This “Old School Value” Eliminates Flakiness & Last-Minute Cancellations

how to eliminate flakiness

How To Eliminate Flakiness For Good–Do You Know This “Traditional” Trick?

In my last two articles, I talked about the importance of honesty and loyalty in the dating world today.

Thanks to technology and online dating, being dishonest and disloyal have become easier than ever.

Another huge issue with modern-day dating?

Flakiness, or what many people have been calling “ghosting.”

This is when a woman says she’s going to be somewhere, but then she either:

a) Cancels at the last minute… or:

b) Doesn’t show up at all.

When a woman does this, she’s showing a lack of dependability.

And dependability is a core value in any relationship. It lends stability to a relationship.

So today, I’m going to show you how being dependable can cause the women you make plans with to be dependable too.

But first, we have to answer one big question:

What is dependability, anyway?

What Exactly Is “Dependability”?

Here’s the truth:

You don’t have to be in a committed relationship to be dependable. Hell, you don’t even need to be in any sort of a relationship to be dependable.

All you have to do is do what you say you’re going to do. Period.

Did you promise to meet a woman at a certain place at a certain time? Show up, and you’re dependable. Don’t, and you’re not.

That’s the basic answer. There are plenty of reasons to be dependable in this day and age, and as always, not many reasons not to be.

Women in the dating scene–especially as they get older–crave stability and security.

Don’t believe me?

Read the profiles. There’s a drumbeat for dependability out there.

So, if dependability makes you desirable, and lack of dependability is a dealbreaker, why wouldn’t you want to be viewed as dependable?

You would, right?

Why Do Women Crave a “Dependable” Man?

Dependability doesn’t mean that you have to spend all your time with a woman. You just need to be regularly available.

Also, don’t make promises you can’t–or won’t–keep.

It’s much better to say you can’t do something with your lady friend than to say you will and then beg off.

If you do the latter one too many times, she’ll begin to think you can’t be relied upon.

And that may lead to you falling out of favor with her–AKA no more sex.

It doesn’t have to be a one-way street, either. If you’re dating a woman who is constantly making excuses or breaking dates, then she’s not being dependable toward you.

Which means you may be wasting a lot of time chasing her. If your goal is to be in a relationship, or to at least be regularly sleeping with a woman…

Then the time you spend trying to pin down a woman who isn’t dependable is probably better spent finding a woman who is.

And when I say “being there,” I’m not saying you have to move in with her. What I mean is you just have to make regular plans and follow through with them.

So, you need to ask her out sometimes. And if she wants you to do something, you should agree on occasion.

If you’re in a spot where she’s asking you to do more than you’re willing to, then you need to communicate that to her.

You need to be as mindful of your own time as you are of hers. Don’t waste time with women when you know things won’t work out–it’s not going to get you a girlfriend, or reliably in bed with a woman on a regular basis.

Of course, none of this matters if you’re simply looking for serial one-night stands. In that case, more power to you!

The #1 Sexual Benefit of Being Dependable

But what if you’re somewhere in between serial one-night stands and a serious relationship?

You’re casually dating or like to date a few women at a time. Does dependability still matter?

Even under circumstances like these, dependability matters, yes.

If you’re a casual dater, but not particularly dependable, you’re going to spend more time looking for women than sleeping with them.

For example, when I’m in a relationship with a woman–and I usually have a few “relationships” at a time–I do everything I can to be dependable.

The women I date know that they can count on me to show up…

Depend on me for a good time…

And reasonably expect that I will not only return their calls and texts, but will also call and text them on a regular basis.

To the women I date, I am dependable. And that’s why they stick around until they or I move along or find a better arrangement.

It sure beats the hell out of spinning my tires trying to get someone to text me back or make a plan. I know–I’ve been there.

What If SHE Isn’t Very Dependable?

I went out with a woman who would break dates at the last minute, then text and complain that we never see each other.

Or almost as annoying, she would never be ready on time, and I’d reliably end up waiting half an hour or more for her before we could head out.

Now, personally, I’m neither all that punctual nor a stickler for being on time. But she was so bad that she made me look like a Swiss watch. In fact, she was the worst person I’ve ever met when it came to timeliness.

Her lack of dependability and disrespect for my time made me realize that my time was better spent elsewhere.

I let her know that we should probably just be friends. Even now, I turn her down most times when she wants to get together–because I don’t have the time to waste waiting.

(And if I’m being honest, the sex wasn’t that great either.)

So, dependability cuts both ways. Being dependable shows a respect for each other’s time. It also keeps things stable.

If you know you can count on her to be where she says she’s going to be and do what she promises, it takes a lot of stress off of your shoulders. And vice versa.

Sure, dependability may be old-fashioned. But it’s still important in this age of “modern” dating.

And in fact, being dependable can even help you turn a first date into a second date (or more)… here’s what I mean:

how to eliminate flakiness

Predictive Dependability: How To Secure a Second Date (Or More)…

While being “dependable” can certainly cause a woman to show up for a first date…

…there is another, more powerful kind of “dependability” I haven’t mentioned yet… and it can help turn first dates into second ones… or more.

Enter: Predictive Dependability.

It works by speeding up the process of “proving yourself” as the dependable guy she craves… because instead of waiting for her to ask you to do something…

…and then agreeing to do it…

…and then actually doing it…

…(which can take days, weeks, or longer)…

…you just do what she wants before she asks you to do it!

Like on a first date, for example, most women want you to do this when the bill arrives. So if you do it before she asks, then you’ve just successfully used Predictive Dependability (& increased the odds that she’ll come home with you at the end of the night).

With Predictive Dependability, there is no “waiting” for her request… there is no “agreeing” to do it.

Predictive Dependability allows you to literally predict what she wants… so when you do it without her asking, she thinks:

“Wow, this guy is doing everything I want him to do… he’s amazing! What a keeper!”

This guide will show you how to use Predictive Dependability to your best advantage–I hope it’s as helpful for you as it was for me:

Discover Predictive Dependability & Get More Second Dates Than You Ever Thought Possible…

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