The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW…

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

How to Increase Testosterone… The Lowest Effort and Most Effective Method to Boost “T” Instantly…

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If you’ve ever been curious about why men put on muscle more easily than women, have a wealth of facial and body hair, and think about sex 19 times per day (on average)… 

The answer is one simple word: testosterone. 

Testosterone has been in the news almost daily lately, so it’s pretty hard to avoid thinking about it…

Most recently, there have been studies about whether Covid can deplete testosterone (maybe), if higher testosterone correlates with a likelihood of cheating (probably), and even a brand new test your “T” level at home kit

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Since it can drive your sex drive AND plays a factor in men’s overall health, it’s good to understand the facts of what testosterone is, signs that your testosterone levels are low…

And the best (all natural) ways to give your testosterone levels a healthy boost…

how to increase testosterone

Testosterone Facts (And Only the Facts…)

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is mainly produced in the testes. It is more abundant in men than in women and is responsible for masculine traits, whether that be access to the baritone range, a robust mustache, a lean and muscular build, or an extremely high sex drive. 

Everything that you think of when you hear the word “manly” is dictated by testosterone levels…

Testosterone hangs out in your bloodstream and begins to increase during adolescence. The amount of testosterone a man’s body produces is most likely to peak between ages 20 and 30 and then begins to taper off.

But don’t worry–there are ways to naturally boost testosterone, coming up a little later in this article…

how to increase testosterone

What are Signs of Low Testosterone In Men?

It is possible for testosterone levels to drop below normal, and there are signs of it you can watch for. 

A drop in testosterone could be caused by a medical condition, medication, dietary changes, lifestyle, or simply aging. 

When testosterone levels drop, you might start to notice yourself losing some of your masculine traits. You may see yourself put on weight, lose muscle mass, and even develop fatty tissue in your chest. 

Sometimes the sign is as subtle as fatigue. If you find yourself having low energy or brain fog, those could be signs of a change in your testosterone levels.

You might also experience a drop in mood and an increase in anxiety. Low testosterone can result in mood swings, irritability, and aggression. 

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One reason that women sometimes get moody before their monthly cycle is that their testosterone drops during this time. If you have low testosterone, you’re experiencing a similar crash that women face every month. (So have a little sympathy for the ladies…)

There is no doubt that low testosterone takes a toll on your physical and mental health, not to mention confidence and sex life. 

This hormone is deeply tied into the systems of the body and mind, and it is important to keep it in balance. 

how to increase testosterone

How Does Low testosterone Affect Sex Drive In Men?

One of the most common and easily recognizable signs of low testosterone is a decline in sex drive and sexual performance. 

Testosterone is nature’s failsafe baby-maker. It drives you to want to have sex pretty much ALL the time. It leads you think about sex, plan to have sex, and of course, actually have sex. 

So if sex starts to take a backseat in your life, you find yourself thinking about it less, or having trouble getting aroused, it could be due to low testosterone…

how to increase testosterone
These are all natural ways on how to increase testosterone

Likewise, if you have trouble with maintaining an erection, are not as hard as usual, are finishing too early, or are not finishing at all, low testosterone may very well be your issue. 

This is especially common for men who are in their early 40’s and beyond, since testosterone sees a natural decline at this point in life. 

No need to panic — there are interventions you can try to boost testosterone naturally, including quite a few that you can start today with no risk of side effects. 

Read on to find out which of these all natural efforts are most effective…

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

Exercise for Better Testosterone Levels

One of the best ways to naturally boost testosterone is to make sure you are getting regular exercise. Exercise helps all of your body’s systems function better by moving fluids around, getting your heart pumping, and flushing out accumulated toxins through your sweat. 

What exercise, specifically? A combination of cardio and strength training will help you to drop off extra weight, build muscle, and restore testosterone levels. 

Plus, it will boost your mood and your confidence, so there is really nothing to lose… except excess weight…

You can start just by adding in a bit of exercise each week, and gradually work your way up to more as you build strength and stamina (and yes, that stamina will translate to the bedroom).

