This Counterintuitive “Anti-Seduction Strategy” Makes Younger Women Eager to Please You (In More Ways Than One)

Getting Younger Women Will Be Easier Than Ever After Quarantine Ends–Discover How Below…

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Hey it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

So in this video today, I’m going to show you ways to get younger women to chase you, rather than the other way around.

Because even though most of us are under quarantine right now… once we get out of it, stuff is going to get crazy.

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So these tips will help you handle all the hot girls with pent-up energy once we can all go back out again. 

So with that, let’s get started. 

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Most men are chasing girls and trying to convince them to like them, or simply trying to win her over. 

Yet what we really want to do is the complete opposite.

We first want to try to establish ourselves as superior. 


Try to highlight something specific about yourself that you think is superior to try to gauge her interest.

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If she’s interested, then we move forward. 

If she’s not interested, we first make her feel interested in us. 

To build interest, we do this by telling her we are not compatible. 

Tell her we are not right for each other, and let her know there’s someone just like her who you think is better than her. 

You just say, “I was with this person because this person was amazing.” (Or something along those lines.)

This will reposition things and make her think that she’s actually not good enough for us. 

(You can also turn her on fast with this proven technique even if she doesn’t seem interested…)

She will immediately try to seek our approval.

Once this happens, it’s important to bring her into our world and begin to escalate physical touch

This is how a connection is made. 

And if she continues to “test” you… or still doesn’t seem interested… try this:

getting younger women
Try getting younger women with this simple trick…

What If She Keeps “Sh*t Testing” You?

Now, I will admit that this strategy works better on some women than others… and some girls (especially if they’re really hot)… will still need to see that you’re the “prize” in other ways, before they sleep with you.

So if that happens to you, here’s what I recommend you do:

Use These 3 Simple “Turn The Tables” Techniques.

In my experience, these methods can allow you to blow past any hot girl’s “tests” with ease…

… and get her so turned on that she drags YOU to the bedroom…

So just click the one you wanna know more about below:

1) The “Negative Body Language Hack” (From an FBI Lie Detection Specialist)

Note: This technique leads women to believe you’re prematurely rejecting them…

… which might sound “bad” at first.. but secretly works GREAT to get hot girls chasing you.

2) This “Rewarding Touch” Makes Her SUPER Horny For You REALLY Fast…

It’s nothing overtly sexual, like touching her breasts or a**… click here to see how it’s done.

3) My personal favorite technique… the “Mind Trick.”

^^^ By far THE best way I know to get a girl who’s icier than Antarctica to melt in your hands like putty…

… check out the full technique right here.

P.S. This tends to drive the really hot girls CRAZY… to the point that they make the first move on you… so don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

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