“Choke Me Daddy!” 3 Secret Signs She Has a Fetish For Older Men

common fetishes
Learn how to find out if she has these common fetishes…

One Of the Most Common Fetishes Younger Women Have Is a Fetish For Older Men–So Here’s How to Spot All the Hot Girls Who Crave a Man Like YOU In Bed…

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Hey, let’s talk about the “daddy fetish.” It’s actually one of the most common fetishes.

If there’s anything older guys can use to their advantage, it’s finding a girl with a strong daddy fetish.

See, most older men have trouble dating, because they’re dating the wrong girls.

They’re chasing after the girls who aren’t interested in dating men 10, 20, or even 30 years older than them.

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And so of course, they waste all of their time and money, pursuing the wrong women.

Believe me, I can feel your pain…

What most older men don’t realize, however, is that they could be dating and sleeping with multiple hot young girls, if they just knew where to look.

See, there are certain “signs” a girl will give off when she’s got a “thing” for older men…

And learning to recognize these signs can be the difference between a scorching hot love life, and a barren desert of zero sex.

That’s why knowledge is power, and if you read this article from beginning to end, I promise you’ll know exactly where to look, and exactly how to find girls who have a secret fetish for older men.

So, with that in mind, let’s get started.

1) She’s Rebellious

We have a lot of “sexual taboos” in our society…

And one of the biggest ones is that girls AREN’T supposed to date older men.

Especially men three times their age.

Ever since they’re born, women in our society are told to behave, and to be “good girls.”

Well, I hate to break it to you, but there’s a lot of girls that want the opposite.

They want to rebel. They want to unleash their dirtiest fantasies and common fetishes.

And what better way to rebel against society’s norms, by dating a guy who’s 30 years older than you?

That’s right… TONS of girls secretly have a fetish for older men. But how do you tell who they are?

It’s simple…

Just look at their appearance.

Girls who rebel against society’s sexual taboos usually have a certain “look.”

You know the one I’m talking about, right?

Lots of tattoos… dyed hair… piercings everywhere…

Anytime a girl has a “rebellious” look, it’s usually because she has a rebellious personality.

And if she has a rebellious personality, then you know she wants to rebel against the sexual norms.

2) She’s Cultured For Her Age

There’s a lot of signs that a girl has a secret “daddy fetish.”

And this is one of the biggest ones.

Anytime a girl is cultured, whether it’s in language, cuisine, or in art, it’s almost a guarantee that she likes dating men a lot older than her.


Well, young men aren’t cultured.

I hate to say it, but most young men aren’t concerned with the artistic differences between Monet and Picasso, nor are they concerned with the romantic languages.

Most young men are just concerned with playing video games, watching sports, and drinking with their buddies.

And that’s exactly where you come in.

One of the biggest reasons younger girls date older guys, is because young men are just too damn immature.

But an older guy? He’s been there, and done that.

Older men have traveled the world…

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They’ve had a chance to see different cultures…

And they’ve experienced things that most younger men can only dream of.

Which is why young, cultured women, love dating older men.

So, if she’s an art major at her local college…

If she’s always got her face buried in a good book…

And if she frequents museums in her city…

Then you know there’s a high chance that she’s got an older man fetish.

3) She’s Got A Bad (or Great) Relationship With Her Father

Alright, you know this one was coming…

See, most girls are “imprinted” with a certain unconscious “love blueprint” when they’re young.

But what most guys don’t understand, is that it’s not just the “daddy issues” girls who like dating older men.

It’s any girl on the extreme end of the spectrum.

Let Me Give You An Example…

If a girl’s Daddy showered her in love, and treated her like a princess, then she’ll have a strong emotional attraction to any older man who can do the same.

On the other hand, if her Daddy ignored her, or didn’t give her the love and attention that she needed… she’ll also be extremely attracted to older men.


Because she’s looking to find that “love” she never got from her “Daddy,” from the closest thing she can find (in this case an older man).

Get ready for the shit tests though, because these girls will LOVE to test you, and see if you’re going to be the strong “Daddy figure” that she needs.

To put it bluntly, you want to go for girls who either love or hate their Dads.

What you want to avoid, is the girls in the “middle.”

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Not a great relationship with their father, but not a terrible one either.

These girls are typically attracted to guys a little bit older than them (maybe 5 years or so).

But the girls who either LOVE or HATE their Dad?

You can be almost guaranteed that she’s interested in dating older men.

And finally, here’s one more way to find out for sure if she’s got a thing for older guys (before you ever even talk to her):

common fetishes
Learn how to take advantage of these common fetishes…

How To Know If She’s Into Older Guys Before You Ever Say One Word To Her…

To be clear, there’s no way to just look at a woman and instantly know, “Oh yeah… she’s got some serious daddy issues.”

BUT… there is an easy way to tell if a younger woman is interested in talking to you, and may be DTF that night.


Simple really… all people are constantly communicating their feelings on a subconscious level… and younger women in particular tend to do this using some non-verbal signs and signals.

For example, if a woman smiles at you she might just be friendly, or in a good mood.

However, if a woman lightly touches your arm… subtly bites her lip… and looks you right in the eye when she slowly says hello in a seductive tone… then that’s a whole other story.

Now, that’s obviously an extreme example… most of the time these signals are far, far more subtle.

But no need to worry…

Once you know what these signals are they’re really easy to spot.

If you’re an older man and you notice a younger woman dropping these signals of interest… then the chances are pretty high that she fetishizes older men.

And I’m telling you right now, there are a LOT more of these girls out there than you think:

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on April 13, 2020.]

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