Good News For Short Guys: Men Who Are THIS Tall Get the Most Matches On Tinder

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The Truth About Height Difference Couples & Why Short Guys Have a HUGE Sexual Advantage Online…

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Did you know that 12 million new Tinder matches are made every day?

And that Tinder is the most widely used app on Facebook?

So if you're single, and you're trying to date, chances are you're on Tinder.

But maybe you're not getting as many matches as you thought, or you're not matching with the right women.

This experience is all too common.

Especially if you're not particularly handsome, or basketball-player-tall, or as charismatic as James Dean.

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But one recent study has proven that you do NOT have to have these qualities to get matches and hookups with hot girls online.

More specifically, if you consider yourself “vertically challenged,” you may have an advantage that you didn't realize before.

So today, I'm going to show you what that sexual advantage is, and how to use it right away to get the hot girls you want online.

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And The Most Right-Swiped Height on Tinder Is…

The study was conducted by the dating app Badoo, and discovered that the most right-swiped heights for men were:

1) 5'8″…

2) 5'10″…

3) 5'6″…

As you probably already noticed, these heights are far below the “6'0″ and taller” rule that most women stereotypically seem to follow.

So what?

So, the numbers show that women are interested in men who are shorter than most guys would suspect.

This is probably for a few reasons.

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First of all, it's statistically impossible for every guy to be 6'0″ or taller. So naturally, there are going to be some guys under 6'0″ tall who are getting a lot of matches.

Second, the stereotypes around height are changing–and in fact, many women these days are far more open to dating a shorter man than they used to be.

One recent survey on Reddit asked women if they still care about height in a man, and one woman responded:

“In all respects, I find being with a shorter man much more rewarding. For example, he understands the difficulty I have reaching high shelves and I don't get a crick in my neck looking into his eyes.”

Finally, it's possible that these shorter guys are getting more matches because of other redeeming qualities they have in their profiles.

Maybe they have particularly interesting photos…

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Or perhaps they send some kicka** first messages that get them more dates and hookups…

And of course, it's also possible that some girls straight-up do not pay attention to a guy's height on Tinder and these other dating apps.

The bottom line?

If you're shorter, it doesn't necessarily mean you're getting the “short” end of the stick with girls online.

And here's how to use this newfound knowledge to get more hookups and dates right away:

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How To Use Your Height to Get More Matches & Dates…

So now you know that height doesn't matter on Tinder, how can you use this information to get more matches?

Well, for starters, if you've been lying about your height online, then it's time to get a little more honest about it.

Not only will this make you seem more trustworthy, but as the data have shown, it can boost your matches in the long run!

Second, don't try to overcompensate with overly enthusiastic messages, or a “quirky” Tinder bio.

Many women from the Reddit survey I mentioned above said that they aren't bothered by dating a shorter guy–but they ARE bothered when a shorter guy gets defensive about his height, or tries to overcompensate.

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Finally, the best way to use this information to get more matches online is to just go for the girls you really want.

If you match with a girl, then message her first, and don't be shy about asking her out.

Remember, she swiped right on you for a reason!

And finally, there are some proven things you can do to get fast hookups with more hot girls online, no matter what your height is…

Here's what they are:

Good News For Short Guys: Men Who Are THIS Tall Get the Most Matches On Tinder

How To Go From First Message to Same-Night Sex (No Matter Your Height)…

I hope by now you realize that height doesn’t matter on Tinder or other apps!

If you have the right kind of opener… and say the right things… to the point where she really wants to meet up with you…

Then she’s hooked. She’s not gonna care how tall you are at all.

Especially if you follow these 3 fast steps to go from first message to sex.

For example, one recent study showed that if you include this simple phrase in your first message… your odds of getting laid go up a lot.

And that’s because this phrase not only makes her 28% more likely to respond…

… but it often gets her to start hinting about things she likes to do… and sometimes it even gets her to say “we should get together sometime!” without you having to ask. 🙂

There are two more nuggets of pure gold here if you wanna hookup on the first date… so use these the next time you wanna get laid from an app:

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on August 26, 2019.]

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