This Brand-New Sex Position Hits Her G-Spot Better Than Doggy (With Step-By-Step Instructions)

how to hit the g spot

How To Hit the G Spot Hard & Take Her Over the Edge Using This Brand-New Position She’ll BEG You For Again And Again…

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Everybody talks about it—but for many, the G-spot remains elusive.

You might wonder if it’s even a real thing! Is it just a myth?

How do you know if you’ve hit the spot?

Wonder no more. Indeed, the G-spot exists, and it shouldn't be a secret, or something only a few sex experts know how to find…

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Keep reading to find out exactly how to stimulate the G-spot…

The #1 Difference Between a G-Spot Orgasm & A Clitoral Orgasm…

The G-spot is a region of a woman’s vagina that is particularly sensitive to pressure.

When stimulated, it can be extremely pleasurable and lead to multiple orgasms and even squirting.

While orgasms through clitoral stimulation are more limited, requiring time between climaxes, G-spot orgasms can keep on, well, coming!

Take note that a G-spot orgasm does NOT feel exactly like a clitoral orgasm.

It does not have the same “over the waterfall” effect that dissolves away, but is more like waves on the shore.

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Once you trigger your partner here, everything you do to her thereafter will feel even more pleasurable for her.

Triggering the G-spot will make your partner feel really amazing, and is also great for helping her relax more deeply, which enhances your pleasure too.

I’m going to share a brand-new position that will help you access this pleasure powerhouse—soon you will be blowing your lady’s mind like never before.

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Introducing “Sweet Spoons”: Your New Secret Weapon in The Bedroom…

The position you will momentarily be dying to try is called “Sweet Spoons,” and it will get your woman to orgasm faster because it directly stimulates her G-spot.

It starts out in a familiar way—with you and your partner spooning.

But what’s a little different about this technique from many other hot sex moves is that it is not about depth. It’s about consistent strokes and smaller movements.

So while you’re up against your lover’s luscious booty, kink it up and focus on moving in and out just a few inches as you stroke your penis against the anterior wall of her vagina.

Another way to describe the region you need to focus on is if she were to lie on her back and you were to stroke your fingers, oriented upward, on the “ceiling” of her vagina, pulling them back toward you.

You may be able to feel a series of ridges to help you identify this luxe locale as well.

This technique should feel delicious for you and dazzling for her. 😉

It’s likely to give her a “head high” and make her feel cleared out and present in the moment.

You are also positioned perfectly to use your fingers to stimulate her clit to enhance her pleasure. This will drive her wild!

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If she doesn’t notice any effects right away, be patient and keep trying.

Help her relax by stroking her legs, hip, and booty while you stimulate her G-spot.

If you’re still having trouble accessing the G-spot, you can try having her fold slightly more at the hips so that her upper body comes further out from yours.

Communicate with your woman and have her tell you when she starts to feel a pleasant and intense building sensation.

Don’t speed up or go harder, just keep your movements consistent. This does require some restraint!

If it seems to be taking too long, don’t get down on yourself. Just switch to a different position so you both stay excited and come back to this one later.

New sex moves often require several tries before they start to make sense, because both of you have to relax, not overthink, and work together.

By the way, if you need additional lubrication, try coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a healthy natural lubricant, is very effective, and feels WAY sexier than synthetic lubricants.

how to hit the g spot

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on May 31, 2020.]

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