3 Key Supplements Doctors Swear By (For More Energy, Better Health & A Natural Libido Boost!)

supplements for male libido

What Are the Safest & Most Effective Supplements For Male Libido? Here’s What Real Doctors Have To Say…

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Creatine. Protein powder. Calcium. Fish oil…

The powdered toenails of a newt plucked from the Amazon rainforest in a full moon.


The supplement craze that’s been all over the media, and all over the shelves of your local health food store, can be downright confusing.

If you feel overwhelmed with options, and scarce on real information, you’re not alone–I’m here to help.

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A guy could easily spend his entire paycheck trying different miracle vitamins that promise to grow hair where you want it…

Get rid of it where you don’t…

Improve sexual function…

Make your muscles bigger…

Give you three penises, etc. 

But what are you really supposed to do?

Which Supplements Actually Help Your Overall Health and Sexual Function?

In this survey, researchers asked doctors what supplements they take, and why.

You might guess that doctors take loads of supplements.

After all, they know all about health, right?

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They’re probably supplementing their creaky knees, their worsening vision, and the thinning enamel on their teeth, right?

Like a well-tuned vehicle, a doctor probably has a supplement for every problem.

False, false, and false.

Because doctors are knowledgeable about health, they know which supplements are useful and which are bogus–and I’m here to share that information with you.

Believe it or not, doctors don’t take very many supplements at all.

For Doctors, It’s All About Supplement Quality Over Quantity (And Here Are 3 They Swear By)…

For docs, it’s quality over quantity when it comes to taking supplements.

It’s very simple:

Most doctors take vitamin D in the winter, and many take a multivitamin as an “insurance policy.”

One male doctor from the survey, a pharmacist, also swears by trout oil.

Doctors stress that a lot of the other vitamins in your diet should often be coming from, well, your diet!

And if you do decide to take a supplement, they can certainly help–but they should be 100% plant or food-based.

(A lot of the supplements that contain chemicals really can’t be absorbed by your body’s digestive system, regardless of whether or not you take them with food.)

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While some of us long for the day when we can pop a pill in our mouth and that’s lunch, we’re not there yet.

You can’t really get all your nutrition from a multivitamin, and taking these pills is not an excuse to skip your kale smoothie. (Rats!)

How can you do this without getting a degree in nutrition?


Eat a lot fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Doctors surveyed recommend vitamin powerhouses such as broccoli, dark green leafy veggies, fish and other seafood…

Plus avocado, bananas, tomatoes, mushrooms, and citrus fruits.

What else?

Cut back on sugar and processed foods as much as possible.

Eat high-quality meat from local sources.

And, to make sure you’re getting a whole alphabet’s worth of vitamins, eat a big variety of different foods.

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Variety, after all, is the spice of life. It’s also the spice of healthy aging, and good sexual health from youth to your golden years.

Sound intimidating?

A good vegetable cookbook never killed anyone, and even if you are a terrible cook, I’m betting you can follow a recipe. Heck, even I can do that.

But like I said, a lot of doctors DO take supplements as an insurance policy…

So when a healthy diet isn’t enough, what else can you do to keep your libido in check, and your sex life raging well into old age?

supplements for male libido

9 Out Of 10 Doctors Agree, THIS Is What Makes a Supplement Effective More Than Anything Else…

Most supplements doctors take themselves, or recommend these days, are 100% plant-based.

Which makes sense, because the human body is designed to absorb plants and food… (not chemicals)…

But nowadays, even if you know what you’re looking for… you walk into a pharmacy or vitamin shop… and reading the labels on some of these supplements feels like a freaking chemistry test!

So let me take the hard part out of it… and give you something that’s scientifically proven to help make your man parts hard. 😉

It’s a combination of these 5 exotic plants, designed to make you stiffer than a lead pipe… and give you the stamina to go round after round all night long.

Believe it or not, this potent combo was discovered by a Navy War Vet in Vietnam…

He ate it every day, and found it made him SO hard and constantly h*rny…

… that after the war, he brought these plants back with him so he could start doing porn “just for fun.”

(Again, these are all PLANTS that allowed him to do this. No prescriptions, no sketchy blue pills… pretty incredible right?)

And even though he didn’t fully understand the science behind these plants at the time…

He now credits these 5 plants for his ability to continue doing porn… well into his 70’s…

And I have to admit, I watched one of his videos last night… and I was REALLY impressed!!

(And a little turned on too… he can get it up quicker than most 20-something guys I’ve been with… don’t tell my boyfriend lol!!)

That’s not even the best part though…

Some guys say these plants make their orgasms bigger, longer and a LOT more pleasurable: 😉

Click here now to see the 5-plant combo that can give your libido & sex life a huge boost!

P.S. I had NO idea this type of garlic is such a big libido-booster… did you?

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