Sex Robots, Brothels & Legal Prostitutes: Why Dating is About to Get WAY Easier For You

having sex with a doll

 Inside The Secret World Where Having Sex With A Doll Is Completely Normal–And How This Means You're About to Have Way More Hot Girls Chasing YOU…

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Are you familiar with the term, “teledildonics”?

Basically, it's the study of sex toys that can connect to the internet.

(And yes, it's a real word haha…)

It includes vibrators that connect to apps…

Toys that can be controlled by another person far away…

VR porn…

And of course, sex robots.

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In 2018, the field of teledildonics has even advanced so far as to replicate an entirely human experience using A.I.:


So today, I'm going to show you everything you need to know about “sex robot brothels”–and why it's about to make your dating and sex life a whole lot easier (and probably not for the reasons you think).

Inside The Secret World of “Sex Robot Brothels”…

First of all, let me answer the obvious question:

“What the hell is a sex robot brothel?”

Well, to be honest… it's probably exactly what you think it is.

A sex robot brothel is exactly like a regular brothel–except instead of paying to have sex with a real woman, you pay to have sex (or do other unspeakable things) with a robot.

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The weird part is, these “robots” are so technologically advanced, that they actually do resemble real humans quite closely.

Here's a sneak peek inside some of the technology these sex robots now offer:

They have voice recognition, meaning they can “know” their customers…

They can make facial reactions to things people say to them…

And in fact they are made out of silicone, and covered in built-in heaters that simulate the warmth of a real human body.

So you might not be surprised when I tell you this next part…

A lot of people are REALLY freaking out about the possibility of sex robot brothels opening all over the country.

That probably answers your next question.

There aren't any operating in the United States yet… though there is one in Canada.

And the same company that opened the brothel in Canada is now proposing to open one up in Houston, Texas.

However… it's since been blocked by Houston's city council.

But that doesn't mean people are freaking out any less.

And here's why that's important for you:

Why More Women Will Soon Be Chasing YOU Because Of This…

There are many reasons to be concerned about sex robot brothels.

But above all, women all over the country are freaking out for one big reason:

They're worried that sex robots will soon replace them sexually.

Female sex workers have voiced their concerns about the “ethics” of sex robot brothels as well.

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One sex worker at Sheri's Ranch–a legal brothel near Las Vegas–says:

Offering sex dolls as a substitute for human sex workers is not only an insult to sex workers, but it’s also an insult to the millions of clients that seek genuine sexual and emotional connections with professional women like me every day.”

Women who aren't sex workers are concerned about this too.

The logic goes a little something like this:

With more and more sex robot brothels soon opening all around the country… the supply of sex is going to increase.

And when more sex is available, there will be fewer decent men around who aren't busy f**king a sex robot in their spare time.

As a result, more women are going to be competing for fewer men.

Basically, it means that as long as you're not one of the guys visiting a sex robot brothel 24/7… you're going to be very sexually in-demand, VERY soon.

And in fact, I've even noticed this phenomenon start to happen in real life already…

Here's proof: 

having sex with a doll

Are There Already Hot Horny Women Chasing After You?

This might surprise you…

But even though sex robot brothels aren’t open in the states yet… there are a LOT of women panicking about it.

They’re scared because they’ll soon have to compete with these practically perfect “blowjob bots”

They’re worried about never having sex with a real man again because of it…

… and as a result… many single women are out there right now, searching frantically for a good, solid guy like you to have sex with.

And I don’t just mean they’re looking at night, or on the weekends…

These women are looking for sex on their morning commutes…

… during their lunch breaks… in cafes and bookstores…

… and even in weird places like church…

How do I know this?

Because women give off these subtle signals when they see a guy they want to have sex with…

… and since I’m a woman, spotting these signals is like second nature to me.

(For example yesterday, I saw a gorgeous NYU ballet dancer send this signal to a 40-something guy sitting across from her on the subway… he TOTALLY missed it.)

That's the thing about these signals… if you're not a girl, and you don't know what to look for, they're really easy to miss…

… so Gotham Club’s founder Craig made this short, free video to show you what they are:

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