Pornstar Cindy Starfall: “3 Wild Ways to Turn Me On” (NSFW!)

pornstar cindy starfall

Pornstar Cindy Starfall Reveals Her Naughtiest & Hottest Turn-Ons–Can You Guess What She Secretly Craves In Bed?

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There are a few things that can get a girl hooked on you in the bedroom… and I'm not talking about for sleeping. 😉

Hi, I'm Cindy Starfall!

As an adult actress, it's safe to say I know a lot about sex–and I'm not shy about talking about it either.

Getting turned on is a huge part of my job, so knowing specifically what I like in bed is super important.

Coming from a buttoned-up background and transitioning into a more “buttoned-down” career, I've had experiences with just about every kind of guy.

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Some of them were great… and others, not so much.

So today, I want to share what I loooove in a man–I'll show you my three biggest turn-ons, plus a surprising turn-off that you may not quite expect.


Let's dive in, baby!

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1) Show Me Your More “Mature” Side

Any girl will admit it’s hard to resist a silver fox.

Honestly, I prefer older men in bed. They're sexy for so many reasons.

One of the hottest things a guy can do is know what he wants–and in my experience, older guys tend to know more about what they want than younger guys do.

Being 26 myself, it might seem weird that I would go for men who are sometimes 20 years older than me.

But it's because boys my age are just that–boys.

All they care about is drinking, partying, and f**king… and pretty much having wild times while they’re still young.

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They can’t keep up their end of a conversation without driving it back to partying and sex, and those topics can get old really fast.  

I mean, I like having fun, and yes I party, but I am not at all a “party girl.” And I tend to keep guys like that at an arm’s length.  

When a man is in his 40's, he's usually already established–he has a job, and he's way less likely to be clingy. 

Older men are also less likely to be intimidated by my career, and that's super hot to me.

Which brings me to the next wild way to turn me on…

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2) Be Independent

Independence breeds confidence, and there is nothing sexier than a guy who knows exactly what he wants.

Even better? A guy who isn't afraid to tell me what he wants.

There's just something about the way a confident man carries himself–the way he speaks really turns me on.

Even a little bit of “bossiness” is good!

It lets me know that you're comfortable with being in charge, and sometimes, that's all a girl really wants.

But don't get me wrong–it's definitely OK to be nervous sometimes.

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My fans are often a little jittery when they meet me, and I get nervous sometimes too.

At the end of the day, it's all about remembering that every girl is just another person like you.

So think of me as your friend or neighbor, and you'll immediately feel more comfortable around me. 🙂

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3) Know The Difference Between Confidence & Aggression

My last secret turn-on? A guy who's really confident, of course!

But take note–there is a big difference between confidence and aggression.

Aggression is never a turn-on.

Because of my line of work, a lot of guys just assume I'm DTF (Down To F***) without so much as a conversation.

And yeah, I know that it takes confidence to approach a woman with an offer like that… but if you don't express some deeper interest, or even just try to feel out what I like, then I immediately feel this disconnect from you.

The chemistry has to be real.

When I feel like a guy is trying to rush a sexual encounter, it's pretty clear that's all he wants.

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Sometimes, the really aggressive guys will even send me random d**k pics–no thank you!!!

Trust me, I loooooove d**ks… but I don't need unsolicited pics of them sent to me every day.

But if you're just “real” when you meet me, and try to get to know me before taking me to bed–then that's what I think is hot as hell. 😉

And once you get me in bed, what can you do to ensure we both have a good time?

I'll show you!

pornstar cindy starfall

I Wanna Tell You a Dirty Little Secret…

It’s about something that most guys think is a turn-on during sex…

But in reality, it can make us girls feel kind of uncomfortable… even when we won’t admit it.

What is it?

Big monster d**ks!!!

Yeah, I know it sounds kinda crazy… because so much of porn features these huge, 8-inch c**ks (or bigger)… but the truth is, I’m pretty tiny!

So more often than not, big d**ks end up hurting me :-(… which is why I usually prefer an “average”-sized guy… as long as he can do this ONE thing with his d**k.

All my sexy co-stars agree, this one thing matters way more than your size… and it’s the key to making sex as pleasurable as possible… so she keeps coming back for more, again & again. 😉

What is it??

My 3 sexy co-stars (including the legendary Briana Banks!) will show you right here:

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on August 25, 2019.]

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