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For cardio the easiest thing you can do is go for a walk. Even a daily 20-minute walk can make a difference. If you’re feeling more ambitious, you could also go for a run. 

Swimming, biking, and hiking are also great options that you can do alone. If you’re into team sports, soccer, lacrosse, and flag football will help you get cardio while getting in your socialization quota for the day as well. 

The most straightforward way to approach strength training would be to lift weights, but you can also do bodyweight exercises or even yard work. As long as you are lifting heavy things, you are strength training.

how to increase testosterone
Don’t miss these tips on how to increase testosterone below…

If there is a gym nearby that you can join (and is open), paying a monthly fee could be just the motivation you need to actually get your workouts in. 

Just be sure not to over-exercise, which can also be a cause of low testosterone. There are a variety of apps that can help you track your exercise, and it doesn’t hurt to plan your workout schedule a week ahead of time. 

You might also consider getting an accountability buddy to make sure you stay committed…

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

Best Vitamins and Minerals for Boosting Testosterone Levels

Another way to naturally boost testosterone levels is to increase the amount of vitamin D you are getting. You can do this by laying out in the sun, taking a vitamin, or drinking a whole lot of milk. 

In addition to being good for your testosterone levels, vitamin D is great for bones, immune system, and even brain health. If you suspect you may be deficient, it would be a good idea to take it in a capsule form, which you can find at most grocery and drug stores.

Iron, an essential mineral for human health, may also support testosterone production. You can increase your iron levels with supplements, red meat, or dark leafy greens. This mineral is also important for muscle repair, so it is a major win-win. Iron is also available as a supplement in most stores. 

You might consider taking a multivitamin, just to make sure there is nothing important you’re missing.

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

3 Lifestyle Tips for Increasing Testosterone

Your daily lifestyle is directly related to your testosterone levels. How you treat your body, and what you put in your body will affect your hormones. 

To naturally restore testosterone levels, you might need to consider making some adjustments to your everyday routines and habits: 

1) Reduce Substances

Drinking alcohol is one habit to cut back on if you suspect you have low testosterone levels. Alcohol can cause cell damage and mess with hormone signaling. 

You don’t need to become a Prohibitionist, but do try to limit yourself to a couple drinks per day. Alcohol may act a bit like an aphrodisiac at first, but after a certain point, it will actually kill your libido…

Tobacco is another substance that is best kept to a minimum if you’re trying to restore testosterone levels. 

Using recreational drugs can also be the culprit of low testosterone. Even marijuana, which is well known for its health benefits, can actually be detrimental to your sex life, especially when overused. 

There are many resources to support you if you need to cut back on substances. Reach out to your local or online communities if you’re looking for support in cutting back on substances.

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2) Get Eight Hours of Sleep Each Night

Getting enough sleep is also essential for healthy testosterone levels. Your body does important work while you are sleeping, and if you’re not getting your eight hours each night, you are liable to see problems in many areas of your health. 

Studies have found that cutting back on sleep could very well be linked with a drop in testosterone levels. 

Set an evening timer to make sure you get to the bedroom with enough time for romance AND to fall asleep before it’s too late. 

Try to avoid looking at screens an hour before bed, and if you can, ditch any afternoon caffeine, since that can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. 

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3) Eat a Healthy Diet

If you’ve been leaning on the fast food and sweet treats recently, you might want to reconsider what you’re putting in your body. 

Fried, fatty, and sugary foods are not your friend when it comes to a healthy sex life…

Not only do these foods mess with your hormones, but they also tend to leave you feeling foggy and uninterested in sex. 

Add an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet. The less processed your foods, the better (hint: shop around the perimeter of the grocery store, and avoid the aisles). 

Load up on leafy greens, citrus, tubers, mushrooms, and anything else that looks intriguing to you. Most vegetables can be easily chopped and thrown into a stir fry or a salad–you don’t need any special cooking skills to eat health. 

