’s perfectly OK.

You’re still the same man, whether or not you’re having sex. Not only will you come off as less desperate this way, but you’ll also likely enjoy sex more in the long run.

2) When Something Reminds You of Sex, It’s All You Can Think About

Another clue that you may practice more obsessive sexual passion than harmonious sexual passion is that sex consumes your mind.

For example, if you see a sexy commercial…

A woman wearing a short skirt…

Or someone mentions “sex” in passing…

Then sex is all you can think about in that moment. You can’t get your mind off of it, and you have no control over it.

This is bad for many reasons, but the biggest one is that when you do this, you’re letting sex control you, and not the other way around.

The Fix:

Accept that it’s OK to think about sex sometimes, even in situations that aren’t inherently sexual.

In a long work meeting, for example, it’s only natural for minds to wander.

Understand that while you’re thinking about sex, nobody around you knows it. It’s perfectly fine (and natural!) to have these thoughts quite often.

While some men think about it more than others, just accept it while it’s happening–it’s the fastest way to get those thoughts out of your head and regain control over your sex life.

3) You Can’t Control When & How You Think About Sex

For men who practice obsessive sexual passion, sex is something over which they have no control.

In turn, sex becomes something they fear:

“Oh no, what if I start thinking about it in church?”


“How bad would it be if I start thinking about porn when I’m giving this presentation?”

For these men, sex springs up on them–and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

As a result, they try and forget about sex entirely. Which, in case you’ve never tried it before, is extremely difficult (if not impossible).

So most of the time, they fail, and develop a negative relationship with sex. They demonize it.

The Fix:

Rather than fearing sex, harmonious sexual practitioners welcome thoughts of sex, and can actively control when and how they think about it.

They understand that sex is part of everyday life, and it’s a perfectly human thing to think about.

While this may seem counterintuitive at first–welcoming thoughts of something will help keep them at bay?!–it’s pretty basic logic.

Because it’s impossible to stop thinking about sex altogether, people who try this basically fail 100% of the time. So then they obsess about this failure.

Accepting sex as a harmonious part of your daily life will help these negative thoughts go away, and ultimately will help you think about sex less (if that’s what you want).

Study: THIS Is the Key to a Truly Satisfying Sex Life

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