And no, you don’t have to give up fats or sugars. Just increase the quality of the fats and sugars you eat… For example, avocado instead of cream cheese, or blueberries instead of a candy bar. 

It’s definitely worth it — not only can this boost your testosterone levels, but it’s also likely to make you shed a few pounds.

There’s also no need to eat bland food. Incorporate spices like curry powder, black pepper, and cinnamon into your meals to make them more interesting. Use fresh and dried herbs like basil, cilantro, oregano, and thyme to bring any dish to life. Garlic, onions, and ginger also offer a ton of flavor at very little cost and with minimal effort.

You don’t have to eat a perfectly clean diet to support testosterone levels. Aim for about 80% of your diet to be made up of fresh, whole foods. 

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

Natural Supplements to Boost Testosterone

You might also consider taking supplements to help boost testosterone: 

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that is thought to help give testosterone levels a boost by increasing follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, which is essential for testosterone production. 

Tribulis terrestris is a natural herb that comes from the Mediterranean. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Numerous studies on both people and animals have shown its ability to increase sex drive and testosterone levels. Some people also use it to improve athletic performance and to aid circulation.

Fenugreek is another herb that could be useful for boosting testosterone levels, possibly by preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, which is the primary female sex hormone. Science shows that it may hold the key to increasing testosterone naturally. 

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Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone that already occurs naturally in your body. It is important for keeping testosterone and estrogen in balance and has been widely used to boost testosterone levels. It could also be useful for combating depression and boosting your mood. 

Several studies have found that 50-100 mg of DHEA per day can boost testosterone levels by up to 20% when compared to a placebo.

Ashwagandha can also be used as a supplement to increase testosterone levels. A study on this herb, which has been used in ancient Indian medicine, showed that it might improve sperm quality, decrease anxiety, and boost the chances of impregnating a partner. 

Another study showed benefits to exercise performance, weight loss, and testosterone levels, and it may also be beneficial as an anti-inflammatory and immune-booster. 

The 7 Mistakes MOST Men Make that Keeps Testosterone TOO LOW...

Can You Boost Testosterone?

Low testosterone is not at all uncommon, and can affect men even in their 20’s. No matter how old you are, low testosterone can take a toll on your health, your happiness, and your sex life. 

If you have noticed a decrease in sex drive, masculine traits, energy levels, and mood, low testosterone may just be the culprit. 

Luckily, there are many natural ways to boost testosterone. You don’t have to try anything invasive or dangerous, although you should make an appointment with your doctor to be sure there is nothing seriously wrong.

But if you’ve just noticed that a few things are “off,” try out the recommendations outlined in this article. These are safe approaches to increasing testosterone levels naturally, and many of them will also benefit other aspects of your health. 

Remember, consistency is key. Don’t expect to do all the healthy things for one day and see change right away. It can take months for effects to start to take hold. Have patience, and keep at it. These tips should reignite your sex drive, restore your energy levels, and have you feeling like yourself again. 

Want to know the single most important thing about boosting your testosterone?

how to increase testosterone
Learn how to increase testosterone below…

The Lowest Effort and Most Effective Method for Boosting “T” Levels

So, let’s say you’ve upped your exercise regime, started taking vitamins and supplements, made those lifestyle changes… and your “T” levels are going up.

You could be the freakish test tube baby that mixes The Rock and Jason Statham’s DNA, with more testosterone than any man on the planet…

But… it won’t mean squat if all that “T” isn’t going to the right places…and the way it gets to the right places is… with good blood flow.

High levels of Testosterone + Poor blood flow = Muscle weakness, low sex drive, limp d*ck and more! 

The key to making sure your testosterone is working for you (and is being used effectively) by simply boosting your blood flow.

Because blood flow is the one thing most guys overlook…

Until you get that blood (and “T”) going where it needs to go… your sex drive is going to stay low…

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